Imperishable War God/C15 Lin Mo Xin
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Imperishable War God/C15 Lin Mo Xin
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C15 Lin Mo Xin

In this battle, even though Ye Chenfeng was heavily injured, he had killed four Lin Family Earth Origin Stage cultivators s.

It was a complete victory.

However, Ye Chenfeng was not happy at all.

They were all relying on talismans for this battle.

Without these talismans, Ye Chenfeng would probably be in a life or death dilemma right now!

In order to kill these people, the talismans he bought from the Myriad Treasures Pavilion had basically been completely used up.

One Ice Talisman and two Enormous Wood Talismans.

One Thunder Orb Talisman and two Golden Bell Cover Talismans;

A Water Dragon Talisman and an Earth Escape Talisman.

A total of eight talismans!

Although talismans were very useful, they only served as an auxiliary function.

For example, the power of the Water Dragon Talisman was not weaker than Lin Zhantian. However, how could it be so easy to kill Lin Zhantian?

In the end, he still had to rely on his own strength!

"Lin Zhantian, I'll remember that slap and kick!"

Ye Chenfeng clenched his teeth and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

Under the impact of the hatred, the pain on his body seemed to be relieved.

He put another pill in his mouth and walked slowly in the direction of the Ye family with a lot of effort.

"Many bones have been broken, and my internal organs have also been severely injured. The strength and strength of my current body is like the difference between the heavens and the earth when compared to the strength of the Earth Origin Stage's Fourth Layer!"

"Fortunately, I managed to swallow three [Level 3 Healing Medicines] within two hours. Finally, I managed to suppress my injuries."

"Hurry back …" "Heal!"

With every step he took, Ye Chenfeng felt a piercing pain all over his body, so painful that Ye Chenfeng's vision went black.

Ye Chenfeng clenched his teeth and sped up with his heavy feet.

The rain was still pouring down and thunder was crackling in the night sky.


"Feng Er!"

After who knows how long, when they were about to arrive at the Ye family mansion, Ye Chenfeng heard his father calling out to him in a daze.

In the darkness, a tall, burly figure was shouting crazily and charging towards them with light footsteps.

It was Ye Chenfeng's father, Ye Xingzhe!

"Feng Er!"

Looking at Ye Chenfeng's expression, Ye Xingzhe's eyes almost burst out of their sockets. "No matter who it is, I will make them pay a heavy price!"

"I, Ye Xingzhe, hereby swear that the heavens will witness this!"

Under the sound of thunder and lightning, a terrifying cold qi emanated from Ye Xingzhe's body.

The rain on the ground suddenly froze.

With a shake of his palm, Ye Xingzhe's palm landed on Ye Chenfeng's back, freezing all of Wu Tie's neck.

Following that, he made a mistake with his palms and pressed them against Ye Chenfeng's back. Then, he channeled all of his Origin Energy into Ye Chenfeng.

Not long later, a hint of blood finally appeared on Ye Chenfeng's pale face.

"Father, I'm sorry …" Ye Chenfeng said with his head lowered.

Ye Xingzhe lightly patted Ye Chenfeng's shoulder without saying anything.

Then, he carried Ye Chenfeng on his back and rushed in the direction of the Ye Family.


Three days later.

Ye Chenfeng, who was in the Stellar Tear's space, opened his eyes.

For three days in the outside world, the inner space of the Stellar Tear had only been for nine days.

In these nine days, Ye Chenfeng had been using the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" to heal his injuries.

"Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" combined with healing pills, Ye Chenfeng's injuries were finally healed.

Not only did his injuries recover, even his cultivation had risen by quite a bit.

Ye Chenfeng lowered his head and looked at the white cloth wrapped around his body.

The white cloth was stained with dark brown blood. It was a shocking sight to behold.

Scenes of what happened in the ruins appeared in Ye Chenfeng's mind once again.

If it wasn't for that Golden Bell Barrier Charm, he would have probably been killed on the spot by Lin Zhantian.

This person had a heart of a tyrant. His shrewdness was deep and profound, to the point where his true face was hidden from view all this time.

In Ye Chenfeng's memory, Lin Zhantian was gentle and friendly.

However, the truth was that this person didn't care what methods he used to reach his goal. He was extremely vicious!

"Lin Zhantian, Lin Moxin!"

Ye Chenfeng clenched his right fist so hard that even his knuckles started to turn white. Then, he punched the ground heavily!

Blood immediately flowed from his fist.

The indescribable hatred and the feeling of crisis made Ye Chenfeng completely ignore the pain on his fist.

Previously, when Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu wanted to kill his father and son, Ye Chenfeng did not pay much attention to it.

Even though the two of them were at the Fourth Layer of the Earth Origin Stage, Ye Chenfeng had plenty of methods to deal with them.

However, this time around, the Lin Family's matter was not that simple.

It was also for the cyathine iron mine, but the Lin Family had colluded with the Yan Wu City's City Lord's Mansion!

To put it bluntly, even if the Ye, Lin, Qin, and Nangong Families were combined together, they would still not be able to defeat the City Lord Palace.

Now, the Lin Clan had colluded with the City Lord's Mansion to deal with the Ye Clan.

It would not be so easy to survive this crisis.

"Lin Zhantian said three months later, during the martial arts competition between the four cities …"

"They really know how to choose time!"

One and a half months later, it was time for the Yan Wu City selection competition.

After three months, those selected from the Yan Wu City's martial arts selection are qualified to participate in the four cities' competition.

The four cities were: Yan Wu City, Cloud Water City, Tenglong City, and Moor City.

At that time, the young talents participating in the competition would have the chance to be selected by the Frozen Soul Sect and Fire Cloud Valley, and become disciples of the two great sects.

Frozen Soul Sect and Fire Cloud Valley were the two largest sects in the Kingdom of Zi Yun.

The place that countless people yearned for in their dreams.

"The City Lord's Mansion actually wants to take action at this time, is it because they want to offer the cyathine iron mine to one of the sects?"

Ye Chenfeng's expression turned even worse after he carefully sorted out these things.

"No matter what, since you've let me know all of this, I will completely crush your scheme!"

Ye Chenfeng clenched his teeth, and the joints in his hands made "ka ka" sounds.

Ever since he was reborn, he had yearned for power. Now, that yearning for power once again welled up in his heart!

He needed strength.

He needed great power!

At this moment, the voices of the people outside the yard entered Ye Chenfeng's ears.

"Have you heard? That trash, Ye Chenfeng, stole the fire mirror to help Lin Moxin break into the Earth Origin Stage. On the way back, he was killed by bandits and the fire mirror was lost. He was beaten half dead!"

"It is said that a few bones were broken by someone, and they were passed out for a whole day before they woke up … Tch, he f * cking got lucky! "

"He was severely injured by Ye Zhan last time, and his injuries are just right. So this kind of thing happened again? He lost his fire mirror, why didn't he go with him to die? "

"Oh yeah, I heard that this kid defeated Ye Yangtian a few days ago?"

"Defeat what? From what I heard from Ye Yangtian and the others, this fellow took advantage of Ye Yangtian's inattention and used a sneak attack to seriously injure Ye Yangtian. "

"So that's the case, this piece of trash is really despicable!"

"Hehe, now that he's lying on the bed, he feels quite comfortable. His father has taken responsibility for everything. The Patriarch is currently quarreling with a bunch of clan elders in the meeting hall!"

"Since he lost the fire mirror, it would be strange if he didn't want to cause a ruckus. I f * cking want to go and cause a ruckus! This damned trash! "

Ye Chenfeng's blood boiled up and his eyes became very gloomy: "Father …" Are they making things difficult for Father because of me? "

"If you want to blame someone, you should blame me. Why are you making things difficult for my father?"

Ye Chenfeng's face revealed a pained expression.

Without power, this was how he felt.

He could not take revenge, nor could he cope with the criticism from his family.

It was impossible for him to help the Ye Family out of this crisis.

He couldn't even take on any responsibilities for his father.

In his previous life, not only had he died, he had also implicated his father in this; it was unknown whether he had survived or not.

In this life, he was supposed to train hard and soar to the heavens, but he would bring trouble to his family and relatives.

Humans shouldn't only have hatred, they shouldn't live for hatred.

Humans should know how to love and protect.

Everyone had something important in their lives.

The most important thing was that even if it would cost him his life, he had to use both of his hands to protect it!

Ye Chenfeng, who thirsted for power because of his hatred, understood this principle and understood the meaning of protection after he woke up.

Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard.

Ye Chenfeng immediately left the Stellar Tear's space.


The female attendant, Silvermoon, pushed open the door and walked in.

"Young master …" Silvermoon wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

"Silvermoon, you look so ugly. What's going on?" Ye Chenfeng frowned and asked.

A strange expression immediately appeared on Silvermoon's face. After a long time, he whispered, "Erm, the young miss of the Lin Clan, Lin Moxin, brought someone to come visit young master."

"The Qin family and the City Lord's Mansion also came with them."

"I think I heard them say that the young miss of the Lin Family is engaged to the young lord of the Mayor's mansion."

"Master is so angry. He wanted to attack them, but was stopped by the three elders. Otherwise, they might have started a fight in the reception hall!"

Lin Moxin and Ye Chenfeng were engaged.

Although it was just a verbal statement, everyone in Yan Wu City knew of this matter.

Twelve years ago, it was Ye Chenfeng's father, Ye Xingzhe, who helped the Lin Clan out from the grudge they suffered.

After this, the Lin Clan took the initiative to propose a marriage. After Lin Moxin turns sixteen, the marriage contract would be completed.

Although Ye Chenfeng's father didn't say anything, in the eyes of outsiders, it was still a tacit agreement.

To think that the Lin Clan would dare to do such a shameless thing without confirming whether Ye Chenfeng was dead or alive!

They came to the Ye Family at this time …

This was a slap to the face of the Ye Family, a slap to the face of Ye Chenfeng's father!

"Is that so?"

Strangely, Ye Chenfeng found that his mood was stable and calm.

According to his previous temperament, this time he should be boiling with anger.

He, who had died once, and who had cultivated the martial intent of the War God, his temperament was already very different from before.

Many thoughts flashed through Ye Chenfeng's mind.

It was very simple, Ye Chenfeng had already guessed Lin Moxin's purpose in coming here.

Firstly, he wanted to see the Ye Family's reaction after losing the fire mirror.

Ye Chenfeng was the Lin Family that stole the fire mirror, but was killed on the way back.

The suspicion of the Lin Clan was the greatest, and they were well aware of it.

And fire mirror, was something that was worth two great clans fighting over!

However, the Lin Clan would definitely not be willing to ruin the City Lord's Mansion's plan and start a war with the Ye Clan in advance.

Secondly, inform the Ye Family about Lin Moxin's engagement with the young master of the City Lord's Mansion to intimidate the Ye Family and solve the first problem.

Although the Ye Clan suspected the Lin Clan, they did not have any evidence.

Adding on the matter of the Lin Family's eldest daughter and the young master of the City Lord's Mansion getting engaged, this matter should have come to an end.

The Ye Clan was afraid of the City Lord's Mansion's power, so they could only give up and not investigate any further.

Although the Ye Family was one of the Four Great Families, they could not afford to offend the City Lord's Mansion.

This move of the Lin Family was truly arrogant and proud, extremely sinister and shameless to the extreme!

Ye Chenfeng and Lin Moxin already had an engagement, but now they swaggered over to tell the Ye Family that Lin Moxin was engaged to the City Lord's Mansion's Young Lord!

They did not even take the step of breaking off the engagement, nor did they even say their least polite words.

This was how he decided everything.

This was equivalent to fiercely stepping on the face of the Ye Family's Patriarch, Ye Xingzhe!

What a vicious kick …

If Ye Chenfeng's father could not hold it in, the City Lord Palace could use this as an excuse to join hands with the Qin and Lin Families and suppress the Ye Family!

They even took this opportunity to send the expert to get rid of Ye Chenfeng's father!

At that time, the Ye Family would be completely wiped out by them!

Vicious, vicious indeed!

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