Imperishable War God/C16 Insults from the Lin Clan and the City Lord's Mansion
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Imperishable War God/C16 Insults from the Lin Clan and the City Lord's Mansion
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C16 Insults from the Lin Clan and the City Lord's Mansion

"Despicable is a despicable person's permit. The Lin Family is despicable and shameless to the point of being shameless!"

Lin Zhantian first pretended to be pitiful, cheating Ye Chenfeng's sympathy, allowing him to steal the fire mirror;

After he helped Lin Moxin to break through into the Earth Origin Stage, he killed her midway and seized her fire mirror.

He then directly broke his promise, disregarded the marriage contract, and climbed onto the highest branch of the Mayor's mansion.

In the end, they swaggered over to the Ye family and used the City Lord's Mansion's power to fiercely trample on their father's and son's face!

He wanted to stomp the Ye Family's face into the eighteen levels of hell!

This Lin Family had thoroughly interpreted the words "ungrateful" to the fullest!

"They want to enrage Father. We can't let them succeed!"

Without waiting for Silvermoon to speak, Ye Chenfeng stood up and walked out of the room.


The living room of the Ye family was very big.

However, it was a bit crowded right now.

Because there were simply too many people.

In the Ye Family's guest hall, the Ye Family, Lin Family, Qin Family, and the City Lord's Mansion were gathered. Even the corners of the walls were full.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the living room was extremely tense.

The person leading the Lin Clan was the young mistress of the Lin Clan, Lin Moxin.

Lin Moxin was calm, but the people behind her were all arrogant.

On the other hand, the Qin family seemed to be gloating. They looked at the Ye family with eyes full of mockery and contempt, as if they were just here to watch a joke.

The one from the City Lord's Mansion was the butler, Fang Yeyu.

This Fang Yeyu was extremely shrewd with her white beard. At the moment, he was calmly blowing on the tea cup with a superior aura, holding everything in his hands.

On the other side, the three Ye Family elders, one on the left and one on the right, held onto the Patriarch Ye Xingzhe.

It made Ye Xingzhe unable to move.

However, Ye Xingzhe's breathing became more hurried and his breathing became more violent.

It was as if a volcano was about to erupt, giving off an uneasy feeling.


Under the pressure of the three elders, a chill still emanated from Ye Xingzhe, engulfing the entire Ye Family's living room.

As the teeth of the Qin and Lin Family members chattered, Fang Yeyu, the butler of the City Lord's Mansion, breathed a sigh of relief.

A wave of aqua blue ripples spread out and instantly dispersed Ye Xingzhe's cold air!

This person's cultivation base had reached the Earth Origin Stage's Fourth Layer and was on par with Ye Xingzhe!

At this time, the Great Elder of the Ye Family, who was standing behind Ye Xingzhe, whispered, "Xing Zhe, you have to be clear about one thing. You are not only the father of Dawn Wind, you are also the head of the Ye Family!"

"Think about the consequences of your actions!"

Ye Xingzhe's body stiffened. The bone-piercing cold energy slowly disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, Ye Xingzhe seemed to have aged a lot.

Ye Chenfeng guessed right, the Ye Family doesn't dare to offend the City Lord's Mansion.

How could these old guys from the Ye family let Ye Xingzhe really go to the City Lord's Mansion to fight with people from the City Lord's Mansion and then fight with them?

The fire mirror had already been lost, so it would be difficult for the Ye Family to stay in the Yan Wu City for the sake of face and conflict with the City Lord's Mansion …


Ye Xingzhe's expression finally returned to normal after suppressing the violence in his heart.

He coldly looked at Lin Moxin who lowered her head without saying a word, and said with a hoarse voice: "Lin Zhantian is so bold? This series of actions is like flowing clouds and flowing water, causing people to have a whole new level of respect for them! "

"However, he doesn't dare to come here personally. What is the meaning behind having his daughter come here?"

Her delicate body trembled slightly as she mumbled, "Uncle Ye, I..." "It wasn't my father that asked me to come. It was I who came to see Big Brother Feng after hearing that he was seriously injured."

"Nothing else."

"Nothing else?" Ye Xingzhe laughed mockingly and said, "I can't afford to call you uncle. A thirteen year old Earth Origin Stage cultivator, and a fifth grade" Godly Butterfly Astral Soul ", can only be counted on one hand in Kingdom of Zi Yun. Your future is limitless!"

"My Feng'er is merely of mediocre talent. Even the Astral Soul hasn't been activated, so she really isn't worthy of you …"

"But, don't you think this is too ruthless?"

Ye Xingzhe's words were a double entendre, and he was not talking about just breaking the engagement and getting engaged to the young lord of the City Lord's Mansion.

There was also the matter of intercepting Ye Chenfeng and seizing the fire mirror.

Lin Moxin was still young after all, and her skin was thin as well. When she heard Ye Xingzhe's words, her face flushed red and she became speechless in embarrassment.

At this time, the steward of the Mayor's mansion, Fang Yeyu, spoke up, "Chief Ye, you're being too serious."

"The matter of Young Master Ye being intercepted and killed, the Lin Family had also rushed over very apologetically, hence they asked our City Lord's Mansion to seal the Yan Wu City, in order to capture those bandits."

"As for the engagement, the Lin Family did not seem to be at fault …"

"Back then, when you helped the Lin Clan, Lin Zhantian took the initiative to propose a marriage when he was grateful. However, this matter did not get a response from you, Clan Leader Ye."

"Back then, Chief Ye just laughed it off and did not sign the marriage contract."

"So, isn't it a bit inappropriate for Chief Ye to blame Lin Zhantian and Miss Mo Xin?"

Ye Xingzhe glanced at Fang Yeyu coldly, but he didn't say anything.

Fang Yeyu was insidious and cunning, her words flawless. It was hard for him to refute her.

Fang Yeyu laughed and said, "Actually, Miss Mo Xin is very concerned about Master Ye, so she came to see you."

"As for me, I've come to inform you about the engagement between Miss Mo Xin and our Young Lord."

"I will first go to the Qin family before coming to the Ye family. I still need to go to the Nangong family later."

"Leader Ye, your anger is a bit too much. It seems that you have a great opinion of the City Lord's Mansion?"

After saying that, Fang Yeyu cast a cold glance at the three elders of the Ye Clan. The threat in her words was obvious.

Although the four great families were not under the control of the City Lord's Mansion, they still relied on the City Lord's Mansion to eat in the Yan Wu City.

No family would dare to offend the Mayor's mansion.

A youth from the Qin Clan immediately said, "It seems that the Ye Clan does not place Sir Fang Yeyu or the City Lord's Mansion in their eyes?"

"Leader Ye, you didn't even finish your sentence, and now you're acting like you're going to fight …"

"Do you want to hit Miss Mo Xin or Lady Fang Yeyu?"

"Your Ye Family is really brave!"

These provocative words completely infuriated the Ye Family members: "Qin Shaoyang, you are too presumptuous!"

"This is the Ye family, it's not your turn to speak!"

"You're still wet behind the ears, you dared to come to the Ye Family to behave atrociously. Qin Shaoyang, where do you think you are!"

The Qin family immediately retorted back, causing chaos in the living room.

As for Ye Xingzhe and Fang Yeyu, they coldly stared at each other. Their eyes were as sharp as knives and they had already exchanged multiple blows.

A young man from the Qin family dared to speak to the Ye family head like that. Without the consent of Fang Yeyu and the Qin family elders, it was impossible.

These fellows really did not come with good intentions!

At this moment, Lin Moxin seemed to be unable to bear the pressure.

She stood up and said apologetically, "Uncle Ye, since it is inconvenient for Big Brother Feng to see me, then niece will go back now."

"I heard Big Brother Feng's injuries are very serious, this is a healing pill, I hope it's good for his injuries."

The person behind him immediately presented a green jade box.

Lin Moxin carefully opened the jade box. Instantly, a strange fragrance filled the entire hall. Anyone who smelled it would feel their entire body being relaxed and refreshed!

The three elders curiously looked at the jade box.

The Great Elder trembled and exclaimed, "Rank 4 Five Elements Blood Congealing Pill?"

Medicine was divided into nine grades. First-grade medicine was low, and Ninth-grade medicine was high.

Only tier-4 pills and above were able to give off a medicinal fragrance that was accompanied by energy fluctuations.

Not only could these Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pills heal injuries quickly, they also contained the five elements' medicinal properties and had the effect of condensing one's blood and marrow.

In this Yan Wu City, even the City Lord's Mansion would not be able to produce such a high grade Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill.

The three elders finally looked a little better.

However, at this time, Fang Yeyu smiled and said, "Miss Mo Xin is truly generous. You gave out the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pills that young master Tian Ya sent from the Frozen Soul Sect so easily?"

"At least, you have to see if Lord Ye is still here."

"Wouldn't it be a waste if we lost all our people?" Oh, don't mind me, Leader Ye. I didn't mean anything else.

"Hahaha, what Lady Fang Yeyu said is right. It would be such a waste if we lost all our people." Qin Shaoyang and the rest immediately laughed and pointed.

The Ye Family was so angry that their lungs were about to explode, but with three elders holding back, no one dared to make a move.

In reality, even if there were no three elders, how could an ordinary person dare to attack in front of the butler of the city lord's residence?

Ye Xingzhe's eyes became colder and colder …

Fang Yeyu was a sinister person. Every word she said provoked Ye Xingzhe and the Ye Family.

This situation clearly meant that they wanted to anger the Ye Family and let them make the first move.

If the Ye Family made a move, then the City Lord Palace would have another excuse to deal with the Ye Family!

The Lin family and the Mayor's mansion were going to be married, and the Qin family was determined to follow the Mayor. With the Lin family and the Qin family together with the Mayor's mansion, how could the Ye family handle this?

An indescribable anger was contained in Ye Xingzhe's heart.

This caused his blood to surge and his entire body to tremble!

At this moment, an indifferent voice came from the door.

"I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint Steward Fang. I, Ye Chenfeng, am still alive and well."

"In fact, even if all of you are gone, I will still be here."

With a 'shua' sound, everyone turned their gazes towards the entrance of the guest hall.

Under everyone's watchful eyes …

A youth with eyebrows like twin swords and eyes like a star slowly walked into the guest hall.

According to everyone's understanding, Ye Chenfeng escaped with his life after getting heavily injured three days ago. Right now, he should be extremely weak.

However, Ye Chenfeng, who was standing in front of him, had a grand demeanor and looked calm.

Although it was a leisurely standing position, it gave off a feeling of serenity.

Where did he get such a severe injury?

The eyes of both the Lin Family and the City Lord's Mansion shrunk.

"Feng Er, you …" Ye Xingzhe was a bit anxious.

Ye Chenfeng nodded apologetically, "Father, I am fine. Please rest assured."

As he spoke, he walked up to Lin Moxin and grabbed the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill.

"Big Brother Feng …" Lin Moxin did not dare to look at him.

Ye Chenfeng smiled as he held the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill and said, "Is this a healing panacea? Unfortunately, I'm afraid there's no need for that. "

After saying this, Ye Chenfeng turned around to look at the City Lord's Mansion's butler Fang Yeyu. He said with a bit of curiosity: "Steward Fang said that Xiao Tianya brought this back from the Frozen Soul Sect to Mo Xin?"

Fang Yeyu smiled faintly and said, "That's right. Young Master Tian Ya and Miss Mo Xin are already engaged. The two of them are mutual lovers. Furthermore, they are the only two Earth Origin Stage cultivators under the age of sixteen in the last five hundred years of Yan Wu City …"

"This Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill is only one of the gifts he gave Miss Mo Xin."

Ye Chenfeng asked curiously, "Is it very precious?"

"Humph!" Fang Yeyu's face fell.

Who didn't know of the value of a tier 4 Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill?

This stinking brat asked even though he knew the answer. He obviously had ill intentions!

However, for a reputed trash to want to fight with the butler of the City Lord Residence, isn't he too arrogant?

Fang Yeyu smiled coldly and said, "It is indeed very precious. Although Master Ye is getting better, but it will probably happen again three days ago. So Master Ye should keep this dan bead. It will be useful eventually."

"There's no need to be courteous, our Young Lord has many of these pills. It doesn't matter."

Although this sentence seemed to be for Ye Chenfeng's good, it was actually a curse on Ye Chenfeng as well as a threat to him.

Moreover, it also showed that this pill was given to Ye Chenfeng by the City Lord's Mansion's Young Master Xiao Tianya!

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