Imperishable War God/C17 I will Avenge Myself and I will Avenge All Those Who Deserve to Die
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Imperishable War God/C17 I will Avenge Myself and I will Avenge All Those Who Deserve to Die
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C17 I will Avenge Myself and I will Avenge All Those Who Deserve to Die

Qin Shaoyang immediately took the lead and started laughing, "That's right, Young Master Tian Ya is the number one genius of Yan Wu City. He opened his Astral Soul at the age of four, opened four veins at the age of nine, and was selected by Frozen Soul Sect."

"Be it in the Frozen Soul Sect or the Kingdom of Zi Yun, he is an existence that can be counted on one hand."

"No matter how many of these pills he wants, it doesn't matter."

"Take it properly, this is Young Master Tian Ya's gift …" It's for you! "

Qin Shaoyang emphasized the word "gift" very much and deliberately stretched it very long.

The others echoed him, "Young Master Ye, this is a candy that was given to you by Young Master Tian Ya and Miss Mo Xin. If you don't accept it, you are going to be a little untactful, aren't you?"

"Trash is trash. He is very ignorant. He even asked if the things that Young Master Tian Ya gave him were precious. Haha!"

Ye Chenfeng pretended to be enlightened and said: "Oh, so it's a Grade 4 pill, that's really precious."

As soon as he said that, he exerted force with two of his fingers.

Pah! - He crushed the pill.

The strange fragrance that had been released from the pill suddenly expanded by tenfold or even a hundredfold.

The entire hall was filled with that strange fragrance.

Everyone in the hall was stupefied …

On the other hand, Lin Moxin and Fang Yeyu's faces had turned incomparably gloomy!

"Aiya, why is it so weak? It was accidentally crushed! "

Ye Chenfeng pretended to panic and said, "Ai, why is this pill so trash, why is it so easily broken?"

"Forget it, I really don't have any good fortune left."

The Lin and Qin families, as well as the City Lord's Mansion's people all had long faces.

On the Ye Family's side, the three old fellows almost vomited a mouthful of blood as they puffed their beard and glared at him.

Aside from the City Lord's Mansion, there were not even one or two Rank 4 Blood Coagulation Pills that could be seen in the entire Yan Wu City!

Such a valuable pill had been crushed by him just like that?

This wastrel, this trash!

It was simply unreasonable!

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng turned around. He glanced at Lin Moxin's flushed face and said lightly, "You're engaged to City Lord Young Lord and Xiao Tianya?"

Lin Moxin took in a deep breath and looked up slightly, saying, "Chen Feng, I, Lin Moxin, am a talent that only appears once in a hundred years. I am destined to become a peerless expert that can shake the world."

"A man who can make me fall in love with him must be a peerless person."

"But you are sixteen years old and have not even activated your Astral Soul. You cannot cultivate at all."

"You and I are no longer in the same world as each other …"

She didn't even call him "Big Brother Feng" anymore and directly called Ye Chenfeng by his first name.

These words sounded rather tactful, but it was actually just three words … You are not worthy!

The entire hall became silent.

Other than the Ye Family, everyone else nodded.

Lin Moxin was already in the Earth Origin Stage, and her future achievements were limitless.

Compared to Ye Chenfeng, she was like the sky and the earth.

Ye Chenfeng waved his hand and said, "You don't need to say so much. You don't need to explain because I don't care."

"I was just asking."

"Hur hur." Lin Moxin's slender eyebrows twitched. She thought that he was slapping himself to make a fool of himself.

Ye Chenfeng continued, "Even though I don't care, even though it was just what your father said, I still won't allow anyone to insult my father and me with this kind of thing."

"Let me advise you and your father that there are some things that should not be done too cruelly."

"Good and evil will always be rewarded. It's not that I don't want to repay you, but the time has yet to come!"

Lin Moxin's face was so red that it turned purple. With anger, she said, "Morning Wind, it's better to speak less about dou qi. Strength is everything in this world!"

"He doesn't have the power to say such words, but he's still a laughingstock!"

"One must know one's own position!"

At the end of her sentence, Lin Moxin slowly added, "Listen to me. Be a good person. Be an ordinary person. You are a type of happiness."

"An ordinary person?" Ye Chenfeng laughed.

This Lin Moxin in front of him was not simple at all. She did evil deeds but was still confident and confident. At the same time, she had a haughty attitude, as if everyone else was an ant.

What kind of thick skin did he have?

The selfishness and shamelessness of this woman had reached the point of being shameless.

It seems that Director Lin Zhantian is quite capable?

I just don't understand, what did Ye Chenfeng like about her back then?

She had obviously used an external object to break through to the Earth Origin Stage. Where did she get the confidence to treat me as an absolute genius?

He could just treat himself as an absolute genius.

Yet, he had to put on an air of superiority and let others be normal people?

Ye Chenfeng smiled and said, "I know what I'm saying, so I'll return it to you."

"Whether you believe it or not, I've never liked you."

"So no matter who you're betrothed to, it has nothing to do with me."

"I only came to see you for two reasons."

Saying that, he walked to the person behind Lin Moxin, walked around that person once, and said: "First, the fire mirror was lost from my hands. No matter what, I will take back the thing that was lost."

"Secondly, two of the people who tried to assassinate me are still alive. I will not let them go."

"What they impose on me, in a few days, I will return tenfold or a hundredfold to them!"

The person who was circled by Ye Chenfeng was the Lin Family's Lin Yunzhi!

This Lin Yunzhi was the only one that survived!

Lin Yunzhi rolled his eyes and laughed out loud. Then, he said to Young Master Chen Feng, "Young hero Young Master Chen Feng, you are amazing!"

"However, Young Master Chen Feng hasn't awaken his Astral Soul even when he was sixteen. If you want to take revenge, you probably won't have any hope in this lifetime."

Without Astral Soul, it would be difficult to sense the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth. It would also be difficult to absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Without waiting for Ye Chenfeng to speak, Lin Yunzhi said in a dense voice, "I advise Young Master Chen Feng to rest easy to recover from his injuries. If he boasts too much, his tongue will twitch."

"Young Master Chen Feng, don't throw away your life for the sake of your so-called revenge, okay?"

"People aren't always that lucky. What if the next time you get stabbed by someone …" Hehe, everyone, don't mind it. I am just kind enough to advise Young Master Chen Feng. "

"My Miss is right. Young Master Chen Feng should be a normal person. It's a blessing to be ordinary. Young Master Chen Feng, do not be unlucky while you're in the middle of a blissful life!"

This guy was acting weird and tried to persuade Ye Chenfeng, but in reality, he was mocking Ye Chenfeng and the Ye Family.

The Ye Family were gnashing their teeth in anger, but they didn't know what to say in response.

The other party was staring at Ye Chenfeng, and Ye Chenfeng did not even open his Astral Soul.

He couldn't find any reason to refute it even if he wanted to.

Ye Chenfeng smiled and nodded. "Don't worry, I will go to the sacrificial ceremony to awaken the Astral Soul in ten days."

"Of course, even if I don't wake up, I will still take revenge. I will not kill a single person less."

"As for whether we can take revenge, we'll just sit on our donkeys and watch."

Both of them sneered: "Okay, then we'll see. I hope Young Master Chen Feng doesn't get killed by your enemy, hahaha!"

Ye Chenfeng glanced at Lin Yunzhi and said, "I remember clearly, three nights ago, someone was scared to the point that he peed his pants."

"If it wasn't for someone else attacking him, he would already be a corpse!"

"You … "Hey, I don't even know what you're talking about!" Lin Yunzhi's face immediately turned the color of pig liver.

Lin Yunzhi didn't dare to say too much in this kind of place. He could only swallow his anger.

At this time, Qin Shaoyang, who was on the other side, laughed loudly, "Yo, Young Master Chen Feng is going to the sacrificial ceremony again? How many times have you been there? "

The members of the Lin and Qin Families echoed his words as they laughed in unison.

This caused the expressions of all the members of the Ye Clan to turn even uglier.

At this moment, Lin Moxin said with an expressionless face, "Chen Feng, those who tried to kill you seem to be quite strong. Mo Xin recommends that you give up on this idea in case you get hurt."

"Damage?" Ye Chenfeng glanced at Lin Moxin, then looked at the Lin Family members one by one.

"It's not certain who will hurt who." With murderous intent, he said, "I think you should still worry about them."

Lin Moxin said with an ice-cold expression, "You have such courage. Furthermore, you haven't even gone into depression. Mo Xin is very happy."

"But whether it is the Astral Soul or talent, these things are not something that can be obtained just by hard work, or just words."

"Hopefully, in a few days, you will still be able to endure the attacks from the Astral Soul."

"Mo Xin still has some matters to attend to, so I'll be taking my leave now."

The members of the Lin and Qin Families immediately followed behind Lin Moxin as they headed for the main entrance.

Qin Shaoyang deliberately raised his voice high and said, "Hehe, Ye Chenfeng, this toad really doesn't know his place. He actually wants to go to the Yan Wu City's sacrificial ceremony?"

"What a joke! "It would be a waste to go, it would be better to just lie down comfortably at home!"

Someone immediately echoed, "It's fine. He's willing to disgrace himself. Who can stop him?"

"A person who hasn't even opened his Astral Soul and wants revenge with his mouth shut, how does he not even know how to write the word death?"

"How can the gap between humans be so large? Compared to Young Master Tian Ya, he's like a toad compared to a divine dragon!" One on the ground, the other in the sky! "

The members of the Qin family spoke to the Lin family. With just a single sentence, they made the people of the Ye family burn with fury!

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng turned around and said, "Qin Shaoyang, were you the one who called me a toad just now?"

Qin Shaoyang looked at Ye Chenfeng in surprise, then laughed and said, "So what if it's me? "What, could it be that I cursed wrongly?"

"You are a good-for-nothing, but Miss Mo Xin is one of the top geniuses in the Kingdom of Zi Yun. Which part of your body is worthy of Miss Mo Xin?"

"You f * cking say you don't care at all, what the f * ck are you?"

Ye Chenfeng smiled coldly and said, "You can scold me, you can scold me anywhere in the world."

"But you can't scold me at my house."

"Yo, has the trash gone crazy?" The Qin and Lin Family members looked at each other and burst out laughing.

The expressions of the Ye Family's higher-ups were extremely gloomy, while Fang Yeyu and the group opposite them had faint smiles on their faces.

Qin Shaoyang glanced at Ye Chenfeng arrogantly and said, "No? But I just cursed, what are you going to do? "

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