Imperishable War God/C18 I'il Beat You to the Ground Looking for Your Teeth!
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Imperishable War God/C18 I'il Beat You to the Ground Looking for Your Teeth!
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C18 I'il Beat You to the Ground Looking for Your Teeth!

Ye Chenfeng's expression was calm as he said, "I heard that you're already at the Qi Yuan Third Layer, right?"

Qin Shaoyang laughed even more happily, "That's right, it's the Third Layer of the Qi Yuan level. Even if you don't accept it, I am still a genuine Third Layer of the Qi Yuan level."

"What? Do you know fear now?"

"Didn't you want to beat me up just now to vent your anger? Didn't you say that you wouldn't allow me to insult you in your house? "

"It's better to choose than to meet the sun head on. Then, shall we exchange pointers in front of so many elders?"

The living room became even more lively.

The members of the Lin and Qin Families all started to jeer, "That trash was quite arrogant just now. After confirming that Shaoyang is a Qi Yuan Third Layer, he immediately became afraid. Haha!"

"Since Qin Shaoyang has already said so, those with a bit of backbone should accept the challenge. However, Ye Chenfeng doesn't have that much courage to do so!"

"This trash is too used to being a cowardly turtle. I bet he wouldn't dare!"

"Comparing him to Shaoyang is like comparing a chicken to an eagle. Do you think a chicken has the guts to fight an eagle? "Hehe!"

"Chen Feng, this is not a place for you to mess around!" The three elders wanted to stop Ye Chenfeng from continuing.

They did not believe that Ye Chenfeng could fight Qin Shaoyang.

If the two of them were to 'spar', the final outcome would definitely be Ye Chenfeng getting beaten up by Qin Shaoyang.

If they were to hit him elsewhere, wouldn't it mean that the entire Ye Family would be slapped if Ye Chenfeng was beaten up again in front of so many people?

The three old fellows had just moved when they were stopped by Ye Xingzhe …

"Kids are messing around, why should the three elders meddle?" Ye Xingzhe said coldly.

The three old guys were furious, they didn't know where Ye Xingzhe got his confidence from.

The heck, your son is about to be beaten up, how can you still be so calm?

If it was anywhere else, being beaten up wouldn't be our problem, but this is the Ye Family's Guest Hall!

If he were to be beaten up, our Ye Clan will lose face as well. Do you understand?

Just when the three old fellows were fuming with anger.

The mayor's butler, Fang Yeyu, also said, "Chief Ye is right. The two kids are just sparring. It's no big deal."

The three elders of the Ye family were so angry that they wanted to vomit blood.

At this time, Qin Shaoyang saw that Ye Chenfeng didn't say anything and thought Ye Chenfeng was scared. He said proudly, "Why are you sparring in front of so many elders? Weren't you very arrogant just now? Didn't you say that you want revenge? "

"If you don't even have the guts to spar with me, then what kind of revenge do you have?"

"How about this, I'm two years older than you. In order to not let others say that I'm bullying you, I'll use three moves … If you can take three of my moves, I'll consider it my loss! "

"If I lose, I'll immediately apologize."

"If you lose, Na'er will kneel down and kowtow three times, admitting that you are a toad! "How about it?"

"Three moves? "Hahahaha!" The members of the Lin and Qin families laughed loudly.

Even Lin Moxin, who had walked to the door, stopped in her tracks.

No one thought that Ye Chenfeng would respond. Everyone stopped to enjoy themselves and wanted to see how Ye Chenfeng would act like a cowardly turtle.

"Three moves is too much, there's no need to go through all that trouble." Ye Chenfeng said indifferently, "I'm in a hurry, let's do it."

"What?" Everyone was stunned and thought they had heard wrong.

Ye Chenfeng smiled and continued, "If you can take one of my blows, I'll kneel down and kowtow to you to apologize. Then, I'll admit that I'm a toad."

"What!" Everyone watching the battle immediately burst into an uproar.

Even the Mayor's mansion's butler, Fang Yeyu, and the three Ye Family elders had looks of surprise in their eyes.

"Ye Chenfeng actually dared to accept the challenge? Where did he get his confidence from? He was unable to hold himself back after being provoked for a moment? As expected of a useless piece of trash! "

"Qin Shaoyang is not bad, he angered the opponent with just a few words. Hur Hur, there's going to be a good show!"

Right now, Ye Chenfeng had already reached the Fourth Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm, and he had opened a total of 19 meridians.

Even if it was three days ago, he could have easily killed Qin Shaoyang with a single palm.

And after being in the Stellar Tear's space for another nine days to cultivate, the War God's Mandate had improved greatly once again.

"Merging ten thousand Dharmic Intent with a blade, only I shall reign supreme for all eternity!"

With the wargod's blade like Dharma Intent on his body, Ye Chenfeng didn't even need to use his full strength to deal with Qin Shaoyang whose actions were full of holes. He could deal with it with one punch!

At this moment, Qin Shaoyang felt that he had been insulted. He was so angry that he laughed and said, "Good good good, what an arrogant and ignorant trash. You actually dare to boast like this in front of me!"

"Anyone can brag like that. I'll turn your boast into a joke!"

In the living room, everyone started to move to the side, leaving an open space for Ye Chenfeng and Qin Shaoyang.

The few old guys from the Ye family didn't say anything the entire time.

In any case, he had already lost face a few times and was numb to it.

On the other hand, Ye Xingzhe's eyes were sparkling.

Although he didn't know where his son's confidence came from, since he dared to do so, as his father, he should believe in him and support him.

Moreover, he was extremely clear about his son's injuries.

With such heavy injuries, this brat was able to recover in three days. He was truly not a simple person!

Therefore, Ye Xingzhe didn't say anything.

He also wanted to see if his son would give him any more surprises besides the pill formula!

"Whether I am boasting or not, it will be revealed immediately."

"If you are ready, then I will make my move."

Ye Chenfeng didn't want to waste any more words with Qin Shaoyang. As soon as he finished his words, his legs were like a bow that was being held by the moon as he leaped up.

His body immediately shot towards Qin Shaoyang like an arrow that had left the bow!

Five meters of distance passed in an instant!

Ye Chenfeng was able to gather his strength in an instant, and then...

Stealing the middle line, stepping into the palace, throwing out a punch!

A punch was sent towards Qin Shaoyang's chest!

"Cyan Astral Fist, Ripping Wind Gale!"

Ye Chenfeng's arm moved the air and produced a sharp piercing sound. It was like a whip that violently lashed out in the air.

The eighth move of the "Cyan Astral Fist", in his hands, was flawless and simple!

"F * ck!"

Never in his wildest dreams would Qin Shaoyang imagine that Ye Chenfeng, who he treated as trash and was heavily injured, would actually have such a terrifying speed!

Furthermore, Ye Chenfeng's sudden burst of power was like a tsunami, unstoppable!

All of a sudden, Qin Shaoyang's mind was in a mess. He did not move forward but instead retreated. He wanted to retreat and dodge with all his might!

However, Qin Shaoyang's speed was extremely slow in front of Ye Chenfeng.

Moreover, it was full of flaws!


Under Ye Chenfeng's soft shout, his fist directly smashed onto Qin Shaoyang's chest.


The sound of bones breaking came from Qin Shaoyang's chest.

Qin Shaoyang's face instantly turned red. With a "pu" sound, he spurted out a mouthful of blood and his body flew backward.

After that, he fiercely smashed onto the ground and fainted.

At this instant, everyone's gazes froze …

The Third Layer of the Qi warrior Qin Shaoyang, in front of Ye Chenfeng who had yet to open his Astral Soul, he could not even put up a fight?

He was sent flying with just a single punch?

This was completely unimaginable!

Is this still the Ye Family's famous good-for-nothing young master, Ye Chenfeng?

Such a simple punch should not have more than ten thousand pounds of strength, right?

The faces of the Lin and Qin family members all turned into livers.

Ye Chenfeng, who was treated like trash by them, used this simple punch to slap their faces.

"A bunch of useless trash dares to come to the Ye Family to behave atrociously?"

Ye Chenfeng scolded Fang Yeyu and the rest secretly.

As he walked, he continued, "So what if I didn't open the Astral Soul?"

"You're still going to be beaten until all your teeth fall out!"

Fang Yeyu was so angry that she wanted to die. She turned her anger onto the Qin family members and stared at the Qin family head, causing him to break out in a cold sweat.

When Ye Chenfeng walked to Lin Yunzhi's side …

He slanted his eyes at Lin Yunzhi and said sternly, "The damn person will definitely die. The heavens will not accept me."

Lin Yunzhi could only feel a chill emerging from his heart and could not help but shiver.

With Ye Chenfeng's level of speed and strength, he might not be able to keep it in his heart.

After all, Lin Yunzhi had reached the Earth Origin Stage.

But that night, Ye Chenfeng had used a talisman to kill four Earth Origin Stage cultivators s, and he was the one who saw it with his own eyes.

If it wasn't for Lin Zhantian, he would probably have died at the hands of Ye Chenfeng.

Even though he relied on the talisman, the killing decision and the terrifying talent in combat that Ye Chenfeng displayed were too shocking, too frightening …

An Earth Origin Stage expert like Lin Yunzhi actually couldn't help but feel a sense of fear!

As for Lin Moxin, her eyes were wide open as she watched Ye Chenfeng's back disappear from her sight, as if it was her first time meeting Ye Chenfeng.

"Hahahaha, that idiot Qin Shaoyang, even our Ye Family's trash can't beat him, yet he still dares to come to the Ye Family to behave atrociously!"

"These days, there really are all kinds of people!"

On the Ye Family's side, many people started laughing out loud.

Having been humiliated for so long, they felt that there was nothing more satisfying than this.

The City Lord Residence's butler, Fang Yeyu, glared at the Qin family. With a flick of her sleeve, she strode out of the guest hall.

Although it was just a small episode, the faces of the Lin, Qin, and the City Lord's Mansion were burning with pain!

The heads of the Qin family were drenched in cold sweat. Their bodies were trembling from head to toe as they chased after them.

These people came here arrogantly and arrogantly, but they left with their heads covered in dirt.

Ye Chenfeng finally earned back some face for the Ye Family!

The three elders of the Ye family looked at each other, their mouths gaping wide open.

"That kid, Chen Feng, seems like a different person. His bearing is quite extraordinary …"

"But, if I can't open the Astral Soul, I'll just be a trash that can't cultivate!"

"If he really is that kind of trash, do you think he would be able to injure Qin Shaoyang, who is at the Qi Yuan level?"

"But …"

The three elders frowned, their minds filled with thousands of question marks and exclamation points.

However, these three old fellows weren't easy to deal with.

After being stunned for a moment, they followed Ye Xingzhe and caught up to Ye Chenfeng.

Ye Chenfeng looked at his father and the three elders. After pondering for a while, he said, "I know what you guys want to ask, but nothing we say now will help."

"Tell you what I know, what can the Ye Family do?"

The three elders were silent. Ye Xingzhe also did not say anything.

The reason why they chased him over was to ask about the night Ye Chenfeng was killed.

Ye Chenfeng's answer was obvious!

From the looks of it, the ones who intercepted Ye Chenfeng were indeed members of the Lin Clan!

However, things had already come to this. Just as Ye Chenfeng said … After knowing, what could the Ye Family do?

Even if they knew that it was the Lin Clan who did it, they knew that it was the Lin Clan who stole the fire mirror.

What could he do to the Lin Clan without any proof?

Especially right now, the Lin Clan and the City Lord's Mansion's Xiao Clan were in an alliance.

Even if there was evidence, would the Ye Family dare to take it out?

If he were to take it out, it would mean a direct confrontation with the City Lord Manor and the Lin Clan. In fact, it might even mean a war!

When the Ye Clan struck the Lin Clan, it was as though both of them had suffered heavy losses.

Beating up the City Lord's Mansion? You must be tired of living!

Even if the Yan Wu City's Four Great Families teamed up, how could they have the qualifications to fight against the City Lord Palace?

When encountering this kind of situation, he could only knock down his teeth and swallow it with blood!

The faces of the three elders turned ugly.

As for Ye Xingzhe, he clenched his fists so hard that they made 'ka ka ka' sounds!

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