Imperishable War God/C2 Stellar Tear Space-time Clock of Creation
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Imperishable War God/C2 Stellar Tear Space-time Clock of Creation
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C2 Stellar Tear Space-time Clock of Creation

Strictly speaking, Ye Chenfeng was not without Astral Soul.

But after having the Astral Soul, it had mysteriously disappeared.

And more than once.

Ye Chenfeng had a strange disease when he was young...

During the sacrificial ceremony, which was held every three years, he would open the Astral Soul.

And after that, every time, less than a month had passed, the Astral Soul would mysteriously disappear!

This had almost become a piece of strange news in the Kingdom of Zi Yun!

From the time he opened the Astral Soul at the age of four, until he was sixteen, Ye Chenfeng had already activated the Astral Soul four times.

The next sacrificial ceremony was held 15 days later.

This was probably the last time Ye Chenfeng would open his Astral Soul on the altar.

Without Astral Soul, he would not be able to cultivate.

Thus, Ye Chenfeng, who was sixteen years old, was still stuck at the origin realm.

There was still an insurmountable chasm between the Qi Yuan level and the Qi Yuan level.

"The Astral Soul can actually disappear?"

In Ye Chenfeng's previous life, he had never heard of such an incredible thing.

The Kunxu Realm revered the martial way, and the expert respected it.

Even the weaker cultivators had the strength of a thousand pounds, yet they could tear through the rock walls and tear apart tigers and leopards with their bare hands.

And the legendary powerful warriors were said to be able to shake the earth and overturn the seas!

The strength of a person's martial arts determined their fate and life and death.

The expert was high above, killing and seizing everything;

The weak are bullied and manipulated.

If you want to become a warrior, you must open the Astral Soul.

Only by opening the Astral Soul, could he truly open the door to martial arts cultivation.

Astral Soul s were abilities bestowed by the gods after a mortal gained the approval of the gods.

During the sacrificial ceremony, a gate between the heaven and earth would open between the legendary God Realm and Kunxu Realm, connecting the two realms for a short period of time.

After the gods finished enjoying the offerings, they would bestow upon the talented mortals the [Astral Soul], opening the doors to their cultivation.

In the Kunxu Realm, there were not many people who could open the "Astral Soul", and only one in a dozen could.

In some places, there might even be a hundred people who could open the Astral Soul.

Astral Soul had a variety of attributes and were divided into nine ranks. The first tier was the lower tier, and the ninth tier was the upper tier.

Fire Astral Soul, Ice Astral Soul, Deep Earth Astral Soul;

There were also sword, spear, sword, halberd and other artifacts, Astral Soul s.

There were also beast Astral Soul, such as giant python Astral Soul, demon ape Astral Soul, wild wolf Astral Soul;

Astral Soul s were the foundation of a warrior's cultivation. To cultivation, they were extremely important.

Only by activating the Astral Soul, would one be able to sense and absorb the abundant spirit energy between heaven and earth.

Origin energy was the source of a martial artist's strength.

Without activating the Astral Soul, it would be difficult for one to absorb Heaven and Earth Essence Qi and become a warrior.

"I can't care that much anymore. I have to check my body first."

"If that doesn't work, then I'll use my skill in the Dao of alchemy to concoct a batch of medicinal pills, and walk the path of body refinement!"

"I don't believe it!"

Ye Chenfeng felt bitter in his mouth. He immediately sat down cross-legged and started observing the situation.

Just as he looked into his body, Ye Chenfeng was suddenly stunned again …

At the location where the dantian was located, a teardrop-shaped jade was floating on top of it.

This piece of jade was sparkling and translucent, shining with a gentle light.

Ye Chenfeng's heart was in pain: "The Stellar Tear that Qi Luo gave me, actually came here with my soul?"

"Everything has disappeared, leaving only the memory that makes my heart ache. Why did the thing she gave me have to travel through time and space, and even follow my soul?"

Ye Chenfeng used his Spiritual Energy to pull the Stellar Tear out.

Ye Chenfeng held the Stellar Tear in his palm, looked at the familiar light, and the scene from back then flashed across his mind.

Until now, he still did not know what this thing was made of.

He also didn't know where Jun Qiluo had gotten her hands on and what use she had.

Back then, he had always worn it on his body.

This was their token of love.

But now …

"In Jun Qiluo's eyes, I might just be an idiot. "You can fool me with anything you want. Once you're done with it, I'll just kill you …"

"Stellar Tear, what's the use of keeping you here?"

Ye Chenfeng laughed mockingly, grabbed the Stellar Tear and threw it out of the window towards the river!


Just as the Stellar Tear left Ye Chenfeng's palm, it suddenly swam in the air and turned back.

Without waiting for Ye Chenfeng to react, the Stellar Tear emitted countless rays of light and turned into a seven-colored vortex!

The whirlpool released an unimaginable suction force and swallowed Ye Chenfeng in an instant!

Ye Chenfeng felt the sky spin and the earth spin.

He landed heavily on the hard ground.

With this fall, the wound on Ye Chenfeng that was injured by Ye Zhan immediately felt a tearing pain.

He grimaced in pain.

"What's going on? "What exactly is this place?"

Ye Chenfeng climbed up from the ground with a bit of difficulty. He stretched his muscles and bones as he looked around.

It was a sealed space, with no doors or windows. The length and width were about twenty meters.

The heaven and earth origin energy here was much richer than in the outside world. It was extremely strange.

In the very center of this space, there was a small copper bell hovering.

The bronze bell was small and exquisite, its potholes and potholes utterly dilapidated.

An ancient aura assaulted his face, making Ye Chenfeng's soul throb. He felt as if he was transported back to ancient times!

He saw that the bronze bell was covered with many mysterious and mysterious runes that were slowly circulating.

"Something very ancient and strange!"

He raised his hand and gently held the small copper bell.


The small copper bell slightly trembled for a moment, as if revealing the joy of a reunion after a long absence!

"Big brother, you're finally awake …"

A little girl's voice came out from that small copper bell, startling Ye Chenfeng.

Without waiting for Ye Chenfeng to speak, the voice rang out again: "Big brother, my name is Xuanxuan. I'm still sleeping, and I'm extremely weak. Even speaking a few words would consume a lot of energy."

"Big brother doesn't want to say anything now, so listen to me first, okay?"

Ye Chenfeng opened his mouth. After a while, he said, "Ok, go ahead."

Through Xuanxuan's narration, Ye Chenfeng finally understood that this space was actually within the Stellar Tear.

And that small copper bell was called the "Space and Time Nature Energy Bell".

Xuan Xuan Xuan was the artifact spirit of the Space and Time Nature Energy Bell, but she was currently extremely weak.

Moreover, her memories were shattered and she didn't even know where she had come from.

All she knew was that she'd been waiting for someone for a thousand years …

This Stellar Tear was refined from the rarest star jade in the God Realm. It was equivalent to the outer shell of the Time and Space Manifestation Bell, and was used to protect and nurture it.

In the Stellar Tear's space, the flow of time was different from the outside world.

Cultivating here for three days, only one day had passed in the outside world!

"This is unbelievable!" Ye Chenfeng was a bit dumbfounded.

Following Xuanxuan's instructions, he gently shook the Space and Time Creation Bell.

A circle of ripples visible to the naked eye spread out with the Space and Time Creation Bell as the center.

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng was able to clearly see the situation inside the Space and Time Nature Energy Bell.

Within that time and space clock, there was a twelve or thirteen year old girl. She wore a snow-white dress, and her eyes were closed as she sat in meditation.

The next moment...

With this "Space and Time Creation Bell" at the center, nine enormous scrolls appeared out of nowhere.

The nine painting scrolls formed a circle, surrounding Ye Chenfeng and the "Space and Time Nature Energy Bell".

Of these nine paintings, only one was golden and dazzling.

As for the rest of the paintings, they were all gray, just like a stone sculpture.

At this time, Xuanxuan's voice once again rang out: "Big brother, there are a total of nine Stellar Tear, this one is the main one for big brother, and the rest is the support."

"Only by finding the other eight Stellar Tear would I be able to open the other eight paintings."

"Every single item recorded in the painting has the power to shock the heavens and shock the earth …"

At this point, Xuanxuan seemed to be extremely tired and her voice had become extremely weak.

Ye Chenfeng was a little unable to bear it any longer as he said: "Xuanxuan, you're currently so weak, let's talk about it in the future. There's no rush."

"And what can I do to help you?"

Xuanxuan immediately said, "Big brother only needs to cultivate the 'Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic' in the first painting and infuse it with spirit energy so that I can recover."

"Or placing the primeval stone and other things under the Space and Time Nature Energy Bell can help me recover."

Hearing that, Ye Chenfeng said with a wry smile: "If it's primeval stone, I can think of a way to get it."

"However, I haven't even activated the Astral Soul, so I can't cultivate at all …"

Xuanxuan smiled and said, "Big brother, you have Astral Soul, your life's Astral Soul is inside the Space and Time Tactic Bell."

"The reason why the Astral Soul you activated previously disappeared was because I activated your life's Astral Soul and swallowed them."

"…" Ye Chenfeng was a bit speechless.

In the past 16 years, he had been bullied by the other party, and it was all because of you?

However, Astral Soul were given to warriors by the gods. Only warriors could activate them themselves.

How could it be taken, or devoured?

I've never heard of such a thing?

Xuanxuan didn't explain too much and only continued, "Big brother, as long as you consume one more Astral Soul, then your life's Astral Soul will be able to come out of the Space and Time Manifestation Bell."

"The Astral Soul is actually a conspiracy of the gods."

"The conspiracy of the gods? I don't understand. " Ye Chenfeng swallowed his saliva and said, "Isn't the Astral Soul an imprint given by gods to mortals? Wasn't it to help mortals open up their martial path? How could it be a conspiracy? "

After a moment of silence, Xuanxuan replied, "I don't remember too clearly. I only know that Big Brother absolutely cannot use these Astral Soul s to cultivate."

"And these Astral Soul all contain a trace of divine power, which is beneficial for strengthening and awakening your life's Astral Soul."

"That's why I …"

"After half a month, the Yan Wu City's Triennial Sacrifice Ceremony will begin once again."

"After this sacrificial ceremony, I will devour another Astral Soul. Then, my older brother's life's Astral Soul will be born."

Ye Chenfeng was overjoyed. "That's great! I was just worrying about how to cultivate without a Astral Soul. "

Xuan Xuan Xuan continued: "Also, the 'Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic' recorded in the golden scroll actually doesn't need Astral Soul to be able to cultivate. However, after obtaining Astral Soul, one's cultivation speed will greatly increase."

"There's actually such a thing!" Ye Chenfeng opened his eyes wide.

He impatiently looked at the golden picture scroll.

This picture scroll was like a universe of stars, dotted with millions of stars.

The surface of the stone was covered with mysterious runes that looked like tadpoles.

"Buried God? "What a tyrannical name!"

Ye Chenfeng stared closely at the picture scroll and carefully recognized it.

The "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" recorded on this painting was divided into nine cycles.

However, only the first transition could identify the Nine Revolutions, and the rest was a complete mess.

"I get it. I need to cultivate to the peak of the first transition. I need to use the full power of the first transition to open the second one."

Ye Chenfeng stared closely at the first spin of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic".

All the information about the first transition of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic", including the mental cultivation method, immediately turned into streaks of light and entered Ye Chenfeng's mind.

Ye Chenfeng's head sank and he was once again surprised: "It's only the first transition, yet the information is so huge and so unfathomable?"

In his previous life, although Ye Chenfeng did not like to cultivate, he could still be considered a expert.

Therefore, he knew a lot about martial dao.

Otherwise, how could he have become one of the ten Great Herb Kings?

However, among all the techniques he knew, there had never been one that had such a huge amount of information!

"Big brother, in the future Xuanxuan will always accompany you in your cultivation, I …" "I …"

Xuanxuan had not finished speaking, but as if she was exhausted from exhaustion, she did not utter another word.

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