Imperishable War God/C20 Heavily Wounded Ye Zhan
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Imperishable War God/C20 Heavily Wounded Ye Zhan
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C20 Heavily Wounded Ye Zhan

"Although I have expended a lot of Yuan Power, I finally have a trump card!"

Ye Chenfeng's eyes lit up. After eating a Qi Gathering Pill, he started to wander around the yard.

He began to continuously ponder and practice the first movement of the "Star Break Fist".

The first stance seemed simple, but it required speed and ferocity.

However, there were over a thousand changes that were complicated.

As Ye Chenfeng's cultivation improved and he comprehended everything, there was still a lot of room for improvement in the first style.

Ye Chenfeng clenched his hands into fists. Without activating his elemental energy, his arms began to move according to the mental cultivation method of the first move of the "Star Break Fist".

Even in this situation, as he waved his fists, it naturally formed a gale that continuously surged and vibrated.

The surrounding heaven and earth origin energy also seemed to be attracted to his arms, quickly gathering towards them.

Heaven Ranked Martial Technique or Cultivation Method could draw in the heaven and earth origin energy!

"Passing the curved bone, walking the giant sword, stopping the xuanji, then going into the shanzhong, and then into the sky … Kill! "

Ye Chenfeng only simulated the first move in his mind and did not use any elemental energy.

However, when his fist slowly struck forward, the power behind it was like an ocean wave, surging forward in the dark. A faint rumbling vibration appeared in the strong wind!


A hole had been punched into the limestone in front of him.

That hole was only slightly bigger than Ye Chenfeng's fist.

Soon after, Ye Chenfeng's punches and kicks became faster and faster.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. As the strong wind blew, the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy was attracted to his arms. Sand and stones flew about, and smoke and dust filled the air!

"The first move of the 'Star Break Fist', in order to be quick and fierce, used up all of the strength in one move, and it was difficult to continue on. A flaw appeared in the connection with the second move …"

"However, if you want to make up for this flaw, you must sacrifice speed and strength."

Battle God's Dharma Intent allowed Ye Chenfeng to easily discover the flaw in the first move of his fist technique.

After thinking for a moment, a smile appeared in Ye Chenfeng's eyes.

"Shoulder and crotch together, elbow and knee together, hand and foot together, fist is dead and strength is alive." Shoulder and hip together, elbow and knee together, hand and foot together, fist is dead and strength is alive.

"The so called 'one with the world,' the heart and the will, the will and the Qi, the Qi and the power!"

"Inner yin and outer yang, form one qi, form one wrong, it's hard to practice its form!"

The changes to the first move of the "Star Break Fist" were displayed one by one by Ye Chenfeng and suddenly became clear!

And that flaw was also solved by Ye Chenfeng, causing the first move to be even faster and fiercer. There was no need to worry about the convergence and continuity of the next move!

After practicing for a while, not only did Ye Chenfeng not consume any of his elemental energy, he had also recovered more than half because of the continuous absorption of the surrounding elemental energy.

Ye Chenfeng looked up at the sky and saw that night had arrived.

At this time, the Ye Family's family meeting should be starting.

"Although we took care of those three old fellows, the fire mirror was lost, so Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu would take this opportunity to cause trouble. Father would probably still be troubled by some of the elders in the family …"

"Let's go take a look first."

"There are still nine days until the Astral Soul's sacrificial ceremony. After the Clan Gathering, go to the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range outside the Yan Wu City and train for a bit. Whether it is fist techniques or sword techniques, you will need to go through many battles to be able to complete it."

"Also, the strength of the body cannot be tempered by just elemental energy. After cleaning the body, one still needs to train the body to a high degree."

"Only by combining internal and external forces can one become strong."

Ye Chenfeng walked out of the yard after gently dusting his clothes.

Not long after they walked out of the courtyard, the voices of a group of people chatting in the distance entered Ye Chenfeng's ears.

"I wonder what kind of medicine that unlucky bastard Ye Chenfeng ate. A few days ago, he was heavily injured by Young Master Zhan. Not only did he not stay home to recuperate, he even stole a fire mirror to curry favor with Lin Moxin. For this trash to be able to survive, the heavens are truly blind! "

"Master and Master San also came back from the mines. I'm afraid tonight is the time for the Ye Family to change hands!"

"Young Master Zhan, this trash lost his fire mirror. Last time, you really should have killed him with two punches!"

"A few days ago, he even threatened to crush Young Master Zhan's bones. Young Master Zhan, you must not be too polite with him this time. You must directly crush his bones and cripple him!"

Ye Zhan's voice sounded at this moment, "Don't worry …." The Family Competition has already begun, so this trash will definitely come. We'll wait for him here. "

"Later, I will break his bones one by one!"

What followed was a string of unbridled laughter.

"Ye Zhan?" Ye Chenfeng couldn't help but smile coldly.

Ye Chenfeng was currently at the Fifth Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm. Although he had opened 27 meridians and trained in the first style of the "Star Break Fist", he was not afraid of ordinary people at the first level of the Earth Origin Stage.

However, when compared to the Earth Origin Stage expert s like Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu, the gap was still very wide.

Those two had the same cultivation level as Lin Zhantian!

However, facing Ye Zhan was a completely different matter.

"Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu, these two bastards, not only wanted to kill me, they also wanted to kill my father!"

"Since that's the case, why should I be courteous to them?"

"If it wasn't for my cultivation being too weak right now, I would have exposed their scheme in front of everyone in the Ye family and killed them on the spot!"

Strength! Strength!

Revenge, he needed strength to behead the Lin Clan.

It required strength to deal with the criticism from the Ye Family's higher-ups.

The plot to crush the City Lord's Mansion and the Lin Clan also required strength!

Ye Chenfeng quickened his pace and walked towards Ye Zhan's group.

Not long later, Ye Chenfeng stopped when he was less than 400 meters away from the meeting hall.

Under the illumination of the lanterns, a large group of people walked out from behind the rock garden.

The leader of the group was the one who had heavily injured Ye Chenfeng, Ye Zhan!

"Little bastard, do you want to go to the meeting hall?" Ye Zhan crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked up at Ye Chenfeng coldly.

"I heard you want to crush my bones?"

"Who gave you that kind of courage?"

The group of people behind him immediately burst out in laughter.

Ye Chenfeng, who said that he would crush Ye Zhan's bones, was once again seriously injured. What a joke!

"Ye Zhan, I actually always wanted to ask you a question …" Ye Chenfeng said blandly, "No matter what, we are brothers. It's fine if it's just a normal fight, but why did you do it before? Do you want to put me to death?"

Ye Zhan was surprised for a moment, but soon after, he said with a cold look in his eyes, "Trash are trash. Once they are afraid of death, they start to use their brotherly relationship to speak."

"I, Ye Zhan, am a genius, how could I have a trash brother like you?"

"In this world, the strong preys on the weak, the expert lives, and the weak dies … If you are weaker than me, then you deserve to die! "

Ye Chenfeng shook his head and said, "I agree with you saying that the expert is respected, but you have to say that the expert is born, and the weak dies …"

"You, Ye Zhan, are just a Fourth Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm. In this world, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are stronger than you!"

"Why didn't I see you die?"

"Little bastard, you're courting death!" Ye Zhan was left speechless by these words. He was furious!

With Ye Zhan as the center, a strong gust of wind started spinning quickly.

The group of people behind Ye Zhan hurriedly distanced themselves from the two and hid behind the fake mountain.

"I can kill you once, but I can also kill you twice!"

Ye Zhan coldly shouted as he was held back by the hurricane and sent a punch towards Ye Chenfeng!

His Astral Soul was a "Gale Astral Soul".

Once activated, the speed is much faster than warriors of the same level.

As he charged forward, a savage and violent force instantly crawled towards both sides of Ye Zhan!


At the moment when the Spiritual Light exploded, the Qi flow was so strong that all those who wanted to see Ye Chenfeng be blown away by the impact were dumbstruck.

Ye Chenfeng was still standing on the spot, not even taking half a step back.

And his palm, it was unknown when it had extended out, it simply grabbed onto Ye Zhan's fist!

Ye Zhan's fist was both fast and fierce. After it was grabbed by him, it was unexpectedly unable to advance any further!

Such a violent move had been dissolved just like that …

Not only was the group of people watching in a daze, even Ye Zhan fiercely blinked his eyes, revealing an expression of disbelief!

"You have so little ability and you want to take my bones off? You want to kill me? " Ye Chenfeng's voice was extremely cold.

Without waiting for Ye Zhan's reaction, Ye Chenfeng grabbed Ye Zhan's fist and exerted force!

"Ah!" Ye Zhan let out a pig-slaughtering howl.

Ye Chenfeng took a step forward and grabbed Ye Zhan's wrist.

He threw it behind him!


Ye Zhan's tall body was like a sack as it was swung in a circle and fiercely smashed into the ground.

A human-shaped crater was formed on the ground. Countless pieces of sand and stones burst out in all directions!

Those spectating the battle all opened their mouths wide like sculptures.

Ye Zhan of the Fourth Layer of the Qi Yuan stage was one of the best younger generation in the Ye family.

When did he lose so miserably?

And, he lost to Ye Chenfeng who did not have any Astral Soul?

Just a few days ago, Ye Chenfeng was seriously injured by Ye Zhan!

"Ye Zhan, you have truly disappointed me." Ye Chenfeng indifferently looked at Ye Zhan who was on the ground and said, "People from expert will die, but you don't understand one thing … …" For people like you, I'll kill you as easily as slaughtering a pig! "

Just as he finished his sentence, Ye Chenfeng kicked out and sent Ye Zhan flying, crashing into the rock wall of the fake mountain.

Behind the fake mountain, a group of people ran out in panic to help Ye Zhan up.

Blood trickled out of the corner of Ye Zhan's mouth as he glared hatefully at Ye Chenfeng. He viciously swung his hands and threw the person that was holding him away!

Following that, he opened his legs and took a horse stance, once again activating "Gale Astral Soul"!

A hurricane enveloped his body once again!

This time, Ye Zhan was more obedient. He didn't attack Ye Chenfeng directly from the front, instead, he quickly started to circle around Ye Chenfeng.

Under the nervous gazes of the crowd, Ye Chenfeng just stood there calmly without moving at all.

"Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!" Ye Zhan's speed became faster and faster.

Under the night sky, many spectators could only see a shadow spinning around Ye Chenfeng.

A terrifying storm was formed around Ye Chenfeng!

"Mad Blade Wind Jue, die!"

Amidst Ye Zhan's hysterical roar, a three foot long wind blade came slanting towards Ye Chenfeng's shoulder from behind!

If he was hit, his head would probably be separated from his body!

Just as the wind blades were about to hit him, Ye Chenfeng made his move …


With a swoosh, Ye Chenfeng turned around and barely dodged the wind blade's attack!

Immediately after, his left hand shot out like lightning and easily pierced through the hurricane surrounding Ye Zhan's body. It grabbed onto Ye Zhan's neck and lifted him up!


The terrifying hurricane from before instantly dissipated into nothingness.

"Woo woo woo!"

Ye Zhan grabbed Ye Chenfeng's wrist with both hands and kicked wildly. He let out an indistinct sound from his mouth.

The surroundings were deathly silent!

Previously, when Ye Chenfeng had injured Ye Zhan, everyone thought that it was just a coincidence. Ye Zhan had been too careless.

But now …

Even a fool could see that these two were not on the same level!

"You're really too slow." Ye Chenfeng looked indifferently at Ye Zhan and said, "Is the Gale Astral Soul so useless?"

"Who gave you the courage to kill me the second time?"

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