Imperishable War God/C3 The First Level of the Qi Yuan Realm the Intent of War God
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Imperishable War God/C3 The First Level of the Qi Yuan Realm the Intent of War God
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C3 The First Level of the Qi Yuan Realm the Intent of War God

"Xuan Xuan Xuan, you can rest assured. Once I finish cultivating, I'll use my spirit energy to nurture the time and space clock and help you recover."

"I will also think of a way to get more primeval stone."

Although it was Ye Chenfeng's first time seeing this little girl and she was an artifact spirit, he had an indescribable feeling of closeness.

It was like he was facing his own sister.

Unable to wait any longer, Ye Chenfeng sat down and started to cultivate the first transition of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic".

The first transition of "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic", "Merging one's Dharmic Insight into a blade, only I, the ruler of all creation, can live forever!"

The first transition of "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" only had three levels.

The first level, condensing the energy to build a foundation, easy to go through marrow washing meridians;

The world was filled with endless energy.

It was difficult for an ordinary person to see or sense this origin energy, but it actually existed.

The first step for cultivation was to awaken the Astral Soul and absorb the formless and omnipresent boundless Essence in the world into his body.

Use this origin energy to transform into spirit energy, and then use it to temper his meridians and bones, building a solid foundation for his martial arts.

Only when one's body was strong enough could one withstand an even greater power.

On the second level, the "Dharmic Intent of War God" was formed by using the inability as the law and the limitless as the limit.

The Intent of the Dharmic Dao was like a blade that could cut through all sorts of techniques and fuse them together!

"The Dharmic Intent is like a blade, only I shall reign supreme throughout the ages!" The "Intent" in it referred to the Dharmic Intent of War God.

The third level, opening 49 meridians, and then constructing the Divine Sea, completing the first step of the Divine Body.

The difficulty of each level increased exponentially.

The first two layers could be practiced in a continuous manner, and were the foundation of the entire cultivation technique.

It was unknown how difficult it was.

However, this third level caused Ye Chenfeng to frown.

How could it be easy to open 49 meridians?

A expert at the peak of the Sky Origin Stage could at most open forty meridians.

If there were 49 of them, then at the very least, they would need to wait until after the Fulfillment Stage!

Many people may not even be able to reach the Fulfillment Stage level in their entire lifetime of cultivation!

Ye Chenfeng held his chin and muttered, "What do you mean by 'War God's Dharma Intent' and 'Merging All Techniques'?"

"It shows that after you have cultivated the Law of War God, you can take apart any other cultivation technique as if you were extracting silk from a cocoon, and then use its essence as your own?"

"There is such a horrible and magical martial art in this world?"

Xuanxuan was already asleep and Ye Chenfeng couldn't find anyone to ask. He couldn't help feeling a little depressed.

But soon, he suppressed his surging thoughts and started to prepare for cultivation, starting from the very basics.

Xuanxuan said that "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" could be cultivated even without Astral Soul, which made Ye Chenfeng look forward to it.

Just a moment ago, he was still worrying about getting stronger, worrying about getting stronger.

Now, he finally saw a glimmer of hope!

Ye Chenfeng began to recite the first transition of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" in his heart. He started to channel all his meridians with the little amount of elemental energy in his body.

Once the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" was activated, the heaven and earth origin energy in this small space immediately began to gather towards Ye Chenfeng.

With Ye Chenfeng as the center, a frightening whirlpool formed and started spinning rapidly.

The surging Yuan Qi was beginning to be absorbed by Ye Chenfeng and integrated into his body!

The elemental energy that was flowing in Ye Chenfeng's meridians was like one or two puddles of water left in a dried up river.

After the circulation of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic", the elemental energy within these meridians began to turn into streams, and began to make gurgling sounds!

"Even without Astral Soul, I can still cultivate, and my speed is still many times faster than a normal warrior!"

"After I open the Astral Soul, what terrifying realm will my cultivation speed reach?"

"This Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic, is too magical!" Ye Chenfeng was shocked.

The cultivation realms of warriors were: Body Origin Realm, Qi Origin Realm, Earth Origin Realm, Sky Origin Stage Realm, Fulfillment Stage Realm, Fragmentation Realm, and so on.

Every realm is separated into Fifth Layer s.

After reaching the Qi Yuan level and opening up the primeval sea that stored elemental energy, the next step for a martial artist was to open up his meridians and channel his elemental energy into his body. The strength of his body became stronger and stronger.

And with every increase in a martial dao realm, the strength of the martial artist would increase by a great deal.

A punch from a cultivator at the late stage of the Qi Yuan Realm could easily kill a raging bull.

The first step for Ye Chenfeng was to break through to the Qi Yuan level and open up his primeval sea.

Time slowly passed …

More and more Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi was being absorbed by Ye Chenfeng.

The elemental energy in Ye Chenfeng's body started to flow from small streams into large rivers.

This "great river" circulated according to the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" mental cultivation method and circulated through the meridians, forming a mysterious "Spirit Diagram" in Ye Chenfeng's body.

Under the coordination of the Spirit Diagram, the elemental energy in Ye Chenfeng's body was completely linked and surged.

Soon, Ye Chenfeng's entire body was relaxed and full of power.

Under the nourishment of the elemental energy, the innate meridians of the martial artist in his body became tougher.

Every meridian was constantly expanding, from a small stream to a big river.

Ye Chenfeng no longer felt weak like before.

At this moment, he only felt endless strength surging through his entire body, capable of shaking mountains and uprooting trees!

After the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" mental cultivation method circulated for five cycles, a lot of the impurities on Ye Chenfeng's body were removed and his entire body released a terrible stench.

However, the stench did not affect Ye Chenfeng at all. He was immersed in a special feeling.

His strength was ten times stronger than before, and his body was as light as a swallow floating in the sky.

Numerous sealed profound entrances were opened, allowing a strange world to roam freely.

This feeling was too wonderful to describe!

After the elemental energy had circulated according to the mental cultivation method for six cycles …


The sound of the flood inside Ye Chenfeng's body became louder and louder.

It was as if a large river was converging towards Ye Chenfeng's Dantian.

The rivers flowed through the ages, and the rivers flowed into the sea!


A vortex that was only the size of an egg was formed all of a sudden!

Ye Chenfeng suddenly opened his eyes: "Qi Yuan Level, Yuanhai Accomplishment!"

The "primeval sea" was a space used to contain elemental energy.

The larger this space was, the more elemental energy it could contain, and the stronger its power would be.

As his cultivation level increased, the "primeval sea" would also gradually expand.

For an ordinary martial artist to open up their "primeval sea", they usually had to make adequate preparations.

Not only must they prepare pellets, primeval stone, and so on, they would also need the protection and guidance of their elders.

Ye Chenfeng didn't have any pills or primeval stone, nor did he have any Astral Soul, so he didn't have the time to use his previous experience …

Just by practicing "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" for a while, he had easily opened up "primeval sea"!

If it was any other warrior, without the help of primeval stone and pills, it would be impossible to do it without a few days!

As soon as the primeval sea was opened, the muscles and bones in Ye Chenfeng's body began to vibrate simultaneously, and his strength instantly increased by more than ten times.

Violent energy rippled out from his body, causing the Essence in the Stellar Tear to form a gale.

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng had an urge to scream at the sky!

"The Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic, it really makes one look forward to it."

"Strength, I need a strong power!"

"Qiluo, one day, I will stand in front of you again!"

Ye Chenfeng operated the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" again and again.

He never thought that cultivation would be so fascinating.

Moreover, his desire for power had already surpassed that of the "Emperor Pill" when he was refining the 'Imperial Pellet'!

This kind of cultivation made him feel as if he was being reborn.

This feeling was stronger than any spirit herb or pill!

Ye Chenfeng had been completely engrossed in the process and had reached the realm of selflessness.

After who knows how long …

The bones in his body suddenly began to emit crackling sounds, and began to change color.

Only when it turned green did it finally stop changing.

At this moment, the meridians in Ye Chenfeng's body that were connected by elemental energy suddenly surged.

The "Spirit Diagram" Ye Chenfeng had seen once before, had appeared again.

Each meridian was filled with spirit energy and turned into spirit line s.

It created a complex and mysterious Spirit Diagram!

The Spirit Diagram slowly started to revolve, giving Ye Chenfeng a sense of distance facing the universe.

"Just what is this …"

Just when Ye Chenfeng was in a daze, the Spirit Diagram suddenly turned into thousands upon thousands of light dots and started circling above Ye Chenfeng's primeval sea.

"This is not a dot of light, it's a magical symbol!" This is a rune that I created from training the second stage! "

When Ye Chenfeng focused his attention to check the light spot, he was extremely surprised to find out …

The spots of light formed by the Spirit Diagram were actually all profound and obscure, runes that contained strange information!

Thousands of runes suddenly gathered together after they circled in the air above the primeval sea for a while.

Then, he crazily charged towards Ye Chenfeng's mind!


It was as if an angry thunderbolt had exploded in his mind.

"Ahh!" Ye Chenfeng covered his head with his hands and shouted in pain.

When the pain and dizziness finally disappeared, Ye Chenfeng panted heavily.

"Dharmic Intent, this is War God's Dharmic Intent!" I did it! "

The first two levels of the first cycle of "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" was very smooth and was successfully cultivated by Ye Chenfeng.

The first level of training was to continuously change one's muscles and marrow.

While channeling the first level of the mental cultivation method, Ye Chenfeng's meridians were constantly changing, his bones were constantly changing, his elemental energy was rapidly increasing, and his primeval sea was also constantly expanding.

The second level, on the other hand, continued to train until runes were formed and then formed a Spirit Diagram. Through the transformation of the Spirit Diagram, it finally fused with Ye Chenfeng!

Ye Chenfeng already had a clear understanding of the direction and results of his training.

At this moment, he couldn't find any more runes in his mind.

All the runes had fused with him.

Ye Chenfeng vaguely felt that he seemed to have changed a lot.

He had yet to figure out what exactly had happened.


Ye Chenfeng's stomach suddenly rumbled as he felt a sense of hunger.

With a thought, Ye Chenfeng immediately left the Stellar Tear's space.

Just as he left the Stellar Tear's space, Ye Chenfeng picked up the Stellar Tear once again.

"There are so many secrets inside the Stellar Tear. Furthermore, Xuanxuan said that she has been waiting for me the entire time. Could it be that the reason why I went from five hundred years ago to five hundred years ago was because of this Stellar Tear?"

Unable to find an answer, Ye Chenfeng sighed.

At this moment, Ye Chenfeng suddenly heard a distant hubbub.

"Zi Yan, Chen Feng said that he found a grade-4 pill formula, are you sure?" Have you seen the pill formula? "

This was the voice of the Ye Clan's Great Elder.

Then, the second elder's voice sounded out, "This is no joke. If our Ye Family can obtain such a pill recipe …" This is an unimaginable amount of wealth! "

The Third Elder coldly said, "What if it's just the child speaking nonsense? Wouldn't that be a joke?"

Ye Chenfeng's mother replied, "I really didn't see that pill recipe, but since Morning Wind said so, I naturally believe him."

"The three elders will come with me, then we'll know what's going on."

Hearing that, Ye Chenfeng's face revealed a weird expression.

This sound clearly came from a far distance away.

But to the ears, it was like talking in the yard outside.

Now that he had reincarnated, the strength of his soul was indeed much stronger than that of an ordinary person's.

However, his mental strength was definitely not strong to this extent.

Through the window, Ye Chenfeng saw that there was no one outside.

After a careful examination, Ye Chenfeng was able to tell that they were at least 350 meters away from here.

There were also many houses and walls between them.

However, Ye Chenfeng heard it clearly!

"My Sea of Consciousness can only be opened up after I reach the Earth Origin Stage. I haven't even opened up my Sea of Consciousness yet, how did I get such a shocking perceptual power?"

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