Imperishable War God/C4 Grade Four Pill Formulae Resolving the Crisis
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Imperishable War God/C4 Grade Four Pill Formulae Resolving the Crisis
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C4 Grade Four Pill Formulae Resolving the Crisis

Ye Chenfeng was slightly focused...

A strange feeling spread throughout his body.

At that moment, the sound of the wind blowing through the grass and the sound of the crickets jumping in the grass appeared clearly in his mind!

Not only that, Ye Chenfeng found that his vision was surprisingly good.

The items placed in the dark corner of the room could now be clearly seen.

He could even easily distinguish the patterns on the wood!

After thinking about it for a while, Ye Chenfeng was surprised, "With this level of mental power, he should have at least reached the Earth Origin Stage Fourth Layer! "But I've just opened up my primeval sea, and I'm only at the first level of the Qi Yuan Stage?"

After the Fifth Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm, that was the Earth Yuan Realm.

After cultivating the Battle God's Dharma Intent, Ye Chenfeng's perceptual power had actually crossed a full realm!

Apart from these, he could clearly feel that even his thinking had become much sharper.

In the past, there were many areas in the Martial Dao that he did not understand, but now, he was suddenly enlightened!

"Is this the direct effect of the Intent of the God of War? Such a mysterious martial spirit! "

After inspecting his body, Ye Chenfeng was both surprised and happy …

It was just that after operating the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic" more than ten times, his internal injuries had actually already healed to a great extent. The blood clots in many places had also spread!

From the looks of it, it would only take a day, which was three days in the Stellar Tear's space, for his injuries to completely heal!

Survival, destruction and erasure;

Beginner spell intent, reborn!

Ye Chenfeng was no longer the same Ye Chenfeng from before.

Not long later, the voices of the Great Elder and the others appeared in the courtyard.

Ye Chenfeng smiled coldly and tore off the last part of the recipe and put it into his pocket.


The door was pushed open, and the three Ye Family elders and Ye Chenfeng's mother walked in.

These three old foxes were also cunning and knew that this matter was of great importance. Thus, they didn't bring anyone else with them.

The Head Elder looked at Ye Chenfeng and frowned, "Chen Feng, you really picked it up …"

Without waiting for the Great Elder to finish speaking, Ye Chenfeng handed over the piece of paper in his hand.

The three old fellows could not wait to gather together.

On the paper, many small words were written densely.

From the ingredients for refining a Tier 4 pill to every step, every detail, every complicated and profound formula, they were all very clear.

Although the Ye Family's three elders did not know how to refine medicine, they did understand a little bit about it.

The three of them took a look at the steps written on the paper, as well as the formulas for matching the ingredients.

Instantly, everyone's faces turned red!

"Oh my god, it's really a grade-4 pill formula!" A pill formula for a Grade Four Spirit Pill, if taken to the Myriad Treasures Pavilion to be auctioned, it would definitely sell for a sky-high price! "

"This old man is so old, but this is the first time I've seen a pill formula for a tier 4 pill, and even more so, this is the first time I've seen such a detailed pill formula …" To think that every single detail is so clear, that would definitely cause those alchemist grandmasters to crazily fight over it! "

"If we sell this pill formula, not only will our Ye Clan obtain a large amount of wealth, but we can also make a master alchemist our friend. Th-th-this …"

The three old fellows completely lost their composure and started shouting.

Su Ziyan, who was standing at the side, heaved a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, the Head Elder was stunned and said, "Huh, why does the ink on the pill formula seem to be new? And the bottom part is missing a section? "

Ye Chenfeng said faintly, "Maybe a certain alchemist grandmaster wrote it with a unique potion, which is why it has this kind of effect... "Oh, Great Elder, you should take it well. Don't dirty the ink. Only by dirtying a place can the pill be destroyed."

"Aiya!" The Great Elder was shocked.

He quickly spread the paper flat on the table and pressed the corners of the teacup against it.

Ye Chenfeng continued, "As for why there is one less section, it's very simple, I tore that section off."

"This is no small matter. Since the three elders have confirmed that this is a grade-4 pill formula, please send a message for my father to return from the mine in the name of the elders."

"After all, my father is the head of the Ye family, so he has to handle this."

"When my father returns, I will naturally hand over the rest."

"So the rest is on you. You scared us." The three elders heaved a sigh of relief.

The Great Elder immediately said, "You're right. I'll get someone to pass a message to your father and tell him to come back quickly!"

"Oh, judging by the time, he's still halfway there."

With that, the old man lifted his robe and ran out to find someone to pass on the message.

This high and mighty Great Elder was the most powerful person in the Ye family.

He had never lost his composure like this before.

The third elder's eyes lit up as he cautiously asked, "Chen Feng, this pill recipe …" Where did you find it? "

A grade-4 pill formula was something that could shock the entire Yan Wu City.

Being picked up by Ye Chenfeng out of nowhere, wasn't his luck a little too good?

Ye Chenfeng grinned and said, "It doesn't seem to be important where you found it, does it?" I can assure you, it wasn't stolen or robbed. "

"The most important thing is that the pill formula is real."

"The important thing is, what can this pill formula bring to the Ye Clan …" "You say that, don't you?"

"Ah!" The Third Elder nodded and said, "Yes, yes, child, you're right!

"This pill recipe of yours can change the fate of our Ye family …" This is too precious, too precious! "

Then, he smiled apologetically, "You are indeed blessed with great luck. When I was very young, I knew that you would definitely be able to revive our Ye family!"

Ye Chenfeng nearly rolled his eyes when he heard that.

Amongst the three Elders, this old man looked down on him the most.

Ever since he was young, he had mocked and ridiculed Ye Chenfeng in such a way that he could fill a few baskets.

Even Ye Zhan, who heavily injured Ye Chenfeng and fainted, was fine!

At this moment, Su Ziyan walked up to them and said with a cold expression, "Elders, please take the pill formula away. After Xingzhe returns, you can just go to Morning Wind for the rest."

"Morning Wind was heavily injured by Ye Zhan, he still needs to rest."

"Uh, good." The second and third elder looked at each other and nodded.

Immediately after, the third elder flew into a rage, "That little bastard Ye Zhan is getting more and more outrageous. He actually dares to attack his own younger cousin. I will definitely not let him off!"

Su Ziyan didn't say anything.

If it wasn't for this old ghost's protection, the head of the family would have pulled Ye Zhan out to beat him up.

How could Ye Zhan still be alive and well?

It was because the Third Elder favored Ye Xingwu's family that he saved Ye Zhan by kneeling down in a punitive manner.

Now that he obtained the pill formula, this old geezer had changed his appearance and put on an act. This was truly chilling.

Seeing Su Ziyan's cold attitude, the two elders blushed and left with the pill formulas.

"Feng Er …" Su Ziyan touched Ye Chenfeng's hair with concern.

Everything Ye Chenfeng did made her a little uneasy, but at the same time, a little gratified.

Uneasily, something must have happened.

Otherwise, Chen Feng wouldn't have such an ugly expression.

She was glad that her son had grown up and was able to take charge of himself.

He'd played around with the three old fellows just by relying on a mere pill formula. This method wasn't that simple.

Ye Chenfeng smiled and said: "Mom, there isn't much to worry about. Don't worry, I will take care of it."

"Yes." Su Ziyan nodded.

Then she cried out, "You must be starving, right? Mother asked someone to send you food. "


After a full meal, Ye Chenfeng did not stop to rest and once again entered the Stellar Tear's space.

He urgently needed to increase his strength.

That pill recipe was only to temporarily ease the current crisis.

It could intimidate Ye Xinghu and Liu Yi, making them unable to lay their hands on his father for a short period of time.

However, if he wanted to completely resolve this matter, the simplest and most direct method would be power.

A powerful force!

Only strength could intimidate everything and solve everything!

Without strength, without power, everything was just talk.

In the outside world, three days were spent in the Stellar Tear's space.

These few days, it was extremely important for Ye Chenfeng!

Inside the Stellar Tear's space, Ye Chenfeng sat cross-legged with his eyes closed.

His hands formed a few strange seals in front of him, constantly changing.

As he breathed in and out, his elemental energy circulated within his meridians, forming a perfect circle.

The abundant vitality of the Stellar Tear s' space continuously gathered over.

He drilled into Ye Chenfeng's body through his nose, mouth, and pores, nurturing his bones and meridians.

Ye Chenfeng's dantian, which was like a whirlpool, was filled with elemental energy. From the size of an egg, it slowly expanded …

In a short period of time, his meridians had been continuously purified and refined, becoming even more tenacious.

His strength was also increasing rapidly.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he could travel a thousand miles in a day.

Ye Chenfeng recited the first two levels of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic", repeating the cycle nonstop.

The first level, easy to pass the marrow, expand the primeval sea, refined the five viscera and six bones;

On the second level, he would continuously cultivate War God's Dharma Intent before fusing it into his body.

"I will let them see for themselves, just you wait!"

"If you want to kill my father and put me to death, that will depend on whether you are qualified or not!"

The levels of martial arts practice were: Body Origin Stage, Qi Origin Stage, Earth Origin Stage, Sky Origin Stage, and Fulfillment Stage.

Ye Chenfeng was only in the first level of the Qi Yuan Realm, so he hadn't had the time to open his Jing and Mai yet.

The Qi Yuan stage allows the Astral Soul to sense and absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Then, he would use his elemental energy to temper his body and open up a primeval sea to store elemental energy.

At this moment, not only could he break the rock wall, tear apart tigers and leopards with his hands, but he could also cast some powerful small spells.

Once the primeval sea was formed and a meridian channel opened, one could truly be called a "martial artist".

However, at this time, at most, he had only touched upon the threshold of martial arts.

Ye Chenfeng's expression changed slightly and he opened his eyes. His two fingers were like a sword, slightly pointing upwards.

A small fireball formed on the tips of his two fingers, burning fiercely.

Such a simple fireball was something that even Ye Chenfeng couldn't do before he reached the Natal Stage.

But now, it was an exceptionally easy task.

Ye Chenfeng flicked his finger and the small fireball hit the wall of the Stellar Tear and disappeared.

"Although he is already at the Qi Yuan stage, the speed of circulating his spiritual energy is still very slow. Even with such a powerful fireball, ordinary people would easily be able to dodge it. It's very difficult to use it to attack."

"In my memory, I have seen Ye Xinghu demonstrate the Fireball Technique to others. Without him using his full strength, his speed and strength are almost 20 times faster than mine right now. A small fireball easily penetrated a thick wall!"

Ye Chenfeng's eldest uncle, Ye Xinghu, was a Fourth Layer cultivator in the Earth Origin Stage, and he trained in fire type skills.

The Earth Origin Stage was one level higher than the Qi Origin Stage, and the primeval sea would expand by ten times or even more. It was far above the Qi Origin Stage.

Earth Origin Stage expert could open up a sea of consciousness.

Furthermore, the Earth Origin Stage cultivators's spirit energy could be released from outside.

It could be condensed into a dragon, tiger, ferocious beast, or even a sword aura.

After reaching the Earth Origin Stage, there were more meridians that could be opened, and the circulation speed of the elemental energy was ten times faster than that of a Qi Yuan warrior.

Above the Earth Origin Stage was the Sky Origin Stage.

The elemental energy in the Sky Origin Stage warrior's primeval sea started to gather towards the Astral Soul, allowing it to grow further.

The power of the Astral Soul would also increase crazily, and could even summon a warrior's unique attack and defense.

At that time, with the Astral Soul as the medium and Qi as the guide, the warrior's limbs and bones would be bathed in the essence of heaven and earth everyday, and their elemental energy would undergo a qualitative change.

There was a huge difference in power between the Earth Origin Stage and the Earth Origin Stage!

Above the Sky Origin Stage was the legendary Fulfillment Stage.

In his previous life, Ye Chenfeng's cultivation was at the peak of Fulfillment Stage.

Above the Fulfillment Stage, there were many other powerful realms.

However, such a terrifying level was not something that ordinary people could come into contact with.

"Hera, you've ruined my family. I don't even know if my father is alive or dead …" "One day, I will stand in front of you again. I will make you pay for everything you have done!"

The Ye brothers' conspiracy brought a little pressure to Ye Chenfeng.

However, the pressure wasn't too great.

To the youngest Pill King of Kunxu Realm, a character like Ye Xinghu was nothing.

If they pissed him off, even throwing out a pill formula would cause the entire Kingdom of Zi Yun to be turned upside down!

This caused Ye Chenfeng to be under a lot of pressure. He hated Ye Chenfeng so much that his teeth itched …

It was still the love of the past, Jun Qiluo!

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