Imperishable War God/C5 The will of the Dharmic Dao Is like a Blade When the Dharmic Art Is Combined with All Other Dharm
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Imperishable War God/C5 The will of the Dharmic Dao Is like a Blade When the Dharmic Art Is Combined with All Other Dharm
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C5 The will of the Dharmic Dao Is like a Blade When the Dharmic Art Is Combined with All Other Dharm

Ye Chenfeng took a deep breath, suppressed his emotions and concentrated his mind.

He once again immersed himself in cultivation.

It was still the first two layers of the "Nine Revolutions Burial Deity Tactic".

Ye Chenfeng recited the mantra as his hands formed a seal using Seal. He controlled the elemental energy in his body to circulate one cycle after another.

With each circulation of the elemental energy, the amount of elemental energy absorbed from the outside would increase by a level.

As for the primeval sea, it was constantly expanding outwards.

Inside the Stellar Tear's space, five days quickly passed …

Ye Chenfeng had only gone out three times during this period.

When all of the Essence in this space was almost used up …

Ye Chenfeng's body suddenly shook. Dots of light that filled the sky shot out from his body and spread out.

"Qi Yuan Third Layer!"

In just five days in the Stellar Tear's space, Ye Chenfeng had broken through from the first sky of the Qi Yuan Realm to the Third Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm!

Ye Chenfeng opened his eyes and clenched his fists.

Amidst the cracking sounds, there was a feeling of abundant energy that Ye Chenfeng had never felt before. It made him very happy.

"Next up, I should be able to begin the next step and train in the third level of the first circulation, Purification and Acupoint Charging."

Suddenly, Ye Chenfeng heard the sound of footsteps.

With a thought, Ye Chenfeng immediately left the Stellar Tear's space.

Not long after he returned to his room, the door was pushed open.

A tall and sturdy figure strode in. It was his father, Ye Xingzhe.

As soon as Ye Xingzhe entered the room, his eyes moved and he immediately closed the door. He lowered his voice and said, "Feng Er, what happened? Why would Ye Zhan kill you? "

"Where did you get a grade-4 pill formula?"

Ye Chenfeng was silent for a moment and then told everything, "Father, you left the Ye Family three days ago in the afternoon and went to the mine."

"And three nights ago, I heard the conversation between Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu in the abandoned garden at the east side of the Ye family."

At this time, he no longer called Uncle Ye Xinghu nor Uncle Ye Xing Wu.

Ye Xingzhe slightly frowned as he heard Ye Chenfeng continue, "The collapse of the mine was a conspiracy between Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu."

"They want to lure you into the mine and then assassinate you!"

"Pah!" Ye Xingzhe grabbed the back of the chair and crushed the bamboo into pieces.

Ye Xingzhe looked deeply at Ye Chenfeng and muttered, "Feng Er, this is not a good time to joke around. They are my blood brothers!"

"Although I know that they have always coveted my position as the head of the family, the power struggle within the family is not rare."

"There's no reason for them to put me to death just to take the position of the family head."

Ye Chenfeng shook his head and said, "Father, they are not your blood brothers, they are just animals that are worse than pigs and dogs."

"The reason they wanted to kill you is because the cyathine iron mine was discovered."

"It was this cyathine iron that had made them so determined to kill you."

"On one hand, the collapse of the mine was to kill those who knew about it. On the other hand, it was to lure you there to make a move."

"It was because I eavesdropped on this matter that I was discovered by them …"

"They only sent Ye Zhan to find trouble with me, and he seriously injured me!"

"How preposterous!" Ye Xingzhe frowned and paced back and forth in the room.

He could not believe others' words, but he absolutely could not doubt his own son's.

His son, even though he had lost the Astral Soul for no reason, he was definitely an extremely smart person.

Furthermore, she had been very obedient since she was young and had never lied to anyone.

It was also impossible to lie about such an important matter!

"cyathine iron? "No wonder!" Ye Xingzhe's eyes flashed.

Then he asked, "What about the recipe? You took out a fake pill formula to give to the elders so that they can recall me as soon as possible? "

Ye Chenfeng said, "Indeed, it is to let them recall you as soon as possible. Because at this time, only the elder's order can make you temporarily put down the matter of the mine."

"At the same time, I will not let Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu suspect me."

"But that pill formula is real. I found it in that abandoned garden."

There was no other way. With regards to the pill formula, he could only put it off for now.

Ye Chenfeng couldn't possibly tell his father that he was the youngest Medicine King reincarnated 500 years ago, right?

"I see." Ye Xingzhe lightly patted Ye Chenfeng's shoulder and said, "Feng Er, don't tell your mother about this, I don't want her to be worried."

"As for Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu, they are being heartless to me, don't blame me for being unjust to them."

"I will take good care of them!"

Ye Chenfeng nodded. "I didn't tell mother, but she already noticed something."

"Father, you have to be careful. Ye Xinghu, these two animals already have the intention to kill you. If there's a first time, there will be a second time!"

"I understand, I will be careful. "Leave the second half of the pill formula to me, I'll handle the rest. You take care of your wounds." Ye Xingzhe said.

When his father took the pill recipe and left the house, Ye Chenfeng did not enter the Stellar Tear's space again.

"After five days of training, my injuries have completely recovered. However, after I open up my primeval sea, I need to prepare to open my meridian."

"There are no pills or primeval stone in Purification and Acupoint Charging, so it won't be that easy. I need to get some primeval stone and pills to come back."

The primeval sea was only used to store elemental energy.

To circulate elemental energy throughout the body, one needed to go through multiple meridians.

As for the meridian channels needed for all sorts of powerful cultivation techniques, that was even more difficult to imagine.

The meridians that ordinary people were born with were far from enough.

Moreover, many of the natural born meridians were also in a closed state, requiring the user to charge through before they could pass through the elemental energy.

After the primeval sea was opened, he would prepare to cleanse his marrow and breakthrough his meridians.

Thinking about that, Ye Chenfeng touched his pocket and took out a money bag.

Ye Chenfeng couldn't help but smile bitterly the moment Ye Zichen received the purse.

The purse only contained 15 taels of silver, that was enough to eat and drink.

However, wanting to buy primeval stone and pellets was a dream.

According to the current market price, a primeval stone was worth a hundred silver, and pills could only be bought with primeval stone.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that a mere 15 silver was so poor that it clanged loudly.

Ye Chenfeng looked out of the window. It was noon.

After a moment of silence, Ye Chenfeng grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down a grade-4 pill formula.

500 years ago, the youngest Medicine King could not lack money no matter what he wanted.

However, he was a little averse to refining drugs, so he did not plan to go.

If he didn't refine the pill, then he could only sell the pill formulas.

Selling a pill recipe could be exchanged for quite a few primeval stone.

Alchemists valued pill recipes more than their lives, and they generally wouldn't sell them so easily.

The Medicine King in his previous life, Ye Chenfeng, was even more so.

But now, Ye Chenfeng's view had completely changed.

It was normal for Ye Chenfeng to use the recipe to obtain cultivation resources.

It was a pity that the Yan Wu City was only a small city and Ye Chenfeng didn't dare to take out a high rank pill formula.

Without the ability to protect himself, a high rank pill formula would bring about a fatal disaster if one was not careful.

They might even implicate the Ye Family and get annihilated!

After having a hearty cold shower, Ye Chenfeng ate a full meal and then pushed open the door.

He lived in a single courtyard with fallen leaves strewn all over the ground. It seemed that he hadn't cleaned the place in a few days.

In the courtyard, there were piles of leaves and giant stone pillars. These were all things used for cultivation.

However, every object was covered in dust or moss.

Ye Chenfeng walked closer to a stone pillar that was a foot in diameter.

With a distance of two meters between him and the stone pillar, he raised his fist and punched the stone pillar.

The condensed form of the boxing qi was like a meteor, whistling through the air and smashing heavily onto the stone pillar.

A thunderous sound rang out as the stone pillar was broken in half. The upper part of its body was sent tumbling backwards.

"The Third Layer of the Qi Yuan level … I have yet to open my new meridians, but this power has already surpassed the Fourth Layer of the Qi Yuan level by a huge margin."

Soon after, a few fist techniques from Ye Chenfeng's memory flashed across his mind one by one.

In his previous life, he was obsessed with the Dao of alchemy, but he was still forced by his father, the Star Emperor, to train in some absolute arts.

For example, the Star Emperor's famous technique "Star Break Fist".

There was also the overbearing and sharp "Great Desolate Hades Sword" and so on.

Unfortunately, for any kind of absolute art, elemental energy followed a different route and required a different number of meridians.

Powerful cultivation techniques required a unique set of meridians.

At the same time, the more powerful a cultivation technique was, the more meridians it required.

Ye Chenfeng had just advanced to the Qi Yuan level, and he still hadn't had the time to open his meridians.

For pinnacle absolute arts like "Star Break Fist" and "Great Desolate Hades Sword", even if it was just the beginning, he would never be able to use it right now.

Right now, the only low level fist art that Ye Chenfeng could use was the Ye Family's "Cyan Astral Fist".

After muttering to himself, Ye Chenfeng turned his wrist upwards and activated the first move of "Cyan Astral Fist", "Wild Dragon Goes to Sea".

A thick layer of Origin Energy slowly appeared on his fist, condensing without dispersing.

"This' Cyan Astral Fist 'is just a very simple fist technique. The first move's elemental energy can only pass through two meridians, so the power is very limited."

"The speed at which it is activated is slow, and it will take time to gather strength. It's very easy for others to dodge it."

"The connection between the second form and the first form is not smooth enough. It's easy to get through gaps in the middle."

"Every move has at least three flaws. As long as someone sees through them, they can take advantage of them …"

Thinking about this, Ye Chenfeng suddenly raised his head, his eyes wide open: "Although I have the knowledge from my previous life, but in the martial way, I don't have such amazing talent?"

"The 'Cyan Astral Fist' is indeed of a lower rank, but how can I see all of its flaws clearly after looking through it in my memories?"

"Could it be that this is also the result of the 'Law of War God'?"

Ye Chenfeng's heart jumped.

As if he had discovered a new continent, he suppressed the ecstasy in his heart and began to recall the mental cultivation methods and sword moves of the "Great Desolate Hades Sword".

"Great Desolate Hades Sword" had a total of nine ultimate swords, but its actual sword moves numbered in the thousands.

Every sword strike of the "Great Desolate Hades Sword" had at least ten thousand variations. Every change was mysterious and unfathomable, and could be considered a sword strike.

Once the nine ultimate swords were unleashed, they would be incomparably fierce and tyrannical.

Ye Chenfeng quickly recalled the "Great Desolate Hades Sword" and activated the first one hundred changes of the first sword in his mind.

With this, Ye Chenfeng opened his mouth for a long time without closing it, "Such a profound 100 changes, and there are actually two flaws?"

"Why haven't I noticed it before? Even if I didn't find out, how could it be possible that not even Father did? "

"There's actually such a fatal flaw in the Four Saints's absolute art, that's …"

Shortly after, Ye Chenfeng was ecstatic, "The fusion of ten thousand Dharma Intent is like a blade …" "Battle God's Dharma Intent, what a sharp blade!"

"With the Mandate of the God of War, any type of cultivation technique can extract the silk and break apart the cocoon, and then transform into a miraculous, rotten thing!"

"What a miraculous Martial Immortal Intent. What exactly is this thing?"

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