Imperishable War God/C6 If You dare to Go to the Sacrificial Ceremony I will Break Your Legs
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Imperishable War God/C6 If You dare to Go to the Sacrificial Ceremony I will Break Your Legs
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C6 If You dare to Go to the Sacrificial Ceremony I will Break Your Legs

Ye Chenfeng calmed his mind and turned his attention back to the "Cyan Astral Fist".

Since he already knew the flaw of the "Cyan Astral Fist" …

As long as these flaws were resolved, this "Cyan Astral Fist" would definitely be able to rise several grades within a short period of time, causing its power to greatly increase!

Ye Chenfeng immediately channeled his soul force and began to try changing the route and method to store energy for the "Cyan Astral Fist".

After half an hour, Ye Chenfeng had completely modified the first to the eighth forms of the "Cyan Astral Fist".

Even the number of meridians needed for this boxing style had been increased by two.

However, he could only increase the number of meridians by two. Since he couldn't open any new meridians, he could only sigh in helplessness.

After his transformation, the speed of the Ye Family's "Cyan Astral Fist" had more than doubled, and its might had even doubled that of before.

From the first to the eighth move, Xingyun was like flowing water with no flaws!

It was easy to say that modifying a cultivation technique was difficult.

It was not the slightest bit easier than creating his own cultivation technique.

From the highest to the lowest, they were divided into the fourth stage, twelfth stage …

The fourth stage was: Sky, Earth, Black and Yellow.

Each stage was further divided into the Beginner, Intermediate and High levels.

This "Cyan Astral Fist" originally was only an early stage Yellow Rank fist technique, but after being modified by Ye Chenfeng, it was directly raised to the high stage Yellow Rank!

Not only that, the modified "Cyan Astral Fist" had all been changed smoothly, every flaw having been repaired. It was at least several levels stronger than an ordinary high-level Yellow Rank!

If Ye Chenfeng did not cultivate the Battle God's Meaning, even with the memories from his previous life, it would be impossible for him to change the "Cyan Astral Fist" to this perfect state.

And now …

Ye Chenfeng took a deep breath and felt elated.

"The eighth move, Ripping Wind Gale!"

With a light shout, he lowered his waist, withdrew his abdomen, and threw out a punch!

After his transformation, the aura of the "Cyan Astral Fist" became as fierce as thunder!

The small boxing qi flashed in the air for a moment and then smashed onto another stone pillar that was half a foot in diameter four meters away.

The stone pillar trembled slightly …

Following that, it suddenly exploded, turning into a pile of dust that sprinkled onto the ground.

Not even a single stone fragment was left behind.

After using War God's Dharma Intent to modify the 'Cyan Astral Fist', the power of the Cyan Astral Fist was so strong that Ye Chenfeng couldn't help but have a smile on his face.

He immediately began to move quickly, continuously moving around the yard and swinging his fists.

Very smoothly, Ye Chenfeng practiced the "Cyan Astral Fist" from the first to the eighth move again and again.

Ye Chenfeng punched one stone pillar after another.

His movements were brisk, smooth, and without any obstruction.

He shattered the stone pillars one by one and caused dust to fill the sky when the wind blew.

Breathing lightly, Ye Chenfeng felt the air around his body gushing and his clothes flapping. Traces of air flowed through the pores on his body and slowly entered his body.

While a martial artist practiced his fist arts, he was also absorbing heaven and earth origin energy.

His strength could only be fully displayed after he repeatedly practiced the fist techniques and sword techniques.

"The modified 'Cyan Astral Fist' has increased greatly, but it consumes twice as much spirit energy as before. The eight fists are continuous like raging waves, but they've also drained more than half of my spirit energy. It's still too weak."

"Although you only have the Third Layer of the Qi Origin Stage, you have already reached the Qi Origin Stage, the 'Qi Condensation Stage', the 'Iron Level'."

"If I am unable to open my meridians in a short period of time, I might not be able to cultivate 'Star Break Fist' and 'Great Desolate Hades Sword'."

"Then let's focus on modifying and cultivating the 'Cyan Astral Fist' for the time being."

In Ye Chenfeng's yard online, he practiced each move of the "Cyan Astral Fist" carefully a few times.

Only then did he nod his head in satisfaction and walk out of the courtyard.

He wanted to go to the market to see if he could sell the pill formulas he just wrote and get a batch of pills and primeval stone.

The moment he walked out of the courtyard, the words of some people from the distant martial arts practice field entered Ye Chenfeng's ears.

"I heard that Ye Chenfeng was heavily injured by Ye Zhan? Why didn't Ye Zhan move a bit more, and directly killed that weirdo? "

"Ye Chenfeng is such a freak, he could even lose Astral Soul s. He has wasted sixteen years of our family's food. He deserves to be beaten to death!"

"I heard that he's planning to go to the Sacrificial Ceremony in half a month?"

"Still going? It's one thing if he doesn't care about his own reputation, but isn't he just going to embarrass our Ye Family time and time again? If he dares to go again, I will definitely break his legs! "

"Sigh, he's still not willing to give up. He's already sixteen years old, and even if he opens the Astral Soul again and doesn't lose it, how useful will it be in the future? "What a pitiful fellow …"

Even though they were far away, these words were as clear as if they were heard by Ye Chenfeng.

He was even sure that the person who said he would break his legs was his uncle's youngest son, Ye Yangtian!

Hearing these vicious words, Ye Chenfeng did not get angry.

Ye Chenfeng, who had died once, became more mature.

As for him, who had cultivated the Dharma Intent of a Martial Immortal, his state of mind had reached a level that ordinary people would not be able to imagine.


"Good evening, Uncle Quan."

Outside the yard, an old man in a green robe was cleaning the fallen leaves. Ye Chenfeng nodded and greeted him.

"Good evening, Young Master Chen Feng."

Looking at the young man's innocent face, Uncle Quan kindly nodded his head.

After Ye Chenfeng left, Uncle Quan raised his head and looked at Ye Chenfeng's back.

A trace of undetectable regret flashed through his muddy old eyes.

"Sigh, Young Master Chen Feng is a kind-hearted, humble, and talented man. Unfortunately, the activated Astral Soul always mysteriously disappears. The heavens are truly unfair."

"If he had not suffered such a strange illness, perhaps he would have been a rising star in the Ye Clan!"

Leaving the Ye Family, he had to pass through the Ye Family's martial arts practice field.

Night was about to fall, and many of Ye Family disciples were still practicing hard.

Some of them were kicking the wooden stakes, while others were catching each other to spar with.

From afar, Ye Chenfeng's gaze swept towards the martial arts practice field.

A very strange feeling that he had experienced before welled up in Ye Chenfeng's heart once again.

On the training field, there was no lack of elite members of the Ye Family.

Some of them had reached the Fourth Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm, which was not much worse than the one who hurt Ye Chenfeng.

But at this moment, in Ye Chenfeng's eyes, not only were their movements extremely slow, they were full of flaws.

Under the War God's Dharma Intent, the speed and ultimate moves that these Ye Family disciples were proud of were unable to withstand a single blow!

"If the War God's Mantra has such an effect after it has been formed, what kind of terrifying realm will you reach if you continue to cultivate it? "This really makes me look forward to it …"

Withdrawing his gaze, Ye Chenfeng did not stop and prepared to cross over the edge of the training field.

"Ye Chenfeng, where are you going?"

A sinister voice sounded from the Martial Arts Practice Grounds.

All the disciples of the Ye family who were anxiously cultivating all stopped.

Ye Chenfeng's gaze fell on the person who spoke earlier.

Ye Yangtian, seventeen years old, eldest uncle's youngest son, was a Third Layer cultivator at the Qi Yuan level.

Compared to Ye Zhan, who had heavily injured Ye Chenfeng, he was a whole level lower.

The one who said that if Ye Chenfeng dared to go to the sacrificial ceremony, his legs would be broken. It was Ye Yangtian.

"To take a look around the city square, is there anything you need?" Ye Chenfeng frowned slightly.

Ye Yangtian put his hands on his waist and tilted his head to look at Ye Chenfeng. He said mockingly, "You were beaten up so badly by Ye Zhan earlier, to be able to get up and run so fast. Looks like your skin is pretty thick."

"What are you doing in the city square?"

"You don't seem to care where I go, do you?" Ye Chenfeng turned around and said without looking back, "If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first."

With that, Ye Chenfeng raised his leg and was about to force his way out.


Behind him, something flew over with the sound of the wind.

Ye Chenfeng's weird feeling surfaced once again.

He hadn't even reached the Earth Origin Stage and had yet to cast his sea of consciousness, but Ye Chenfeng didn't turn around. He could actually feel the shape and speed of the object that was smashing towards him!

"A palm-sized bluestone!"

Ye Chenfeng suddenly turned around and slashed out with his right hand at an angle.


The bluestone that Ye Yangtian threw over was smashed into smithereens by Ye Chenfeng.

"I'm warning you, Ye Yangtian, stop when you have enough!" Ye Chenfeng still did not want to make a move.

There was no point in fighting Ye Yangtian and the others.

If he had the time, he might as well cultivate inside the Stellar Tear's space.

"Enough? You actually dare to talk to me like that, you piece of trash? " Ye Yangtian led a group of people and slowly walked over, blocking Ye Chenfeng's path.

He coldly said: "The shame of your family, you still don't have a Astral Soul even at sixteen years of age, and has caused our Ye Family to lose all face in Yan Wu City. You actually have the nerve to tell me, to stop when enough?"

Ye Chenfeng's pupils shrank, but he didn't say anything.

Glaring fiercely at Ye Chenfeng, Ye Yangtian sneered and said, "Oh yeah, since we met today, I'll warn you along the way."

"You'd better not go to the sacrificial ceremony in half a month's time, because you went there to humiliate our Ye family."

"If I find out you went to the sacrificial ceremony, I'll break your legs!"

The surrounding people immediately burst into laughter.

Ye Yangtian had said that at the cafeteria.

"You want to break my legs …" Ye Chenfeng's eyes became even colder: "With just you?"

Something like this shouldn't have happened in such a clan.

No matter what, Ye Chenfeng was the son of the family head.

However, with the incident with the cyathine iron lode, everything was normal.

Ye Zhan had seriously injured Ye Chenfeng and killed him.

Now Ye Yangtian was arrogant and overbearing, saying he would break Ye Chenfeng's legs;

It seemed like Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu couldn't wait any longer...

Or rather, they felt that Ye Xingzhe was dead for sure and that the entire Ye Family was already in their hands, so they didn't need to hide it anymore.

Otherwise, Ye Yangtian would not be so arrogant!

Ye Yangtian laughed and said, "What? Are you not convinced?"

"What do you mean by looking at me like that? Angry? Is there a burning rage in your heart? "

"Come, come, come. This is the martial arts practice field. Come and beat me up to vent your anger!"

"In this world, the weak die while the expert lives!"

"I'm stronger than you, it's normal to hit you. On the other hand, if you have the ability to kill me, you can do it!"

"But unfortunately, trash like you, who doesn't have any Astral Soul, can only be stomped on!"

"Hmm? Why aren't you talking? "

"Weren't you very fierce just now? Don't you have a backbone? What, you're scared now? "

The surrounding group of Ye Clan disciples immediately started to mock him, "Haha, young master Tian opened the fifth grade 'Spirit Wood Astral Soul' at the age of nine. His cultivation level is now at the peak of the Third Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm, I don't think he has the guts to do so!"

"He hasn't even activated the Astral Soul and he still wants to fight Young Master Tian? This is simply suicidal! "

"You don't have any seed, how could the Ye Family have such trash? If I were him, I would have just found a rope and hanged myself …"

"Ye Chenfeng, since you don't dare to fight with Young Master Tian, then just obediently kneel down and kowtow. After that, we'll let you pass!"

The people surrounding Ye Yangtian all thought that in front of Ye Yangtian, even ten of them would only get beaten up.

They absolutely did not believe that Ye Chenfeng would dare to fight against Ye Yangtian.

If Ye Chenfeng dared to make a move, he would probably go back to bed after a while!

However, regardless of whether he dared to attack, Ye Yangtian would definitely not let him go this time.

Just when everyone was mocking him, Ye Chenfeng said: "It looks like if I don't cripple you, you won't let me go, right?"

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