Imperishable War God/C7 A Heavy Kick to Ye Yangtian
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Imperishable War God/C7 A Heavy Kick to Ye Yangtian
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C7 A Heavy Kick to Ye Yangtian


The surrounding people were stunned, thinking they had heard wrongly.

A trash that didn't even have a Astral Soul dare to say such words?

Did the sun come up from the west?

"Cripple me? You are f * cking courting death! " Ye Yangtian was enraged by Ye Chenfeng's words and shouted.

Knowing that he was about to fly into a rage, the crowd immediately retreated.

He left an empty space for him and Ye Chenfeng.

Wu Tie's pupils constricted slightly as he saw Ye Yangtian clench his right fist. Dark green Yuan Power started to condense on his fist.

How could a warrior of this level be in Ye Chenfeng's eyes?

Ye Chenfeng was already at the Third Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm, and he also had the martial intent of a Martial Immortal. Even if he was only at the first level of the Qi Yuan Realm, it would still be easy for him to beat him.

"This speed is too slow."

Ye Chenfeng slightly shook his head, snatched the center line, stepped into the palace and threw out a punch.

A punch landed on Ye Yangtian's chest!


Ye Yangtian, who was accumulating his energy, was sent flying with a groan. He then fell heavily on the ground.

This punch was fast and fierce. Not only Ye Yangtian, but everyone else around couldn't react!

"…" Everyone was stunned.

Then, someone shouted: "Ye Chenfeng, you're shameless! How dare you sneak attack Young Master Tian! "

"F * ck, this little bastard is too despicable, he actually took advantage of Young Master Tian's momentum to make a move!"

"Trash is trash, all you know is how to use such dirty tricks!"

"Do you dare to fight the young master in broad daylight?"

Ye Chenfeng slanted his eyes at the group of people shouting loudly and said coldly, "You guys have a head on your shoulders, is it just to make you look taller?"

"Normally, you are the elite of the Ye Family, but do you have any face?"

"Do you think it's normal for me to stand here and wait for a beating?"

"I still have to wait for Ye Yangtian to finish accumulating energy before he can punch me, right?"

"Open and honorable? I am just standing in front of him in broad daylight, what else can be called fair and square? "

"…" The group of people were immediately rendered speechless.

At this moment, Ye Yangtian had blood trickling from the corner of his mouth as he crawled up from the ground.

"Ye Chenfeng, I want you dead!"

Ye Yangtian stared at Ye Chenfeng hatefully. Lifting his right foot high, he kicked down viciously!


A dull explosion sounded and dust rose in all directions!

A crack about half a foot wide rapidly extended from Ye Yangtian's feet.

A transparent vine that was as thick as a wrist slipped out of the ground like a python and arrived at Ye Chenfeng's feet!

Ye Yangtian's Astral Soul was a "Spirit Wood Astral Soul". It could condense elemental energy into rattans, trees, and other shapes to defend against enemies!

This vine was ferocious, and the distance between the two of them was very close.

Ye Chenfeng's feet were about to be wrapped by the vine …


With a light snort, Ye Chenfeng moved one step to the right at lightning speed.

Then, he lifted his left foot and stomped on the rattan head that was charging towards him!

It was as if he was stepping on the head of a python.

The rattan really was like a ferocious python as it continuously struggled. The end of the rattan was like a snake's body as it thrashed about on the ground.

The fierce force brought up a circle of dust and flew in all directions.

"You have some skill!" Ye Yangtian shouted angrily: "Take another attack from me!"

Ye Yangtian's hands moved and a layer of dark green Yuan Power wrapped both of his arms. He abruptly pulled them apart towards both sides.

Accompanying a green ray of light, the elemental energy between Ye Yangtian's hands started to condense into bamboo arrow s!

"More than just a few moves?"

Wu Tie shouted lightly. Instead of retreating, he rushed forward and rushed towards Ye Yangtian!

At this moment, the surrounding spectators were all amused …

Was there anything more stupid than this?

Ye Yangtian's bamboo arrow would indeed need some time to fully form.

But now that there are a few of them, although their power is not as strong as when all the bamboo arrow are formed, how can a trash like you handle them?

Right now, the best method for him was to either form a defensive formation or use all his might to dodge the attack.

Why is this idiot still charging towards the bamboo arrow?

"Haha, as expected of trash. He can't even withstand a single move from Young Master Tian!"

Some of the spectators couldn't hold back their laughter.

"Chi chi chi!"

At the moment when Ye Chenfeng was about to reach Ye Yangtian, three bamboo arrow shot out with a piercing sound!

Just as the bamboo arrow was about to hit Ye Chenfeng …

At this critical moment, Ye Chenfeng's body that was rushing forward suddenly leaned back and lay down.

At the same time, his right leg kicked high up, landing right on Ye Yangtian's chin!

With a "Ka" sound, Ye Yangtian vomited blood and was kicked flying.

As for the three bamboo arrow, they flew past Ye Chenfeng.

One of the bamboo arrow had even penetrated his collar, almost hurting his body!

Under everyone's dumbstruck gaze, Ye Chenfeng, who was about to fall to the ground, suddenly smacked his right palm towards the ground!


Under the rebound of this force, Ye Chenfeng stood up straight like a spring.

Just as he stood up, Ye Chenfeng bent his knees and shot upwards like a bow!

His speed was as fast as lightning. He arrived before Ye Yangtian and caught up to him!

Before anyone could react …

Ye Chenfeng stomped on the ground with his right foot!

Just as the stones were about to hit the ground, his body suddenly spun in the air. Just as Ye Yangtian was about to hit the ground, a kick landed on Ye Yangtian's chest!


Ye Yangtian, who had already lost the power to resist, screamed and fell down at an even faster speed.

It then smashed into the ground, causing a cloud of dust to rise up into the air!

Ye Chenfeng's actions were as powerful as a mountain and as fierce as thunder. It was as if he could split mountains and sweep away thousands of enemies.

His every move, every step, was very smooth and accurate!

The people on the Martial Arts Practice Grounds were all dumbstruck …

This fellow without a Astral Soul, who was always treated as trash by others, had unleashed a series of actions at this moment, causing everyone to be so shocked that their jaws dropped!

Ye Yangtian of the Third Layer of the Qi Yuan Realm attacked first.

Furthermore, first it was the vines, and then the bamboo arrow. There were no gaps or holes between them.

How could he have lost so badly?

From beginning to end, he had never seen Ye Chenfeng use any combat skills.

With just one kick, he managed to beat up Ye Yangtian, who was at the Qi Yuan level?

Was this really Ye Chenfeng, who did not even open his Astral Soul?

What a joke!

How could his speed and strength be this strong?

"You kept saying that I am trash, so who do you think you are after being knocked down by me? "He's even worse than trash?"

Ye Chenfeng said coldly while stepping on Ye Yangtian's back.

On the other side, a few people wanted to come over and fight back, but they were scared off by his fierce gaze.

Ye Yangtian, who was lying on the ground, struggled to turn his head and looked at Ye Chenfeng with hatred. Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth as he viciously said, "You bastard, I will definitely kill you!"

Ye Chenfeng smiled and said, "I believe that you can break my legs."

"If you say you want to kill me, I believe you too."

"Since that's the case, if I allow you to live a happy life, then I will be letting myself down."

Just as he finished his sentence, Ye Chenfeng's face darkened. He suddenly raised his right foot high and chopped down with lightning speed!


The sound of bones breaking came from Ye Yangtian's body as his entire body sank into the ground!

Quickly after, a fierce light flashed in Ye Chenfeng's eyes. He then stepped on Ye Yangtian's calf again.


The sound of bones breaking and Ye Yangtian's scream sounded at the same time.

Ye Yangtian, who was talking about breaking Ye Chenfeng's leg just a moment ago, had his leg broken by Ye Chenfeng instead!

The surrounding group of people were all dumbfounded!

Facing such a ferocious Ye Chenfeng, such a large group of people, no one dared to speak up!

"A bunch of cowards that bully the weak and fear the strong. They've always only known how to bully the young with their numbers."

Ye Chenfeng sneered and kicked out, sending the unconscious Ye Yangtian rolling on the ground in front of the crowd.

Only then did he quietly say, "Why can't we just get used to Silly Jade? Because Silly Bee would never think of herself as Silly Bee. Just bear with it. He thinks you admire him. "

"When Ye Yangtian wakes up, help me tell him …"

"If you provoke me again, I will really kill him."

"As for Ye Zhan, let him wait for my return. How did he beat me up three days ago, and how would I beat him up in three days! "

"I will crush his bones one by one!"

Saying that, Ye Chenfeng swaggered out of the Ye Family household and headed towards the Yan Wu City's marketplace.

The group of Ye Clan disciples that were left behind were all dumbstruck.


Ye Chenfeng didn't know that as soon as he walked out of the Ye Family mansion, one of them also sneaked out of the house and threw a pigeon into the sky.

The carrier pigeon flapped its wings and flew towards the Lin Family, one of the Four Great Families of Yan Wu City.

Not long after …

The Lin Family's Patriarch Lin Zhantian stood in front of the window. He lightly waved his hand, allowing the carrier pigeon to land on his elbow.

Lin Zhantian took down the paper cylinder from the pigeon and read it for a while. Then, his expression turned dark.

With a flick of his finger, the paper ignited in the air, turning into ashes.

"Big brother, what happened?" A middle-aged man at the side cautiously asked.

Lin Zhantian coldly snorted and said, "The matter of the cyathine iron was blown up by Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu."

"These two idiots wanted to get rid of Ye Xingzhe, but Ye Xingzhe came back halfway."

"Looks like it won't be that easy for them to take the position of the head of the Ye family."

The middle-aged man on the side immediately smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, Ye Xinghu and Ye Xingwu were originally just our two chess pieces."

"Our Lin Family has already allied with the City Lord's Mansion. We are prepared to eradicate the Ye Family and take over that mine."

"Let's let these three brothers fight to the death. When the Ye Family is in chaos, we will fight with the City Lord Palace. Simply by ourselves, we can eliminate the Ye Family from Yan Wu City!"

Lin Zhantian laughed complacently, nodded and said, "However, before exterminating the Ye Family, I still have to use my brain to get the Ye Family's precious fire mirror."

"Otherwise, this fire mirror might end up in the hands of the City Lord's Mansion."

The middle-aged man said respectfully, "Brother, you are being thoughtful. That fire mirror can help the Qi Yuan level to break through to the Earth Origin Stage, and it can also help the Earth Origin Stage. It is a rare treasure."

"For the Ye Family to be able to survive in the Yan Wu City, it must be said that they have contributed more than half of their credit to this fire mirror …"

"However, the fire mirror has always been under Ye Xingzhe's control. We have been hiding in the Ye Family for so many years, yet we still haven't found a chance?"

Lin Zhantian smirked and said, "Opportunities are created by ourselves."

"The carrier pigeon just said that Ye Chenfeng left for the city square …"

"Xin Er and Ye Chenfeng have an engagement, and that brat has always been good to Xin Er. "Go and find Xin Er, I need to act with her in front of Ye Chenfeng."

"So we can use him to get the fire mirror!"

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