Imperishable War God/C8 Shameless Lin Father and Daughter
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Imperishable War God/C8 Shameless Lin Father and Daughter
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C8 Shameless Lin Father and Daughter

In the market of Yan Wu City, there were those who specialized in buying and selling weapons, and there were those who also specialized in selling medicinal pills and herbs.

There were even many shops that sold domesticated spirit beasts.

Night had fallen, but the city square was brightly lit with people walking in and out of the city. It was bustling with noise and excitement.

As soon as Ye Chenfeng walked downstairs, a familiar voice suddenly came from upstairs. He shouted angrily: "You unfilial daughter, I told you to go tell Chen Feng and you kept pushing it away, do you still think I'm your father?"

Immediately, Lin Moxin's crying voice could be heard from upstairs.

Lin Moxin was the eldest daughter of the Lin family, three years younger than Ye Chenfeng.

Twelve years ago, it was Ye Chenfeng's father, Ye Xingzhe, who helped the Lin Clan out from the grudge they suffered.

After this, the Lin Clan took the initiative to propose a marriage. After Lin Moxin turns sixteen, the marriage contract would be completed.

The current Ye Chenfeng was no longer the Ye Chenfeng from before. He naturally wouldn't have any feelings for Lin Moxin.

However, running into one here and going up to take a look didn't seem to make sense.

Ye Chenfeng shook his head and went up to the second floor. He knocked on the door of the private room. "Uncle Lin, what's making you so angry?"

In the room, only Lin Zhantian and Lin Moxin were left.

This Lin Moxin was extremely beautiful. Although she wasn't very old, her eyebrows were picturesque, her eyes were like stars, and her red lips were like gems. She was truly a beauty.

Especially at this time, she was crying like the rain, and there was even a handprint on her face.

When ordinary people saw this, they would immediately feel pity for him.

When she saw Ye Chenfeng walk in, she cried even harder.

Seeing Ye Chenfeng walk in, Lin Zhantian said awkwardly, "Chen Feng is here, I..." "Sigh!"

"Morning Wind, I'm not afraid of you making fun of me, I just hate myself for failing!"

"Mo Xin is already at the Qi Yuan level, she is only one step away from the Earth Yuan level. However, she has taken too many pills before, so the effects of the pills are not that great when she tries to break through to the Earth Yuan level."

"So I wanted her to find you and see if you could help me persuade your father to lend you the Ye Family's fire mirror."

"With the help of the fire mirror, Mo Xin will definitely break through to the Earth Origin Stage."

"But this child said that he was making things difficult for you, and refused to come looking for you no matter what. It was just a moment of anger, so …"

"The fire mirror?" Ye Chenfeng frowned slightly.

The fire mirror was something his father had obtained by chance when he was out somewhere.

It could absorb heaven and earth origin energy and earth fire, and then store them together with the earth fire. This was used to help a martial artist increase their cultivation.

In terms of the effects of breaking through to the Earth Origin Stage, the fire mirror was much stronger than pills.

Furthermore, it could be used repeatedly, causing the other families to be extremely envious.

However, the Ye Family basically didn't want to borrow it.

So Lin Zhan wanted his daughter to find Ye Chenfeng and see if he could persuade his father, Ye Xingzhe.

Ye Chenfeng glanced at Lin Moxin. Lin Moxin had her head lowered and was still crying.

In his memory, Ye Chenfeng liked her a lot.

However, Ye Chenfeng was no longer Ye Chenfeng.

"There's no need to find my father for this sort of thing. I've been to my father's secret room before, when I get back, I'll go straight to his room and take out the fire mirror." Ye Chenfeng said lightly.

If it was the old Ye Chenfeng, he wouldn't have done such a thing.

But to the youngest Medicine King of Kunxu Realm, although fire mirror was not bad, they were still not good enough to enter his eyes.

If he was willing, he would spend a little bit of time and energy to refine some pellets. The effect would be ten times or a hundred times stronger than the fire mirror.

Therefore, he did not think much of the fire mirror.

Furthermore, he did not treat fire mirror like the rest of the Ye Family.

On the other hand, Lin Zhantian and Lin Moxin were both stunned after hearing his words.

He had originally planned out a few lines beforehand, but now he was unable to say any of them.

"Alright Mo Xin, stop crying. Uncle Lin is doing this for your own good." Ye Chenfeng waved his hand and said while walking out.

"I'll first go to the marketplace to buy some things. When I return tonight, I'll bring the fire mirror out and deliver it to your family."

When Ye Chenfeng left, Lin Zhantian and his daughter were still in a daze.

They wanted to attack Ye Chenfeng, but they never expected it to be so smooth and simple!

Lin Moxin's mother pushed the door open and walked in. Only then did the two of them regain their senses!

After a long while, Lin Moxin suddenly asked: "Father, since Big Brother Feng agreed to help me get the fire mirror, why don't we give him the primeval stone as a form of gratitude?"

Lin Zhantian regained his senses and shouted coldly: "Give what primeval stone? At best, Ye Chenfeng is just a pawn in my plan... "No, he's not even comparable to chess pieces. He's simply a piece of trash that will be thrown away after using it!"

"Once he obtains the fire mirror, we'll kill him immediately. Wouldn't it be a waste to give him the primeval stone?"

"Not... Do we have to kill Big Brother Feng? " Lin Moxin said, a little annoyed.


Lin Zhantian raised his hand and gave Lin Moxin a resounding slap on the face. Lin Moxin fell to the ground.

The palm print on Lin Moxin's face before was fake.

However, this slap was real!

Lin Moxin was struck dumb by this slap.

She turned her head and looked at her father with a bit of fear, but she couldn't say anything.

"Xin Er, do you know why I slapped you?" Lin Zhantian said sinisterly, "In this world where the strong preys on the weak, you can only go further by being merciless."

"A woman's kindness will never become great!"

Lin Moxin's mother helped Lin Moxin up and advised, "Xin Er, your father did this for your own good."

"You have to understand that at your age, you already possess the Fifth Layer of the Qi Origin Stage, and you even possess a fifth grade Divine Butterfly Astral Soul. Ye Chenfeng and you are no longer from the same world."

"When Ye Chenfeng obtains the fire mirror, your father will use the fire mirror to help you break through the Earth Origin Stage."

"You will become the second Yan Wu City, an Earth Origin Stage cultivator under the age of sixteen!"

"You are the true pride of the heavens. You will walk out of the Zi Chu Country, walk out of the ethereal region, and stand at the peak of the martial way in the Western Wasteland. Do you understand?"

Lin Moxin was dumbfounded and didn't say a word.

Her mother sighed and said, "Xin Er, you are a proud daughter of heaven. Only the City Lord's Mansion's Young Master, Xiao Tianya, is worthy of you."

"As for that piece of trash Ye Chenfeng, he isn't even worthy of carrying your shoes!"

"Don't you understand?"

"Moreover, this time, the Ye Family's mine has produced a cyathine iron. Our Lin Family must obtain this vein!"

"This time, it's time for our Lin Family to join hands with the City Lord's Mansion and completely eradicate the Ye Family!"

"When the Ye Family is destroyed, we will form an alliance with the City Lord's Mansion. In the future, your path of martial arts will be clear!"

"In the future, our Lin Family will depend on you …"

With a pale face, Lin Moxin nodded slightly and said, "Yes, I understand."


Myriad Treasures Pavilion was one of the biggest merchant guilds in the Kunxu Realm.

Their power was like a spider web, spread throughout the world.

The Myriad Treasures Pavilion had close ties with many powerful sects, had a cooperative relationship with many artificer masters and drug refiners, and owned the world's most reputable auction house. It was the biggest trade place in the Kunxu Realm, worthy of its title.

Ye Chenfeng found a place and changed into a set of loose clothes to cover his figure.

Then, he bought a black and white mask from the shop and put it on his face before entering Myriad Treasures Pavilion.

Those who came to the Myriad Treasures Pavilion to sell good things were basically all like this.

In this kind of place where dragons and snakes were mixed together, if someone were to sell a treasure and then get targeted, a single mistake could result in the body being thrown into the wilderness.

In the Myriad Treasures Pavilion, naturally no one would dare to make a move.

But outside of Myriad Treasures Pavilion, that was another matter.

Thus, many of the people who came here were either wearing cloaks or masks, concealing their true identity and appearance.

This would avoid unnecessary trouble.

Once he entered the Myriad Treasures Pavilion, Ye Chenfeng asked someone before heading straight to a room on the second floor.

The room was different from the others. Two guards stood at the door, their eyes cold and their breath heavy.

Light flickered at the door. It was a Spirit Formation that was separated from the outside world.

And on the door of that room, three golden words were printed: "Treasure Appraisal Room".

Ye Chenfeng pushed open the door and entered. He saw that the room was quite spacious and there was a moonlight stone inlaid on the wall.

The Moonstone emitted a gentle yet not dazzling light, illuminating the entire room.

A middle-aged man with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks was sitting on a chair beside the table.

Seeing Ye Chenfeng enter with a mask on, the middle-aged man looked up, and a professional smile quickly appeared on his face: "Sir, are you planning to appraise the treasure? How can I help you? "

Ye Chenfeng did not hold back and directly said, "I have a Tier 4 Psionic Condensing Pill recipe that I want to sell."

"…" The sharp-tongued middle-aged man was immediately stunned.

His originally ugly smile froze on his face, making it look extremely strange.

In a sense, the value of a pill formula far exceeded that of a medicinal pill.

The recipe for a grade four Spirit Gathering Pill was enough to cause a sensation in Yan Wu City.

The middle-aged man with the sharp mouth and monkey cheeks gulped, stood up, and said with glowing eyes, "Grade four pill formula? Are you sure about the grade-4 pill formula? "

"That's right." As Ye Chenfeng spoke, he took out the piece of paper with the pill formula written on it.

The sharp-tongued middle-aged man was originally filled with anticipation, his face glowing with a red glow.

However, the moment he saw Ye Chenfeng take out a piece of paper, his face immediately became as long as a donkey!

Which alchemist would be so bored that they would write a pill formula on paper?

A pill formula was the life of an alchemist!

In order to prevent the pill from being spread out and being duplicated, they had spent time and effort to engrave the pill formula onto a jade slip.

Normally, the pill formulas engraved on a jade slip could only be learned by one person and could not be copied.

There were even many powerful alchemists who would place layers of restrictions on the jade slip to prevent it from being taken by others.

This fellow took a piece of broken paper and said it was a grade-4 pill formula?

The middle-aged man glanced at Ye Chenfeng and sat back down.

Instead of taking the piece of paper from Ye Chenfeng, he said in a strange tone: "Are you an alchemist? What rank? How old is he? Can you show me the Alchemists Guild's authentication? "

Ye Chenfeng slightly frowned and said, "I am indeed an alchemist, but I don't have a rank."

"But this has nothing to do with the pill formulas."

"Also, investigating people's background is a taboo in the Myriad Treasures Pavilion. You seem to have violated the rules of the Myriad Treasures Pavilion, right?"

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