In Love With A Billionaire Casanova/C4 Just like the rest of them
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In Love With A Billionaire Casanova/C4 Just like the rest of them
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C4 Just like the rest of them

It was early in the morning the first day of sunlight lit up the room Sia was sleeping in as a chilly wind blew in caressing her exposed skin. The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky, golden fingers of sunlight lit up the scene, Sia stirred on the soft bed as she changed position and grabbed a pillow unconsciously snuggling to it, its softness giving her a beautiful feeling as a smile crept on her lips, her long hand automatically moved around to her left patting there as if searching for something but she got a shock of a lifetime as her eyes flew open instantly and she sat up pushing her long hair off her face as her heart raced

"No! Diego? where is my baby?" she voiced out and jumped off the bed in search of her little boy who was just a few months old, he didn't even know how to crawl or move, so where was he

"Hello?" she searched the entire room but there was no sign of Diego, with desperation and worry, Sia pushed her hair back and headed for the door, she was in the Alvaro mansion's guest room, it was beautiful eye-catching but she had no time to admire it because the most important person in her life was missing

Coming out of the bedroom Sia didn't even know where she was going since the mansion was too vast, last night when they got back from the church she was taken straight to her room since the entire family was shocked about the news, none of them seemed happy about having her and the baby around hence they might have gotten little Diego while she was fast asleep

"No, not my baby" she mumbled as she passed in the hallway not sure where the stairs were, she was lost and paranoid, everything was her fault, she was careless and no her baby had been taken, she walked as fast as she could tears nearly forming until she bumped into someone who nearly fell but balanced together with the clothes neatly folded in a basket

"Oh my, are you okay?"Sia heard a girl's voice and with a cold expression she looked up only to see a girl who seemed like she was eighteen wearing glasses and a maid black and white suit standing before her, Sia said a silent happy prayer for bumping into someone she could ask

"Where is Diego tell me?" she asked in a cold tone and the girl weirdly smiled at her

"Diego? oh you mean your baby is Diego? what a nice name"the girl again smiled, even more, Sia by this time was seeing red, she was irritated beyond her anger

"Yes, now tell me where he is or else" she fired up and the girl moved back a little and frowned

"The madam came to your room and found the baby crying and you fast asleep, therefore she asked me to take him and feed him, don't worry he's in the garden with Angie, I'm Lulu, "Lulu said and without wasting time sia proceeded to walked right passed her but Lulu stopped her

"The madam wants you in her office right now, so shower and head to her office which is downstairs to the left-wing"immediately she gave her order, Lulu walked away humming to a song and Sia stood there for a while debating on whether to go to the garden for her son or to the old lady but all in all she decided to take a shower and see the old lady, just like Mario said only the old lady would help her stay in the Alvaro mansion

"Emiliano Alvaro, I wonder where your room is, I'm sure you are busy searching for my background, however, you won't find anything because Sia Navarro is not your average 21 years old girl" saying that she took the same root which led to her room and once she got there, she went to the shower, this was the first time been in the Alvaro mansion it was going to be tricky and she was sure the pack wolves were busy planning her downfall, thinking up ways to get rid of her and save their precious Emiliano from her clutches but oh well no one would outsmart Sia, she wasn't a Mexican hotshot for no reason

After a while Sia was all ready and this time she found her way downstairs, with alertness she strode down the stairs, looking around for any Alvaro family member but they all must have been busy with their rich daily activities, she pushed her wet hair off her face as she searched for the golden door and when she spotted it she went straight there

"I wonder what the old lady wants" she whispered to herself and rolled her eyes in irritation and lightly knocked at the door and waited, after a while, she heard a come in and with hesitation, she pushed the door open only to reveal a big vintage office, at first glance Sia knew it wasn't ordinary, these people were filthy rich and everything they owned screamed money but who cared she was here for justice not to admire their wealthy which was not a problem in her life

"Come in young lady," the old lady said to Sia without looking at her and Sia walked to the huge desk the lady was sitting behind and she sat just across her and waited for her to speak

"Good morning ma'am"Sia greeted in a low tone and immediately the old lady stopped what she was doing and looked up at Sia, her specs hanging but her nose, Sia could see the deadly expression on her face but she didn't dare get scared

"Here, fill in the amount you want," the lady shoved a blank check at Sia who was surprised at her arrogant rude behavior, Sia stared at the white paper for a long time without saying a word and the lady continued

"Name whatever you want, a mansion, an estate, a villa, an island half of the company, anything you demand will be brought before you this minute if you take your child and get out of our lives the old lady said with so much pride and Sia raised her lashes and looked at her, she has heard about how the Alvaro's go around flaunting their riches, always getting out of the tough situation just by the snap of their fingers and throwing of money at helpless people's faces and today she had to witness it herself, just like Mario had predicted, they were using money to silence her because they knew their precious Emiliano wasn't so innocent but she was going to show them that she was Sia Navarro, not some random helpless brainless woman who was enticed by wealth easily

"What a generous offer ma'am, with all this my baby would have a secure future he wouldn't lack a dime.."Sia said with a smile and she could see that the old lady had a victory smile dancing at the corners of her lips because she thought Sia was just like any other woman who tried to throw themselves at Emiliano, they all were after money, they were too greedy that such an offer was heaven to them, the old lady smirked even more but that got wiped away upon hearing Sia's next words

"All this is heaven but I don't need it, you must be used to showing off your money but this will take my child nowhere, my child will only be happy having his father around" saying that she ripped the blank check in pieces and threw them in the air, the old lady's face became red from anger as she slammed her hand angrily on the desk and rose up

"How dare you! such an insolent rude girl!!."

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