In Love With An Anti-fan/C1 Different types of men
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In Love With An Anti-fan/C1 Different types of men
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C1 Different types of men

The night was busy and chilly, it was a perfect day to stroll down the street, after a very long day handling one case to another. I love my job but sometimes I wish to have my own time to myself.

"Hey! man what is wrong with you? Why did you drink so much?" First man asked while searching his wallet."

"I was really excited so I had to drink to my heart content". Second man replied.

"Hey! What are you doing? Are you helping me or stealing from me? Hey!! Thief... Thief…" Second man yelled.

The first man covered his mouth and didn't allow him to say a word, while he took his money from his wallet and was about to take off when he felt a big hit on his neck, he turned around and it was a woman on a hood.

"I hate men like you, did you have to steal from him? You should have just helped him and leave... But you had to rob him too". I fumed.

Before he could utter a word I punched him in the face, he groaned. Then I held his hand and threw him on the ground and started beating him to a pulp.

Immediately people rushed to the scene videoing us with their phones and no one tried to stop me from hitting him. After hitting him to my satisfaction and leaving bruises on him, I immediately called the cops on him and fled from the scene.

"The video of someone beating up another man has popped up again on the internet, what do you think about it?" The journalist asked.

"Well I don't know what to say I am just grateful to the person, he or she saved my life" The victim said.

"Is the person a woman?" Another woman asked.

"I'm not sure but that person saved my life too when I was almost assaulted last month" A lady chipped in.

"Sorry let me see that, '' Olivia said to the man sitting close to him on the train.

"I can't believe she did it again, she murmured. "How could she beat him up like this?" She added.

"Do you know the person on the video?" The man asked.

"No I don't. Olivia snapped. "Wait till I see her I will give her an ear full". She mumbled.

Olivia highlighted from the train and immediately called me.

"Hey dear... How was the flight?" I asked excitedly.

"Why did you beat up another man again? Do you purposely go around town looking for men to beat up?" Olivia said angrily.

"Huh... How did you know? Even my mum couldn't tell it was me" I replied shocked.

"You are just a female thug and a lawyer at the side". Olivia blurted.

"Hey!!! What do you mean by female, a thug is a thug, it's not just men alright". I said boastfully.

"Anyways thanks for your concern but I am actually in the middle of something, bye!" I ended the call.

"So where were we?" I said, looking at the handsome man lying half naked on the bed.

"I can't believe you picked a call in the middle of this" he stated.

"Oh I just have to, that's a call I can never avoid no matter what I am doing, why don't we continue where we stopped." I said lustfully while I bent down to plant a kiss on his lips but he immediately pushed me away.

"I don't think I can continue this, I feel like this is a one night stand," he said sitting up. "I think we should go out more and even go to dinner together before proceeding to this stage". He added.

I just stared at him impressed, well I have met different kinds of men in my life.

Womanizer type one: men who really wanted a one night stand, for these guys they don't care who they do it with.

Type two: sex is the only thing these types of men think about.

Type three: men who are married or have girlfriends, they don't even care about names, just the sex.

A new addition now, men like him who want romance before taking the next step to sex. This is new and refreshing but it's unfortunate he met the wrong person. Back from my thoughts, we decided to call it quits.

"Let's leave the hotel together, I can drop you off" he offered.

"Oh, that's so thoughtful of you" I replied and quickly dressed up.

He opened the door while I stepped out and he followed behind.

"Eleanor! What are you doing here?" A familiar voice asked.

I looked up and it was no other person but my cheating boyfriend in hand with a young pretty girl.

"Oh! Hi , fancy meeting you here". I sneered.

"Eleanor, what are you doing in a hotel with a man?" Jeff asked impatiently.

"What about you, or is this now your home or office, I can see you like them young" I said pointing at the girl beside him.

"Jeff, who is she?" She asked, fuming at me.

"Oh! Am his girlfriend, I have known him for eight years but we started dating six months ago". I replied.

"You liar!!! You told me you were single". she said while hitting Jeff with her handbag.

"Wait, Eleanor but I just caught you leaving the hotel room with a man and am just coming in so I think i'm the victim here". Jeff said blurted.

"I think i'm going to bounce Eleanor, you have so much drama surrounding you" Eleanor's date said and walked away.

"Bye!!! I will call you some other day! I said excitedly

"I'm leaving too, and don't you dare call my phone again" Jeff's lady said and left for the elevator.

"Ummm baby! Wait... Umm I mean June... Wait! Jeff said, trying to stop her.

"Eleanor! He turned to me. "So you have been cheating on me right?" Jeff inquired.

" No, you have been cheating on me". I snapped.

"Uhmm... You knew? He stammered.

"Bye!! Jeff... It was nice knowing you" I said walking away.

Jeff stood there dumbfounded while he stared at me as I made it to the elevator and out of his sight.

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