In Love With An Anti-fan/C2 Past!! Checked!!!
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In Love With An Anti-fan/C2 Past!! Checked!!!
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C2 Past!! Checked!!!

There was a loud cheer in the air as he walked past the crowd, he waved and smiled at them brightly as he made his way to his car. The fans kept screaming his name and tried touching him but they were stopped by the bodyguards. "I love you Sean!!!!". "Please marry me"!!! He just kept walking and waving at them.

Sean O'Connor is every woman's dream, his well and different from all others. He is handsome not perhaps in the conventional sense, he has that appearance which could make him stand out in the crowd. He is fair, almost pale white, his unfathomable, brown and blue eyes contrasted exceptionally with his light toned face. Being heterochromia really made him unique, his gaze is heavenly and can spike fire all over one's body.

"Hey Mike! I thought I asked you to wait for me, why did you make me walk all the way here alone" he said, gazing at Mike.

"Yo! Man am your manager and your boss too not your bodyguard" Mike replied playfully.

Mike bricks has always been with him from college days till date, sometimes he wonders what he would have done without Mike. He has been more than a friend for years and they have shared thick and thin together.

Unlike Sean, although not a superstar but he shines wherever he goes, ladies turn twice to look at him whenever he passes. His tall and manly figure made him stand out, with golden brown eyes that sit perfectly on his face and a long hair that makes him look like a woman. He can't act but he's a very good manager and teaches Sean most of the things he knows.

"So how was the fan meeting?"Mike asked, smiling. Sean rolled his eyes at him and continued to check his phone. "So, I got a call from Stan, there is a new movie and I think it suits you very well"

"Really!! Don't tell me it's the kind I have been waiting for" Sean asked curiously.

"uhmmm not really but it's the kind you are used to". Mike said, looking away.

"A romantic movie". Sean said disappointed. " I have already told you that I am done with romance, you know I can't stand it bro..." Sean fumed.

"I know and we will do it as usual, come on man.. Mike said tapping his shoulders. "Remember you are Mr Romantic...". He added.

"Yea right, Mr Romantic that is allergic to women." Sean said angrily.

"Shhhhh.. Mike said with his hand on his lip, someone might hear you"

"Actually no one can because we are whined up man..." Sean said, looking around.

"Oh yeah that's true, so let's go to the office and look at the script, don't worry, I'm here, we got this..."

"Sit belt please". Sean turns around and puts on his seat belt as the car zooms away.

"I really can't stir in another romantic movie, he thought, I want something really different, that's the only way I can finally get the award I have always wanted."

"Are you okay man...? You seem lost in thought". Mike said as he looked at him briefly.

"I'm okay... I just think I need a different role to finally get what I have always wanted. That's the only way I can finally beat him". Sean said, biting his lower lip.

"I get that we ventured into this industry because of them but I think it's not about them anymore. I think you have the passion now and you are a very good actor with so many fans,"the trillion dollar man". Mike added as he tapped his leg with his other hand. So why don't you just enjoy the fame and riches and forget about them."

"Never!!! Sean snapped.

"You know I always listen to you bro, but please do not this time, I have waited ten years for it and now that I am very close I will never back down. I still think about that day everyday and I keep seeing her in my dreams". Sean added.

"I won't be fine until the whole truth is out and they pay dearly for the harm they caused me." Sean said, looking away to the views.

Mike heaves a sigh and shakes his head slightly. "I understand you man and I know your pain more than others, if you insist on taking this path then am with you, we are going to do this together as always." They looked at each other and smiled.

"Stan, get the scripts to my office" Mike said as they made their way to his office.

"Will be right there". Stan replied.

"Make yourself at home", Mike pointed to a seat as they got into the office. Sean smirked at him as he sat down.

"So what do you want to drink? Coffee or something stronger", Mike grinned as he brought a bottle of vodka and placed it on the table in front of Sean and took his seat too. "I think you look like you could use a drink", Mike said as he poured them both drinks.

"Cheers... they clicked their cups and Mike had a sip of his drink and dropped it down but Sean gulped everything down.

"Easy man... Mike said as he poured him another glass.

"Here are the scripts, Sir. Stan said as he walked into the office.

"Okay... Let's see…" Mike said as he takes the scripts from him and scans through it. Well it's a good script, I love the story line and the romance", Mike said and shot Sean a look, who rolled his eyes and looked away.

"So any female lead yet", Mike asked, looking at Stan.

"Yes there is... Ummm you might not like it", Stan Stammers as he looks at Sean.

"Who is that?" Sean asked curiously.

"Amber Leah…." Stan said

"What!!! Sean and Mike yelled simultaneously.

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