In Love With An Anti-fan/C4 Mistake from the past
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In Love With An Anti-fan/C4 Mistake from the past
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C4 Mistake from the past

"Touch up his face very well , so it can reflect well on the light. The camera man suggested it to the makeup artist.

"Greg, do you like the makeup and hair style or do you have any suggestions?" the manager asked.

"Nahh this is fine, it brought out my handsome face but I think my hair needs to be touched a little. Greg replied narcissistically as he moved closer to the mirror. The hair stylist moved behind him trying to touch up his hair.

"Ouch!! Do you want me to go bald? Greg yelled and flamed up. He moved towards the stylist and gave her a sound slap.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to". The stylist apologized.

"Throw her out of this crew, I don't ever wanna see her ugly face around me again". Greg roared as he walked up to sit down again.

"Get me another stylist!!! He yelled as he looked at his manager through the mirror.

"Uhmm... Greg... We have already changed so many people, you need to calm down a little and be a little patient with them". The manager mentioned.

Greg glared at him through the mirror. "Don't they get paid? They should do their job properly. Don't you dare tell me to compromise, If not you will be fired too". Greg said angrily.

The manager's phone rings... "Hello, okay.. yea.... There is really no other way??... He closes his eyes in disappointment. Okay.... Thanks, bye".

"Yes... What is it?" Greg asked.

"Well, it's about the movie you talked about". The manager replied.

"What about it? Greg asked curiously

"They have already picked the male lead for it". The manager replied.

"Who??? Greg snapped.

"They p...icked... S..Sean as the male lead". The manager Stammers.

"How many times will I warn you not to allow Sean to win over me?" Greg said furiously as stands up and put his hands on his waist. "Didn't I state specifically to you that I wanted that role?" He hints as he walks around bin the room. "You are very useless! You can't do a simple thing correctly, so i actually wasted my time preparing for the audition". He said and heaved a sigh.

"Who is the female lead? He asked nonchalantly as he took a seat.

"It's Amber Leah. The manager replied.

"Did you say Amber Leah? Greg asked as he turned sharply to look at the manager.

"Yes... The manager replied.

"Now this is very interesting... Are you sure Sean is the male lead in this movie?" Greg asked curiously.

"Yes I am... His manager replied.

"So despite their conflict he agreed to be in a movie with her? Greg asked, looking at the manager.

"What conflict?? "Oh... He said suddenly, remembering. "Do you mean the incident that happened on stage two years ago?" Greg glared at him.

"I mean that incident happened years back, am sure Amber has forgotten about it". The manager replied immediately.

"Amber is a woman and also a celebrity, she will not forget that incident easily, it's a tint to her pride. It's her first time starring in a movie after that incident and yet she chose Sean, "I smell something fishy and I will definitely get to the root of it".

Looking at his manager.."I need to be in that movie, look for a role for me, a role that is against Sean. If there is going to be a fire, I would like to ignite the smoke. Greg grinned as he picked up his phone and dialed a number.

"Hello darling... Greg smirks.

"What is it? You are disturbing me, I am having a very busy day". Selena replied nonchalantly.

"I missed you too…" Greg chipped in and Selena rolled her eyes.

"Do you want to hear the latest?.. Greg said.

"I'm not interested in Greg... Goodbye, she said and wanted to hang up.

"It's about Seannnnn", Greg said

Selena stopped halfway. "What about Sean?. She asked.

"I knew you will be interested once you hear his name, anyways he's going to be in a movie with Amber pretty soon. You know what that means right? Greg asked.

"Amber... Why will he agree to be in a movie with her? This is just a trap, a revenge trap". Selena was worried.

"Don't tell me you are concerned about him? When will you get it into your skull that he doesn't care about you and never will". Greg fumes.

"That is none of your business Greg, it's between me and Sean and I suggest you stay out of it". Selena barked.

"Hey!!! There is no you and Sean, it's just you and I don't forget that. Anyways, I am going to star in the movie too and I will make sure to help Amber frustrate his life and ruin his career". He hangs up furiously.

"I'm so mad right now, I can't believe she still cares about him. What's so special about him anyways". He fumes pacing around the room. Well I will make sure I ruin him this time. Once and for all, I'm sure he's hiding a deep secret. I will expose him and his imperfect self to the public. Just watch and see how I ruin you Sean". Greg said, looking spaced out.

"Excuse me Greg, it's time for the shoot". The manager remained with him.

"I will need some touches on my face, call the stylist in. Greg said as he sat down to look at himself in the mirror. He grins.

I walked diligently and gracefully as I made my way to the president's office. I met the receptionist and she already described the way to me. As I made my way through the elevator I thought to myself how difficult it would be being a celebrity lawyer. They love making a mess and I will have to clean up their messes. As I got to the door written "President office". I tapped and moved the handle down. As I got in i met a young and charming young man and there was another door behind him. That must be the president's office..

"Hello.. I am Eleanor.. I said as I extended my hand and smiled.

"Hi... Am Stan, the president is expecting you.. after you". He said pointing towards the door.

"Hello Sir, I am Eleanor," I said as I extended my hand to greet him.

"Please drop the sir formality... Just call me Mike. He smiled. Have a seat...". He said pointing at a chair.

"Thanks... I said and sat down. I reached for my wallet and brought out my complimentary card.

"I'm Eleanor Briggs from the T and C law firm, assigned to Sean O'Connor as his personal lawyer. I smiled sweetly.....

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