In Love With An Anti-fan/C5 Fated to meet
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In Love With An Anti-fan/C5 Fated to meet
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C5 Fated to meet

Mike stared at me for a while not knowing how to respond to me.

"Well... Ummm…" Mike finally said, clearing his throat. "I requested a male attorney for Mr Sean, not a beautiful and elegant woman like you". Mike added, taking a sip of his water.

"What do you mean by 'Woman like me? Mr Mike" I asked, getting offended.

"Nooo please don't get me wrong", Mike said leaving his seat. It's just that Mr Sean wanted a male attorney, you know how it is, maybe he feels more comfortable working with a man than a woman". Mike explained.

"No I don't understand what you mean, I demand a proper and reasonable explanation", I said bluntly.

"Well I will have to call your boss because I demand an explanation too. I specifically told him I wanted a male attorney, so I will call him now and they can give us both an explanation". Mike expressed picking up his phone.

A flashback showed my boss and I in his office.

I tapped gently on the door after being told he wanted to see me immediately.

"Yes, come on in Eleanor and have a seat". My boss said, pointing to a seat.

"Thank you sir". I replied sitting down.

"Well I called you here because I have good and bad news. The good news is that M&S entertainment finally asked for an attorney for Mr Sean and they chose us as usual". He said happily.

"Really!!!" I responded excited. "So what's the bad news then?". I requested.

"The bad news is that they want a male lawyer". He replied seriously.

"A male lawyer!! What does that even mean? I frowned.

"Well apparently Mr Sean prefers working with men than women". He said. Well I will still give you a chance, I know how much you have always wanted to work with him but you have to convince them yourself".

"Thank you so much sir, I said , relieved... I will not disappoint you.

Flashback ends.

"Hold on Mr Mike", I said, stopping him from making the call. "Let's talk about it first".

"I get that Mr Sean prefers a male attorney". I said standing at my feet, "but I am sure he will definitely like me when he sees me".

"How would you know? I have known Sean for years and he's not the type that could easily change his mind because of a beauty". Mike replied glaring at me.

"Well maybe not because of my looks but because I have other hidden talents that he may need", I said boastfully.

"....And what could that talent be? Mike asked curiously.

"I'm a taekwondo master", I said , showing a side kick. "I can easily protect him as long as we are together, no harm can befall him, so what do you think?". I nodded to Mike.

Mike who had his mouth open in shock all this while couldn't say a word. I snapped my fingers close to his face and brought him back to reality.

"Ehhhh... Uhmm... He clears his throat.... That was a wonderful display and I loved it", he stammers, but how can that solve anything?"

"Let's see I will give you a chance, how about I call Sean here and now in your presence and see what he thinks". Mike said.

"Okay.... Mr Mike". I replied hopefull.

He picks up his hand set and dialed a number. "I will put it on speaker". He said as he put it on speaker.

"Hello…" A faint voice replied from the other side.

"Hi Sean!!! I hope I didn't disturb you? Mike replied.

"When do you ever disturb me man"... The voice said.

"So your lawyer finally came to the office today, you are one lucky gee, she's so smart and talented". He added.

"Wait... what? She?", The voice said. "I thought I specifically told you I wanted a male lawyer". He said anxiously.

"Yea... Mike shot me a quick look. "Well man they sent you the best, trust me you will like her, did I mention she was also talented?". Mike said.

"No Mike i won't like her and you know it... Please Mike let's not argue about this, I had a long day and I would really like to sleep early. I'm hanging up man"... The voice said tiredly.

"Wait a second... Mr Sean!" I charmed in. "Why don't you give me a chance, atleast meet me just once, and if you don't like me I will understand perfectly, except you want to say you are a sexist. I added.

"I'm not sexist and I respect women a lot, I just don't want to work with a woman". He said.

"Just meet me once then before concluding, I deserve that much". I said quietly.

He was quiet for a while pondering on it.

"Okay fine!!! I will meet you tomorrow but am sure nothing will change". He added bluntly.

"Thank you Mr Sean. I said happily.

"Hello Mike, can you remove me in speaker now. He said.

"Yea... Sure". Mike replied as he put the phone to his ears. What's up?

"Really!!! You froze?" He said as he laughed out loud. "That's the first man... Wow... You know what... I will call you later so we can talk more. Okay fine tomorrow then. Bye..." He hangs up.

"I will be leaving now Mr Mike, see you tomorrow". I said standing on my heels and stretching my hands to him.

"Sure... See you tomorrow and good luck". He shook my hands and walked me to the door.

As I walked through to the exit I had so many thoughts in my head.

"He has to accept me, I have waited long enough for this moment and I don't plan on failing. I thought.

Chained to the bed i couldn't do anything but watch this beautiful woman mesmerizing me. She had her hair down, with a perfect makeup that suits her face. As she walks towards me I could feel my heart jumping into my mouth. She came into the bed and sat perfectly on my body, I tried touching her but I couldn't because my hands were chained. I could only smell her and she smells real good that it drives me crazy. She leaned further close to me and i couldn't resist her anymore, I tried to free my hands but I couldn't.

Then I woke up, it was just a dream. Sean looked anxiously at himself and he was sweating profusely. "Is this a night mare or a wet dream? How could i dream about someone I just met and never going to see again".

Sean gulped a glass of water and lay down back on his bed. "Who are you and why are you in my dreams? Are we going to meet again? Sean thought as he dozed off.

I waited patiently in the president's office for him to arrive.

"He will soon be here", Mike said.

"No problem Mr Mike". I replied politely.

The door to the office opened, i could hear the footsteps approaching me from behind, I stood up immediately and turned sharply.

"Hi... Am Eleanor Briggs your aspiring lawyer", i said stretching out my hand for a handshake.

Sean just stood there staring at me, like he has seen a ghost.

"Wow.... I really met her again". Sean stood there stunned.

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