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Immediately after her College and a Master degree, Mselinda Davis was taught the ropes and skills of how to run and cope in the business world. Being an only child and heir to her Parents' empire, Mel had no choice but to take over as the CEO as soon as her father retired.

Melinda was the apple eye of her parents and they loved her so much. She was the miracle Raymond and Michelle waited for all their lives. Raymond and Michelle Davis were Melinda's parents. Melinda was conceived in the later years of their marriage. Raymond was 48 and Michelle just clocked 40 when they gave birth to Melinda.

Melinda brought so much joy to the lives of her parents, right from the moment she was born. Raymond and Michelle were so proud of the way she handled the Company. They couldn't have asked for a better child than Mel.

Melinda was so much loved by her parents. She was also loved by her best friends. Nate and Desourire. The trio had been best friends since high school and Melinda considered them as the brother and sister she never had. Nate was 26 and was already the CEO of his own company. Desourire was just like Melinda's twin, they were both 25 and she owned an art supply store which was one of the biggest in the city of Philadelphia.

One could say at the age of 25, Melinda had it all. But deep down, she was not as happy as people think she was. No one actually knows what you are going through unless they are in your shoes. Melinda has never experienced what was called "True love." She needed someone who would love her genuinely, she needed a soul mate; the bone of her bone and the flesh of her flesh. Someone who would love her till eternity and not someone who wanted to be with her to get a fortune out of her.

That's right. Guys were always after Melinda. Not because they loved her. But because they wanted her money and wanted to be associated with the only daughter of the richest man in the city.

We are all human and we make mistakes. But Melinda blamed herself for marrying Frank. It was probably the worst mistake she had ever made. She blamed herself for being so stupid to fall in love with Frank when he was only after her for her money.

She got married to Frank six months ago. Frank never loved her. He just wanted her for her money and fame so he pretended to be loving and even went the extra mile to be romantic to make Mel fall in love with him. Nate and Desourire warned Mel against marrying Frank but she was too enveloped in his deceit to see the true side of him.

Few weeks after their marriage, Frank started showing his true colors and Melinda later discovered that he was no different than the others she had dated.

Melinda had put in for a divorce but Frank refused to give her the divorce. The disgusting part of everything was that when Mel finally decided to give herself to him in bed, She found out that he was impotent. Frank kept on blaming Mel that she was the reason for his impotence as he was always potent with other girls.

What do you expect from Frank? Sure, he was sleeping with other women while married to Melinda.

Melinda has hired the best Divorce lawyer in the city to help her because she wants to get rid of Frank as soon as possible. But while the lawyer was still working on her case, Melinda vows never to give her heart to anyone again. She vows never to fall in love again.

But what happens when Melinda comes across her newly hired Driver?

Will she give in to her feelings for him?

Will the Driver's love for Mel be real or will he be after her money like the others?

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