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Melinda had been avoiding her driver, Alexander, for almost a week now. She was so embarrassed about what happened between them the last time and could not even bring herself to look him in the eye. Melinda's mind kept on flashing back to that night but she kept on convincing herself that it was a mistake that never should have happened as they were both caught up in that moment.

Melinda was attracted to Alexander from the very first day he was hired as her driver. She just shrugged it off thinking it was a short-term crush that would not last for more than a week.

Unfortunately, seven days became weeks and weeks became months and Mel came to realize that, the more she was pushing Alexander away, the more she was falling for him. But she refused to give in to the attraction.

Even though Alexander feels the same way and has made several approaches towards Melinda, She still refuses to admit what she feels for him. Alexander knew Mel was very much attracted to him as he was attracted to her.

After the long-heated-passionate kiss they shared the other night, Melinda had been trying all her best to stay away from Alexander. When Alex picks her up in the morning from her Apartment to drive her to work, She always ignores him, pretending to be busy with work, typing away on her laptop, and sometimes she might be on a call throughout the whole ride to her office. She does that just to avoid making any conversation with him.

To make things worse, Melinda had been receiving text messages from him which of course she had been ignoring. Alexander was really making her feel what she does not want to feel and she was not comfortable with it.

After the day's work, Melinda usually dismisses Alex and insists she would drive herself home. But this Thursday night, Melinda was so tired and had no choice but to allow Alex to drive her home.

The drive from Melinda's Office to her Apartment was very quiet. She kept herself busy by looking through the window at the beautiful streets of Philadelphia. She could often see Alex steal a glance at her from the front Mirror. Again, she pretended not to notice that.

Immediately Alex packed the car in front of her Apartment, Melinda quickly grabbed her handbag and laptop bag, wanting to leave Alex's presence as soon as possible. But as soon as she came down from the car, She was greeted by Alex who was already standing in front of her, giving her that 'I will not allow you go until we talk about what happened look.'

"Melinda, we need to talk," Alexander said. He tends to call her by her first name whenever they are alone. As much as Mel hated to admit it, She loved the way her name rolled out of his tongue. It sent shivers down her spine as goose pimples started to erupt from her body.

"We have nothing to talk about." Melinda scoffed.

"Yes, we do. We have to talk about us, the Kiss. Mel you can't keep pretending nothing is going on between us." Alex replied, clearly frustrated as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Nothing is going on between us and the kiss meant absolutely nothing to me, alright," Melinda said and started to work away.

Before she could walk that far, Alex grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

"You are not leaving here without talking about what you feel for me, Melinda. Just let go of your stubbornness and your pride and admit what you feel for me." Alexander said with a very serious voice.

"I feel nothing for you, Alexander, Don't you get it?" Melinda replied with so much anger.

Alexander took a few steps towards Melinda and caressed her cheeks. "You have no idea what you are doing to me, Melinda. Being furious makes you even look hotter." Alexander said and Melinda tried not to show how much his words affected her. She also tried to ignore the tingling sensations between them Immediately his skin contacted hers.

"The kiss.... For me, it was something. It was magical. What I felt was unexplainable and I know you felt it too." Alex said, looking straight into her beautiful eyes.

"Get your filthy hands off me," Mel said as she removed his hand away from her face. "Stop saying those words to me, I don't ever want to hear them again. The kiss meant nothing to me. It was a mistake, it never should have happened. I was drunk so I didn't know what I was doing." Melinda defended.

"But Mel......." Alex started to say something before She cut him off.

"You are probably saying those words to me because you want to seduce me for your own use. Perhaps to get a rise in pay or something. I'm not that naive Alex and I will never fall into your trap. Remember your position here. I am the Boss and you are my employee. Make sure you never cross that line again. And stay the hell away from me!!!" Melinda shouted at him after which she stormed out of his sight.

As Melinda entered her Apartment, She was greeted by Rhoda. A very pretty energetic woman in her early 40's. Rhoda worked for Melinda's parents at the Davis Mansion but she does come to Melinda's apartment once a week to clean and do some cooking. Melinda had known Rhoda since she was little. She was like a second mom to her.

Melinda replied to Rhoda's greetings and crashed on the couch in the living room. She was tired, feeling guilty and confused at the same time as she did not fail to notice the sadness on Alexander's face when she blasted him.

"I think you were too harsh on him, my dear," Rhoda said as she took a seat beside Melinda. She knew about the attraction between Mel and Alex.

"Was I that loud?" Mel asked with a sad face.

"Not really. But loud enough for me to hear." Rhoda chuckled and Melinda exhaled.

"Do you feel anything for him?" Rhoda asked, turning her full attention to Melinda.

"I don't know.... Maybe I do. But I'm not sure. When I'm beside him, I feel things I have never felt before." Melinda said after which she buried her face in her hands.

"I was not trying to be rude to him, Rhoda. This is very unlike me. It's just that, I've told him severally to stay away from me but he keeps coming back to torment me." Melinda said, trying to hold back tears.

She eventually burst into tears and Rhoda pulled her into a hug. Even Mel does not know why she was crying. Was it guilt? she could not even comprehend what it was.

Melinda finally pulled away from the hug and Rhoda used her thumb to wipe her tears.

"I understand you, dear. I know you have made up your mind to never give in to any man again. But Alex could be different, he could be the one for you. Not everyone will be like that horrible Frank you know." Rhoda said.

"I thought he was like others. Planning to seduce me. You know, to get a rise in his pay or something like that." Melinda said, clearly ashamed.

"You know you shouldn't think that low of him. Alex is a loving guy and very honest also. Your parents trusted him and that's why he was sent over here to be your driver. You know what? I trust him too and I know he will never do anything to hurt you." Rhoda said.

"Thanks, Rhoda. I will apologize to him."

"Any news from the lawyer about the divorce?" Rhoda asked.

"He called me today and said he has presented the case along with the evidence to the judge and that the judge should probably get to us by next week," Melinda said and Rhoda nodded.

"Go take a shower dear, I will heat up dinner for you," Rhoda offered.

"Don't worry Rhoda, I'm not hungry," Mel said.

"You sure?" Rhoda asked with her eyebrow raised

"Yeah. I'm okay." Mel assured.

"Okay then. I guess I will take my leave now." Rhoda stood to her feet and Mel did the same.

"Be safe Rhoda, My regards to Mom and Dad," Mel said while pulling Rhoda into a hug.

"Will do that. Take care darling." Rhoda said, after which She took her leave.

Melinda proceeded to her room for a shower after which she sat on her bed and decided to do some work on her laptop.

About half an hour later, Mel got tired and decided to call it a day.

She grabbed her phone and saw that she had a new text message from Alexander. She exhaled, then went ahead to see what it was.

"Your words really hurt me tonight, Melinda. It breaks my heart to see that you think very low of me. What I feel for you is real. I don't want your money or riches. All I want is you, Melinda. You may keep pushing me away. But know that I will never stop fighting for you!

Sleep tight, Alexander."

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