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C5 Wasted

Melvin had just ended a hot argument with his mother, fuming he stood up and went to the mini private bar in the executive and VVIP section of Daffodils restaurant and bar to get a strong drink to calm him down, on getting to the back to the room, he met young drunk Louisa threading aimlessly across the room.

He froze for a minute, surprised and shocked as he thought she resembled Scarlett, a fast rising Star in music industries. He stood there studying her for minutes before Louisa realized someone was before her.

"Scarlett is definitely more poised than this" he said with a frown.

He plunged forward angrily with a bottle of whiskey in his hand and a whine cup in the other hand, he stood for a while examining her face till she cried out, calling him name that he wasn't which he found highly disrespectful and disgusting.

Melvin is a high stock emotionally dead, proud, workaholic 28 year old man who finds female very annoying and emotionally unstable. He has an anti-social personality and is a first class loner. He withdrew himself from the society when he was 21 and an aspiring musician. A dream he dropped for a reason he never spoke about.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my room" he yelled.

Drunk Louisa plunged into him, held him by the collar and kissed him roughly biting and nibbling on his lips, he wanted badly to push her away, but his hands were occupied, wine in one and cup in the other.

Melvin was fixated to a spot his eyes bulged as he glared at her irritable. He let the cup fall of his hand breaking into thousands of pieces and scattered across the floor, he pushed her off and she landed on the floor getting her feet scathed by tiny piece of bottle.

He kicked her feet of the road, and went for the phone sitting on the table.

“Hello, security please, there is an intruder in my room, is that how lose your security precaution is?" He said angrily kicking her feet one again as he tried to go out, while he was going out, he noticed traces of blood on her dress, he traced it with his eyes until he saw the bruise on her leg.

He plunged forward to help her, but stopped halfway wondering what has gotten into him.

"Did I just try to help a stranger, not like I bruised her or something" he said with a frown.

He took another step to exit the room but her phone started buzzing.

“Damn it ! Damn it! Damn it! “He yelled.

He took the phone and lashed out on the caller.

It was getting dark and Chloe had become restless, she had instructed Louisa to text her location but got ignored totally.

“I’m an adult, I can take care of myself" Louisa said.

Chloe got tensed as every second counted, she had been calling her but got no response, she desperately wanted to go search for her but at the same time couldn't leave Danna Alone all by herself. She continued calling till her call was finally taken.

“Louisa where are you? I've been worried sick about you" she shrieked

" Why didn’t you baby sit her at home, instead you let her drink ,when she cannot even do it right, come pick her dumb ass at Daffodils hotel and bar before you gift her to the wild" Melvin said dropping the phone on her lap as he successfully exited.

Louisa laid on the floor wasted, peacefully sleeping and almost snoring the building down. About 15 minutes after Melvin had called the security guards they arrived with lasers and baton, they lifted her of the ground and dragged her towards the entrance.

She staggered out of her shoes, holding one in hand while she left the other behind, she walked aimlessly on the pedestrian lane swaying at every step she took till she was found by chloe

" Oh dear, you look miserable, is this the revenge you orchestrated" Chloe said sarcastically as she led her home.

Chloe went to check on Danna who was fast asleep immediately they arrived before heading to the kitchen to prepare a warm coffee to help sober Louisa up.

She led her to the bathroom and made sure she had a warm bath, after which she to tucked her into bed.


After leaving poor and vulnerable Louisa in the claws of freezing cold, Melvin summoned his driver and they left the bar, they were just a bit past the bar when he abruptly stopped his driver and got off the car.

Flashes and flickers of Louisa’s lips on his and her bruised bleeding leg popped in his mind often, he shut his eyes and mind but it kept flickering.

“What if someone saw us? Last thing I want is a female scandal, what if she's a spy, I should go back to double check" he thought

He rolled the sleeve of his shirt to his elbow and ran to back in but met the room empty. He placed his hand on his head pacing to and fro the room. He made a quick phone call to the security office.

“Hello , security please do you by chance know where the young lady went? There is something I need to confirm" he said.

“We sent her off already, she must gone home or get fisted on my some hungry men" the security man said laughing sheepishly.

He left the bar immediately plodding towards his car but hit leg on something, he fumed angrily and kicked off the shoe watching it hit a waste bin by the pedestrian lane.

He looked at the shoe hooked beside the bin, and walked towards it, he leaned there for a while staring at the shoe until he recalled it was the same shoe the drunk girl had worn.

He picked up the shoe and wrapped it in his handkerchief and took it with him before he finally drove off the spot.


The day broke and Louisa woke up with severe headache, she felt light headed and staggered to her mini refrigerator to get a glass of water. On the table was lying a note Chloe dropped for her.

" Hey Louisa, I’m sorry I had to leave so early, there was something I needed to attend to , I made you and Danna breakfast, eat and relax and never ever think of drinking, love yah" she read out loud.

She rushed to the dining, served her meal, said a quick prayer and ate voraciously.

She belched loudly, picking her teeth with her finger before she suddenly dashed off to Danna's room.

Danna had woken up and was trying to get herself into her wheelchair, she struggled with the chair till she fell on the ground.

"Hey sisi, what are you doing on the floor" she asked as she lifted her off the ground to her chair.

“I wanted to use the toilet... Louisa to be honest, my leg has been aching really badly this past few days, it hurts the more everyday" she said weeping.

Louisa pulled her head close to her chest, she patted her back calming her while she sniffed several times trying to hold in her tears.

“I’m so sorry Danna, I have neglected you too much, I was selfish, don’t worry sis is working in it, you'd get your surgery soon, sis is working on it" she said mildly wearing a fake smile.

She helped her freshen up and wheeled her to the dinning to eat. After eating Danna wheeled herself back to her.

"Danna! Would you like to have fun with big sis" Louisa asked at the peak of her voice.

"No Louisa, I'd rather be in my room" Danna responded almost at the entrance of her room.

Louisa sank in her chair with a paper and pen, she scrolled through her phone for companies and organizations sending her CV to each of them, she wasn't sure of a getting a feed back because of her educational background but still was optimistic.

She ran her hand through her hair and pulled hard on her hair, she envisaged her miserable life and hoped for a miracle. She bit on her lips and shut her eyes to live in her imagination for a while.

Memories from her sub conscious mind flickered in her head, a young man with a dark curly hair in which a strand dangled before his brow, his Romanesque nose, his pair of cold blue eyes and well-built body. He looked like a mannequin with locomotive abilities.

Louisa quickly opened her eyes as a image of her fisting on his lips crosses her mind, she touched her lips and sucked it in. She ran to the mirror to look at herself focusing on her lip and licking .

" Damn Louisa, you just broke up and you kissed a total stranger the next day. You're such a dumbass" she said hitting herself on the head repeatedly.

She soon heard a knock on the door, and she reluctantly dragged her legs towards the door.

"Chloe is that you?" She asked as she opened the door.

“I am not Chloe, I am Declan and I am here to see you" the man at the door said.

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