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C4 Chapter four



The news about losing my daughter spread like wildfire thanks to Mabel. That was the problem with her. She couldn't keep a secret to herself and that's why I never bothered to tell her the actual truth.

James hadn't been home for almost a year and I had finally lost hope for our marriage. It was already dead.

Today was Marcus's birthday. My little boy turned seven years old today I wanted him to celebrate his birthday in disneyland.

I just had to keep everything a surprise otherwise everything would be ruined.

That morning I decorated the house with balloons,ribbons, birthday posters and party streamers.

Luckily the birthday boy was at school so it gave me enough time to plan everything for his birthday bash.

I ordered him a chocolate cake and his favorite meal from his favourite restaurant.

I had already packed our luggage after celebrating his birthday home. We would board the plane and finally leave this town.

We would start afresh this time without any suffering and pain.

Before he had come back from school I had transferred a large amount of money in an account and left it in his name. He would claim the money when he turned eighteen years old my lawyer would handle everything legally related.

A few hours later I went to pick him up from school. He was going to be very excited and happy.

I stood by the school gate waiting for him. The school bell rang and a few minutes later a few students started coming out of classes.

Marcus saw me and smiled. He ran fast and engulfed me in a big bear hug. I still couldn't believe that my little boy was growing up so fast.

I wrapped my arms around him running my fingers through his black messy thick hair. It was always soft and curly.

I released him and kissed both of his cheeks.

"Mom…" he whines. When two girls started giggling past us. I gave him a small smile and held his hand. I loved my son and nothing would ever change that.

"Happy birthday Marcus."

He coolly smiled at me.

"Thanks mom."

We both walked home enjoying each other's companies.

"Mom is dad going to come for my birthday? He asked curiously and my head went completely blank.

I didn't want to tell him the bitter truth about his father. He had to know that he was going to be permanently out of our lives in just a few hours.

"I don't think that he'll be coming dear you know how your father is" I said quietly and he sadly nodded.

He had to know that his father never really cared about us anymore. His attention and loyalty was only meant for his new family and not us.

Ten minutes later we arrived home. Once Marcus opened the door he let out a woah as he took in the decorations and chocolate cake I had ordered for him.

He engulfed me in another hug and I felt tears burning my eyes.

" I love you mom" he mutters quitely and a fat tear rolled down my cheek.

I loved my little boy deeply and I would always protect him.

Celebrating his birthday just the two of us felt oddly strange but he didn't seem to mind he was so happy and excited.

The look on his face was simply priceless.

We cut the cake together and he fed me some. It was the happiest day of my entire life seeing Marcus so happy just satisfied my soul and as a mother I couldn't ask for anything else.

Because Marcus was the center of my world.

I released him and kissed his forehead tenderly.

A few hours later I told Marcus to take a bath. We would be leaving soon. Our flight was only in a few hours.

I packed all the necessary documents and things. I tied my hair in a high ponytail and wore a blue navy dress that reached my knees paired off with black pumps.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror for the first time in my life. I felt beautiful again like a natural woman.

The last time I truly felt beautiful was on my wedding day and that was thirty years ago so it's been a while.

A small smile curved my lips. I applied my lip gloss and dragged my suitcase to the kitchen waiting for Marcus.

"Marcus please hurry up!" I yelled.

"Fifteen more minutes mom!" He yelled back and I chuckled softly.

I sipped my hot tea staring at the window. I would miss this little small town I called home. I know that my siblings would be saddened and they would miss me terribly but if they knew what I've been going through they would understand my reasoning.

I hope they forgive me.

Once I was done drinking my tea I quickly rinsed my mug and packed it.

The kitchen door opened and I sighed in relief. "Marcus I told you to hurry-" I stopped mid sentence looking at the person in front of me with wide eyes.

I swallowed hard.

"James what are you doing here?" I finally managed to croak out and he gave me a sly smile.

"This is still my house Faith and I'm still your husband regardless of what I do sweetheart."

I scoffed and tried to walk past him but he held me by the wrist pushing me back.

"You're all pretty and dressed up, what's the occasion?" He asked curiously and I felt nervous.

"I don't owe you any explanation James" I said harshly and he smiled at me.

"Anyway the town having been giving me the pity talk Mabel said something about you giving birth to a still born is that true?"

I gave him a cautious look.

"Whether I gave birth to a still born or not it wouldn't matter because you don't give a damn about Marcus and later on a new born baby."

He scoffed angrily.

"Are you being serious?"

"My children always come first unless you're implying that the dead baby wasn't my blood right?" He demanded.

"I don't have time for this James" I said coolly.

He blocked my way crossing his arms over his chest.

"You're not going anywhere Faith."

He noticed my luggage and his shocked gaze lingered on my face.

"You're running away aren't you?" He demanded furiously.

And I moved back.

He shook his head in disbelief.

"You know that when a woman leaves her husband it's considered the biggest insult ever."

"I won't let you fucking taint my reputation Faith you and Marcus aren't going anywhere" he said coldly.

I grabbed the kitchen knife from the sink pointing it at him.

"Get out of my way or else you'll get seriously hurt" I warned.

And I was damn serious.

James moved closer and took the knife from me.

I gripped the knife tightly not wanting to let go. I won't take his crap anymore.

"Faith let the knife go, you'll hurt yourself."

"No!" I yelled.

He pushed me and I fell to the ground hard. I sprang to my feet and pushed him with all my might the knife got knocked out of his hands.

"You're being a bitch right now" he said with gritted teeth. I crawled towards the knife but he got it first.

Before I could fight back he shoved the knife into my ribcage and I gasped in pain.

My fingers traced on the new wound and I saw lots of blood.

The bastard had stabbed me.

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