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"Hand over the mantle!!"

"No way!!it remains with me!!"

Two creatures brawled in the sky. They look ferocious. They are demons. Powerful demons!!

"Give it back!!!!!!now!!!!!". He flew to him, stretching his long nailed hands to snatch the mantle from him.

He retreated to a distance laughing hysterically. " The world needs peace!!!! enough of your war!!! I know your plan!!!".

"No peace!!!! I say, no peace!!!!! They are traitors!!they ruined us!!!!!". His crimson eyes burnt, his long horns shook violently. He was indeed furious.

"Hahahaha!!!hahahaha!!!! you're wrong!!!!very wrong!!!!the children!!! The babies!!! Are they also wrong!!!!". Incus roared. His roar shook the heaven.

Suddenly, the weather changed. The sky darkened.

"Let's leave immediately, a storm is coming!!". Vera Smith beckoned on her two sons playing in the sand in the beach.

"Mom, let's play for a while, please". Lucia the younger son refused to leave. The large cowries he was digging out wasn't yet out. He wanted to dig it out so that he can show his classmates in school.

Then the thunderous clap of thunder came alongside the flash of lightning. It's sparkled and moved like thick lines of burning white flame.

Veronica pulls her sons away immediately, and joined other tourists to scramble away in fear.

Another clap came!!! Dense black clouds formed in the sky. It looked like it was moving.

"My cowries!!!". Lucia pulled his hand out of her mother's grip and ran back.

"Lucia!!!!". She was scared, the sky darkened, like it was twilight!! The cloud was moving rapidly in the sky.

The two forces were in a fierce combat, then suddenly, another demon joined!! Not to help Incus, but to defeat him.

"In!!!cu!!!s!!! Give it back you betrayer!!!". His roar darkened the already dark sky. He was furious, his eyes burnt.

"You are the betrayer Babylian!! Let the world know peace!!! I Incus!!!will see it ha....ppen!!!".

"Return it or I forbid you to enter the realms!!!!" Babylian was spitting fire as he spoke. His spiked long tail flickered aggressively. He is the second General of the demons!!!!

Ha!!ha!!!ha!!!!ha!!!! You have no such power!!! Only the Lord Majesty have such ability!!!" Incus let out a mocking laughter.

This provoked Babylian, but he ignored him and sneered. A winner doesn't need to be afraid.

"Such a fool you are Incus!!!! Look behind me!!! They tremble, they shudder!!! Because!!! Incus!!! Because I now have the key!!!!!".

Incus looked behind him, his green eyes dimmed. He was shocked. How can it be?

"What have you done Babylian? Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!". Incus roared in pain!! Pain of their betrayal. Pain of their hurt. Pain for the pain his master must be feeling at that time.

He suddenly turned around and flew!!!

"Catch him!! Return the mantle!!!".Damian thundered. His surrounding burnt with fire. He is the demon of fire, devouring his surrounding when his rage exploded.

His roar appeared at intense flashes of lightning in the sky.

"Mom!!! Look!!!Aliens!!!". Lucia who has already picked up his cowries gazed into the sky in amazement. He saw some creatures, up there. Are they aliens?

Suddenly he stared blankly at the sky unmoving. A dense cloud was moving violently and swiftly towards him. He can't move. He was too shock to move.

The storm came from the beach it was fierce. People ran for safety.

"Lucia!!!!!!!". Veronica screamed as she saw the dense cloud approaching her son with great speed. She was terrified. Instantly, she ran to him, but..........the cloud enveloped him.

"Nooo!!!!!nooo!!!!". Her scream shrilled. She fell to the ground and covered her face as her body trembled in fear. My son!! Lucia!!

Instantly, the storm stopped!! There was calmness!! The sky brightened.

"Mom!!". Jack Smith, her elder son called out in fear. He saw everything that happened. He saw the dense cloud swallow his younger brother. He saw it!!!

Only when Jack called her did she remember she has another son waiting behind her.

She raised her face to see Lucia lying on the ground. Swiftly, she rose, then hurried to him.

He's breathing. He's alive!!.


His eyes flew open. They were green, then suddenly returned to its normal colour.

She carried him up, sized him up and dusted the sands off his body.

"You're okay son!!". Her breathing was heavy. She thought she lost him. Her stars smiled on her. She didn't lose her son.

"I'm fine mom". Was he really fine? He felt different. That alien!! Did it pass through him?

The trio quickly left the beach to the house were they were staying.

"General!!the mantle. He left with the mantle!!". Atermis, a follower of Babylian, hurled in fear. The mantle was an important aspect of their existence. Absence from the realm will be catastrophic.

"I, second General of the realm, with the key in my hands, command oh you demons of the realms to disperse!! search!! find!!and return!!".

He smashed his spiked tail furiously in the air, releasing numerous spikes, within the surrounding. The demons shuddered. They covered their bodies with their wings, protecting themselves from the spikes.

The demon Babylian just defeated the Lord Majesty and was certain to make their existence more horrible.

"Goooo!!!!!! Now!!!!".

At his last command and with shrieking screams, they dispersed down to the earth to carry out the instruction of Babylian.

Their arrival on earth was like a whirlwind, destroying properties. The city was in turmoil. People ran helter skelter for safety.

Lucia sat in the bedroom of the beach house, which they were occupying. His eye color turned green. Lines of anger, fear and anxiety were drawn on his face.

"Babylian!!". His eyes took a deeper shade of green to show how angry he was. Suddenly, he ran to the balcony to meet his mother.

"Mom!!! Let's leave!!"

Veronica whipped her head in surprise. "Son, we will tomorrow".

Even if they board a train back home, their return might be by midnight. Also, the weather wasn't good. First, it was the darkened cloud, then storm and now, she just heard the broadcast of whirlwind estimated to reach the beach in less than an hour.

"I'm afraid mom!! Please, let's go!!". Suddenly his tears fell. He sobbed quietly.

"I don't want to stay here any longer mom!! I'm scared!!I want to leave".

What else can she do? She knew the earlier incident must have frightened him a lot. Without further argument, they packed up and left for the train station.

Fifteen minutes after they left, a fierce whirlwind attacked the beach and destroyed the house where the Smiths were earlier in

"He's not here!!, he left!!, he left!!, not here!!, find him!!". The demons communicated among themselves. To the humans, it was like piercing whistling in the air.

Tourists hid in their beach houses, praying the strong wind calms. The wind accompanied with the piercing whistling sent shivers down their spines.

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