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A year later.

"Look!! It's Kaiden!"

Mia shouted out in excitement when she saw the young men approaching them. Her face beamed with smiles.

Kaiden was the guy she suddenly became attracted to. Ever since she picked interest in him, she has been trying to get his attention but he doesn't seem to acknowledge or even notice her efforts.

Just to get closer to him, she secretly met with their sports coach to fix her in the same group as Kaiden, yet he wouldn't spare her a glance.

Who is this Kaiden? Just a regular unpopular guy in school. So why should he prove hard to get?

"Mia!! I hate this attitude of yours. That guy doesn't even notice you, yet you keep throwing yourself endlessly at him!".

Gianna was dissatisfied with her friend's attitude. For almost a year, Mia has tried to hook up with Kaiden but he has always treated her like air.

She doesn't understand why Mia who can actually get better guys will be too bent in getting Kaiden despite his constant rejection, though not said verbally.

"I want him do desperately". Her eyes were slightly shut dreamily.

"Like it will last if you eventually succeed". Gianna rolled her eyes at her friend. Can she keep a relationship for a whole month? Impossible!! Unless if the sun rises from the West!!

Mia giggled, snapping the bubble gum in her mouth continuously, another annoying attitude of hers.

"I don't want any commitment from him, just sex".

Why should she seek for commitment with a guy like Kaiden? Are there no richer and more handsome guys?

Even with the rich, popular guys, she won't be committed.

One of her principle is "catch fun and leave", so all she wants from him is to warm her bed, nothing more.

Her response didn't surprise Gianna. That's her friend, who will constantly remind her of the so called sexual adventure she was embarking on.

"Do you know? His dick is so so huge. Oh my gosh!!! I want it so much in me!!".

Her voice was too hushed and sensual like she was already having sex with the Kaiden guy.

For a reserved girl like Gianna, this discussion was awkward. Discussing sex and sizes of dick!!

"Mia!!!". Gianna glared fiercely at her. This topic is too heavy for her!!

"Get laid Gianna. I can introduce a guy to you".

She whistled loudly, her eyes fixed on the two guys who stopped far from them to chat with their friends.

Gianna blushed deeply. Telling her to get laid!! She's already in her third year in the university but is still a virgin.

Not that she doesn't want to experience sex, but she hardly socializes. Always occupied with her books, the guys felt she was too serious to be in a relationship, either short term or long term.

Aside that, her dressing also speaks a lot. She was always dressed too conservative, giving out the impression of "guys stay away from me".

Most times in her room she masturbates, touching herself in those secret arousing places. Those times, she would always wish a guy was with her doing it to her.

Noticing her quietness, Mia turned her gaze to her only to see her face crimson red from blushing.

Why is she blushing? Her eyes narrowed as she tried to recall her last words, then her eyes gleamed and a loud laughter erupted from her mouth.

"You're blushing girl!!". She nudged her shoulder lightly, then whispered in her ears.

"You can deceive everyone but not me. I know you want it".

With that said, she jogged along giggling, leaving Gianna who was standing at the spot, struggling with the blush that have overpowered her.

"Hey guys!!". Grabbing every opportunity available to get the man she wants has always been one of rules.

The guys looked at her in surprise. Who doesn't know Mia, the one girl in the school who can dare to do unimaginable things when it comes to sex.

"Can I see you Kaiden?". Her eyes glimmered in anticipation as she waited for his positive response.

Kaiden sized her up. She was seductively dressed as usual. A body con top exposing the full curves of her big boobs and a tight denims trousers with pink canvas.

She was really looking enticing and alluring. He swallowed hard as his gaze turned away from her.

"I'm busy".

Another rejection, this time verbal!! Her mood changed. No guy has ever rejected openly.

She quickly recovered her mood, then smiled heartily at him.This Kaiden, she must get.

"It's just briefly, I won't take much of your time".

Kaiden gazed steadily at the distance. Maybe processing her words or trying to make up his mind.

Should he go? What does she want from him? He has noticed how she looks at him seductively, winking at him at every slightest opportunity.

He has also observed all her little actions to gain his attention but this question kept bothering him. What does she want from him?

He isn't in the class of guys she mingles with. He knew Mia could be troublesome sometimes, more reason he acted like he didn't notice her actions.

He hates troubles.

He diverted his eyes from the distance to his friends, who gestured him to go with her, with a bit of reluctance, he followed her to a corner.

Once out of sight, Mia held his hand. "Why are you cold towards me?". He tried to pull his hand out of her grip but she held him tightly.

He knew it!! She's out for trouble, but he can't recall offending her. It's okay! No matter what trouble she stirs up now, he must not react aggressively.

"Am I not alluring enough?"

Though she loves sexual escapades but chooses who to do it with. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can enter her honey well. This is well known by all, so once she shows interest in a guy, they happily accept her invite.

Many guys have also tried to get her in bed after they heard how exceptional her skills were,but as long as she doesn't have interest in you, she will never accept.

So seeing Kaiden reject her severally lowered her ego.

Kaiden was quiet. Did she just ask him that?

So she isn't out for trouble?

Is she indirectly asking him to hook up with her? Because her coquettish voice said it all. If that is the case, then why him?

Why should Mia choose him? He isn't rich or popular. He doesn't keep several girlfriends or do the open relationship thing, or are his thoughts wrong?

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