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He searched his mind but couldn't fathom why he was chosen by her if at all his instincts are right.

What he didn't know was that Mia had seen him once in the male closet peeing and picked interest in him after she saw his huge dick.

"Ehm......". He opened his mouth to speak but no word came out. How on earth should he respond to her question?

She is indeed alluring but how should he tell her? This is difficult. He hasn't been approached bluntly by a girl before, thus doesn't know how to react or speak.

Mia took a deep breath and smiled inwardly. It's like Kaiden is diffident. Since that's the case, she will devise another means that will give her the immediate result she wants.

"Fine. Can we talk in Mrs Jolene's office?"

"No!!". He snapped. Such a quick response.

Mrs Jolene is their science teacher and has been out of school for a while because herself and her team travelled for science research works in another country. She is expected to return in a week.

How will they get into the office if not by breaking in. What If they're caught?? Maybe his initial instinct was right. Mia is really out for trouble. Breaking into Mrs Jolene's office? No way!!

He shook his head. "I can't break into that office please".

Mia looked at him steadily and in amusement. Her interest in him grew.

"We aren't breaking in, I have the keys".

His eyes suddenly lit up in surprise. "You have the key?

Quickly, his eyes dimmed and he stared at her suspiciously. This is real trouble!! Did she still her keys and expect him to partner in such crime with her?

"How did you get her keys?"

Pulling his hand, she walked forward. She was too lazy to explain further.

"Stop asking questions please".

Soon , they arrived the office. Their eyes darted around cautiously before she quietly opened the door and she got in. Kaiden remained outside. What if they're caught? He can't be here.

He quickly turned to leave but was pulled forcefully into the office, then the door shut.

"Why are you fidgeting like a mouse? I only want us to talk for just few minutes, nothing more".

Does she think her words were convincing. Mia could sense his suspicion and knew If she doesn't explain well, her efforts will be futile again.

"Mrs Jolene is my aunt. Before she travelled, she gave the keys to me in case we needed to get any learning material from her office".

Finally, her explanation were convincing.

"Ooh! So it's like that?". His tensed body relaxed as he heaved a sigh of relief.

Once relaxed, Mia quickly pulled off her top exposing her huge boobs which were almost bouncing out of their compartments.

The sight of them made Kaiden's Adam apple roll continuously. Aren't they supposed to be talking? What's with the pulling of clothes?

His mouth hung opened as he ogled at Mia.

Coquettishly, she walked slowly towards him and before he realized what was going on, he felt her hand on his crotch. He was taken aback by her sudden action.

His cock jumped hungrily and hardened immediately. His desire couldn't be hidden, his cock has betrayed him.

"I just want to feel this huge snake in me Kaiden". Her voice was low, soft and arousing.

Rubbing his crotch with her left hand, she unhooked her bra with her right hand and pulled it off slowly, allowing the boobs to jump out.

Kaiden cursed inwardly. His body stiffened. Those boobs were so full and attractive with the pink teats which were obviously hardened inviting him to taste them.

She felt his cock jerk and becoming harder. She could feel how thick it was. She stroked gently, making him gasp in pleasure.

Can he be saved from her hands today? This was indeed trouble for him. A trouble he will consciously fall into without complaining.

He found himself licking and biting his lips. Was it intentional? It wasn't!! Those tits caused it!!! Those hands working magic on his crotch caused it!!

When he saw his little actions, she was certain he has fallen for her and a victorious smile appeared on her face. Who said Mia can't get any guy she wanted?

Without wasting time, she got out of her denim leaving only her lingerie.

"Fuck!!" Kaiden cursed out. His cock throbbed greatly. He could feel his cum rushing to the tip. The throbbing was painful. He was fixed at the stop gaping at the unclad female before him.

Mia unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, allowing the huge cock to sprung out.

She gasped at the sight. It was bigger and thicker than she imagined. This is the type of cock she likes. The type that can fill her up perfectly. The one that is huge enough to touch those hidden G-spots.

She held the huge cock in her hands, stoking it gently. It was very thick that her palm couldn't circle around it perfectly.

The sight of the cock, sent tingling sensations to her thighs. She wanted it so desperately in her.

Slowly, she squatted and took it in her mouth. She tasted his pre cum, it was salty and sweet. Licking and slapping the huge snake on her lips, she stroked his balls gently.

A loud groan escaped his lips.

This isn't what he expected. She said they were just going to talk, but here they are preparing to fuck!! Right now, he needed to be in her.

To hell with the talking!! To hell with the pretence!!

"Mia!!!!!" He screamed loudly as her action intensified. If she continues, he will definitely cum in her mouth.

His eyes were shut and his legs trembled from excitement.

Noticing he might soon cum, she stopped her action, stood up and sat on Mrs Jolene's office desk.

She peeled her panties to the side, exposing her pink clit. Without suppressing the urge, he got off his trousers and brief allowing the huge snake to dangle as he approached her.

She licked her lips in anticipation. She can't wait to have that in her. This is the biggest dick she had ever had in reality.

Slowly, Kaiden placed the tip of his pecker at the entrance of her pussy, making her release an alluring moan.

He circled it gently around her clit, feeling her wetness on his cock.

"Please put in in". Was she pleading for the dick? If her plea will make him put it in fast, then she doesn't mind pleading more.

"Can you take me? Can you?". His voice was hoarse, a proof he was suppressing his urge. He knew how huge he is and doesn't intend to hurt her.

She was intensely wet and her pussy throbbed violently. Searching her eyes for permission which he readily got, Kaiden pushed in gently, gently and finally every inch was in her.

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