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"Oooooh!!!". She moaned loudly as her pussy was stretched by the huge organ. It filled her up completely making her gasp.

"Fuck!!". He groaned.

Without waiting for him, she held his waist tightly and started moving in rhythm, then Kaiden joined her, pushing in and out, unleashing all the accumulated urge

The only times she felt this stretched and filled up were those nights when that man with wings and very long and huge phallus visited him and slept with her.

Soon, Kaiden spilled his entire seed on her belly, them steadied his breathing.

That was awesome. He has never felt this way before. Now, he's regretting not giving her attention all this while.

He wiped his phallus with the tissue paper, put on his trousers and adjusted his clothes. Likewise Mia, she wiped off the thick cum on her belly with the tissue paper then dressed up and finger combed her hair.

Quietly and cautiously, they both left the office to their various classes like nothing happened between them.

Luckily, she got in before their tutor came in.

"Where did you go to?". Gianna whispered.

She searched everywhere for Mia after she left her to approach Kaiden and his friends but couldn't find her.

Mia giggled lightly and licked her lips. "To fuck Kaiden. It was amazing". Her voice was very low.

The shock on Gianna's face was well pronounced. Did her friend finally did it with Kaiden? She gazed at her in surprise. How is that even possible?

Mia leaned closer to her ear. "He's bigger than I thought".

Talking about dick again? Will this her friend ever change? She's is still expecting the big day she will stay a whole day without talking about it.

"Good for you".

"Sex is sweet Gianna, won't you try it?". This time her voice was low but loud enough to be heard by the two girls sitting in front of them.

Her blunt words made them bobbed their heads at them in disgust.

"Don't you fuck?". She glared at the two girls who suddenly turned their heads away from them in embarrassment.

Such a garrulous young girl!!

"Mia!!!!!". Gianna wasn't happy about her utterances. She should allow her mouth have a little bit of self control. Doesn't she have a little shame? She was never like this.

When they were in their first year, Mia was as reserved as Gianna. She was never a nymphomaniac, but suddenly everything changed.

It was time to ask Mia the reason for her actions. She isn't comfortable with it anymore. What if she contracts a sexually transmitted disease?

She needs to find a solution to this problem. To Mia, it isn't a problem but to her, it is a huge, dangerous problem.

Soon, their last class for the day was over and the two girls went to Gianna's lodge which was very close to the university.

While they were chattering, Gianna remembered what she wanted to ask Mia.


Mia replied nonchalantly. "Mmmmh"

"Can you open up to me?".

Mia was shocked by her question. Is everything alright? She turned to face her, four eyes locked , her brows furrowed in thought.

"What is it Gianna? I haven't hidden anything from you before". For Gianna to have that serious expression on her face, it means something was really bothering her.

Gianna lowered her head, thinking of the best way to bring up the topic. Finally she summoned courage.

"I'm sorry to say this Mia but I'm worried. Your quest for sex is becoming too alarming. You weren't like this before. Why did you suddenly change?".

She paused, observing her expression. Seeing that Mia was calm, she continued.

"I'm not judging you and will never judge you but I'm bothered."

Mia averted her eyes from Gianna, and was suddenly lost in thought. Her friend is right, she was never like this, but she won't lie, she enjoys her presence self.

"Mia!!!". When she realized Mia was lost in thought, she gave her a slight push to pull her mind back to the present.

She jerked at the push, recovered her usual composure and smiled helplessly.

"Gianna, it's that man. He successfully turned me to what I have become". Her voice was solemn.

"Which man Mia?". Gianna was worried and was ready and willing to help her.

"I don't really know him. He only comes to me in the night when I'm subconscious.".

Her mood was bleak as she narrated her ordeal.

"Subconscious? You mean half awake, half asleep?". In her own understanding, subconscious means she was not fully asleep or fully awake.

"Yes Gianna". She shut her eyes slightly as she recalled the incident.

"The first time he came, I was asleep, then suddenly I felt my sleep wear raised up. I sluggishly opened my eyes to see a handsome man with two horns and two broad wings. It was not just that, he was completely naked and has a very long phallus"

"Gianna, I mean a very long phallus. He was standing at the door of my bedroom, but his phallus was long enough to raise my sleep wear up from that point."

At the description, Gianna shuddered in fear. She knew the distance between Mia's bedroom door and her bed. What creature will have such long phallus.


The day was very hectic as she had so many activities in school. After she checked her mini aquarium, Mia took her bath and laid tiredly on her bed.

Soon, she drifted into sleep.

She felt her sleep wear being raised and thought that the light wind coming in through her window must have caused it.

Subconsciously, she pulled the clothe down, turned around and laid on her belly. Not quite long, the sleep wear was raised again, this time higher to her waist.

She sighed, turned around to adjust her clothe again only to see a handsome man with two horns and two broad wings at the door smiling at her.

I must be dreaming. She shut her eyes tightly, hoping it was a dream but her clothe went up again.

She opened her eyes wide, to see the same man still standing at the same spot. She took a careful look at the man only to gasp in horror.

Aside the horns and wings, he was completely naked with an extremely long, huge phallus. The most horrific part was that her sleep wear was actually being raised by the phallus.

"Aaaah!!!!" A scream escaped her lips but was instantly blocked by the intrusion of the phallus in her mouth.

Her eyes widened in horror as she held her breath hoping this was all a dream.

"Shhhh". The man placed his index finger on his mouth.

Without any struggle, she kept mute and watched in horror as the phallus was pulled out of her mouth.

New chapter is coming soon
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