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Few minutes later, calmness was restored around the beach. Tourists started coming out gradually to check the surrounding.

All the houses were intact except one!!!

Men rushed to rescue the inhabitants, but no one was in. They searched the building but no trace of human belonging was found.

"Maybe they've left". A man, who was leading the group expressed his thoughts. With that possibility made known to them, they returned to their various temporary abode at the beach.

Because of the disturbances during the day, no one came out to view the rolling waves and watch the twinkling stars. The beach was too quiet to believe tourists were present.

For the Smiths, the journey in the train was very quiet. Since it was pass twilight, some passengers were sleeping while some were dozing off. Same goes for Veronica Smith and her elder son Jack, who were asleep.

Lucia was fully awake. His face was stiff, his fists clenched and his eyes lifeless as they alternated, green and lemon colours.

He can feel them searching for him. They were getting farther from him. Those demons were like him before, kind hearted and willing to protect the human race, until Babylian.......

At the thought of that name, Lucia's face darkened. "You'll pay for your actions Babylian!!!".

Lucia was a fourteen years old vibrant boy, always cheerful and playful. That was before he was possessed by Incus. His actions from the time he fell at the beach and was covered with the dark clouds has been controlled by Incus.

Physically he was Lucia but inwardly he was Incus!!! He is young and powerless, thus can't fight the wishes of the demon within him.

It was around 1:00am, the Smiths finally arrived home. Lucia rushed into his room, took a warm bath, laid on his bed and soon drifted into sleep.

Two days later.

Lucia was sitting on a chair in his room, reading a story book gifted to him by his mother.

"Lucia!! Lucia!!". The voice whispered his name but loud enough for him to hear.

He turned to see the presence.

What beheld his eyes was a creature. He remembered!!he saw same creature in the sky at the beach.

It was a man, quite handsome, with two vertical horns on his head full of silvery short hairs. His upper body is bare while his lower body is covered with a loin cloth. He has two powerful, extensive wings, silvery in colour, which were attached to his muscular hands.

He stood gallantly staring at Lucia.

In amazement, Lucia rose from the chair.

"I've seen you before!! In the sky!! You're an alien!! I know!!". His voice was full of excitement as he gazed in astonishment, the strange, but handsome creature before him.

He strode slowly towards Lucia, smiling beautifully as he got closer to him.

"I'm sorry Lucia!!". Maybe, he doesn't speak loudly, because his voice was still very hushed. Lucia was bewitched by his smiles.

"Who are you? Can I touch your wings?". He stretched his arm to touch the silvery wings. They were soft, like the wools of a sheep.

"Beautiful!!". His eyes lit up in admiration.

"Lucia!! I'm sorry for invading you without your permission!!.It was unexpected". He placed his muscular hand on his small head and ruffled his short hairs.

What is he saying? Invading him? "Alien!! I don't understand". His beautiful round eyes gazed at him for more detailed explanation.

The man looked at him. Such a wonderful boy!! Children are really wonderful!!!

"I'm in you right now Lucia!!to save my existence, to save the world from their claws". His words were more confusing for a fourteen years old human.

The confusion written all over his face was very obvious. He's in me? Does it mean I can fly?


"I'm Incus. The demon of peace, love and co-existence of the realms". He interrupted Lucia. His words shocked his young mind. Demon? Demons are evil? But he said he's a demon of peace and love.

He stared at Incus with so much fear and worry.

"Don't worry child, with time, you will understand. Just remember that I need you to fight them".

As he spoke, he moved closer and closer and closer to Lucia.

"The mantle is what they seek. Without it Babylian is nothing. In your heart, have I hidden the mantle and together we will protect it."

Immediately, he entered his body and he fell heavily on the ground.

"Nooooo!!!!". Lucia screamed out as he jarred from his sleep. His breathing was heavy, sweat soaked his sleep wear. He blinked his eyes severally. It's a dream!!. He placed a hand on his chest, trying to regulate his breathing.

Once his breathing became steady, he laid quietly on the bed and soon slept off.

The next morning, Lucia woke up as happily as before. He can not recall the dream. It was like, the dream never happened.

He freshened up, then hurried to the dining room for breakfast. In the dining room were his parents and elder brother who were already seated.

"Late for breakfast?". His father bellowed. It was a rule in the house to appear early for breakfasts and dinners.

"I'm sorry dad". He quietly pulled a chair and sat down.

The members of the family were shocked. Is this really Lucia? Whenever, he was reprimanded for coming for breakfast late, he will always throw tantrums and even cry, but today, he apologized. Strange!!

Mr Smith gave his younger son a meaningful look, raised his brows and continued with the breakfast.

After breakfast, Paul and Lucia were dropped off at school by their father. Throughout the ride, the once lively Lucia who will always chatter till they get to school was quiet.

Jack tried to engage him in discussion but he will always give a short response, usually a word, then returned his gaze outside.

The car stopped in front of their school and their father killed the engine.

"Is anything the matter, Lucia?". Lucia who was about opening the door stopped his action the moment his father's question came out.

He bobbed his head and gave out an infectious smile.

"Dad. I'm very okay. There isn't any problem"

He unlocked the door and stepped out.

"Have a beautiful day dad!". Lucia closed the door, waved at his father and ran off leaving his elder brother to jog behind.

Seeing his boys going into the school, Mateo Smith, drove away.

Lucia ran to his classroom. Immediately he got to the door, loud and mixed voices intruded his head. He knew those voices, he is familiar with them. Those are lower demons!!

He gently opened the door and stepped in, instantly, the noises stopped. He glanced around, he could see three girls in his class lowering their heads. From their reaction, they felt his presence.

It's them!! They have been possessed by demons. He could tell they have because his body is occupied by Incus.

Hmmm!!! Lucia scoffed, walked to his desk and sat down quietly. The lesson went smoothly, without any form of interruption or distraction. As for the voices, they never came through again.

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