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Soon, it was lunch time.

"Let me go!!". A little girls voice was heard crying out in pain. Her hair was being pulled by Hayden, the school bully.

Hayden has been a thorn in everyone's flesh. He is known for his incessant bullying and constant fighting. No one could challenge him. Even the school can't do anything to him.

It was rumored that his father is the Mayor, thus, Hayden is untouchable. Once he picks his prey, no one dare to save whosoever it was until he was satisfied.

"Plea...see!!!". The girl was obviously in pain. His grip on her hair was very tight. A closer look on her scalp, one could see the reddened patches from the pressure of the pull.

"Give me the money and I'll let you go!!!". Only the sound of his voice made other children shrink in fear. No one stayed close to them, for fear of being picked on.

"No money please!!!". Tears wet her face. Her young face reddened in pain.

"I saw you with money!!!". His roar was thunderous, but the moment his roar came, mighty shiver ran through his body.

Those fierce eyes!!! He can feel them on his body!! They were trying to tear him apart!!.

He recognized those eyes!!!. They are from the General of the realms!! First General Incus!!! Why is he here?

Instantly, his grip loosened on the girl's hair as his eyes scanned the environment in fear.

The girl, who has just been released, scatted away in fear.

Just in a jiffy, his eyes landed on Lucia. Lucia? He stood at the spot petrified. He could sense Incus in Lucia.

It was because of the demon before him that he left the realm to earth.

But what is General Incus doing here? Is he here to take him back to the realm? Oh no!!! He shivered at the thought of that.

He can't return to the realm!! No!! No!! I can't. He will be heavily punished if he returns.

Lucia stood a little distance away from him, a sly smile appeared on his face.

Marculus!!! The demon of disorder and bullying. So this is the body he has been occupying? Few years ago, he disrespected the Lord Majesty, then pulled out of the realm to avoid punishment. An action other demons dreaded.

Once a demon pulled out of the realm on his own accord, he is meant to roam around the earth unable to return. Only the mantle can send him back to the realms.

Lucia would have sent him back to be punished severely for his forbidden action, but the Lord Majesty is now under the control of Babylian, the second General of the realms.

"You left the realm to cause havoc on earth?". Incus mind - linked him.

"I'm sorry General. It won't happen again ". Hayden sent his response through mind-link.

In the eyes of other children, the two boys were only staring at each other and nothing more.

"I hope so". He gave Hayden a warning look, them turned around and left.

The moment, Lucia left, Hayden hurriedly left too.

"That was so close!!". Marculus heaved a sigh of relief. He was so scared that the General might strip him of his power. Of course, he has the ability to do that to lower demons like him.

"You can't even protect us!!. What type of fidgeting demon are you?". Hayden wasn't happy at all. This wasn't what Marculus promised.

Although they were two different entities, they usually work together, but at times, have the mind of their own just like now.

He went behind the school library and sat down on the pavement, reminiscing on the past.

Three years ago.

It was a summer night. Hayden sneaked out of his room to the backyard and sat on the lowly swing.

Due to his easy tendency to get into trouble everytime, his parents prohibited him from leaving the house especially in the night. So this particular night, he sneaked out.

While sitting on the swing moving to and fro slowly, he heard rustling of leaves. He suddenly stopped his action and gazed up at the tree from which the swing was hung.

He saw the leaves moving, like an object was forcing its way through them. Fear gripped him. His eyes widened in panic and his body trembled slightly.

He stood up abruptly from the swing, turned to leave when an object dropped on the ground. His heart left his chest as he behold the object looking like a ball of leaves transform into a man.

Adrenaline rushed to his brain and the next thing on his mind was run!! Without waiting any further, he turned and ran.

"Stop!!". The voice was chilly and scary. It was like, it had a magical power in it that forcefully halted him.

He dared not turn his head. He was petrified. His body was shaking violently and his pants became wet. He peed on himself!!!

Who will blame him? He was just thirteen years. Who wouldn't pee on his body if met with such situation? Even an adult would.

"Turn around!!!". Did the man just asked him to turn around? He won't dare.

Hayden stood at the spot, his mind suddenly went blank. His bladder became full again and he emptied it on himself. Such an embarrassment.

"How many times will you pee on your clothes Hayden!!!".

What!! He knows my name? His hands gripped his clothe tightly, not knowing what next to do. He was just pinned at the spot.

"I'm not here to hurt you, I'm here to talk. Just turn around". The once chilly voice became soft.

"Just turn around". As he spoke, it was like the wind took his words as instruction and suddenly, Hayden was whirled to face him.

The figure before him was terrific. He shut his eyes tightly but they flew opened forcefully.

Before him was a two faced blue-hued mam with two large curved horns on each of his head. His hands were broad and metallic.

"I'm Marculus!! The demon of disorder, mischief and bullying".

Suddenly, a light flashed across Hayden's face and he stared at the creature before him. He opened his mouth to scream for help but a lump formed in his throat withholding his voice.

The rhythm of his heartbeat was too fast. What did I get myself into?

"I can help you teach Oscar Miles a lesson, or are you comfortable with the way he oppreses you?".

The blue- hue man was speaking but his lips weren't moving. Hayden was shocked at his words. Not only does he know his name but knows about Oscar Miles. Is he following him around? Or...........

Oscar Miles is an older boy in his school. He's a class higher than Hayden, though is past the age of that class. Hayden being troublesome will always pick on the boy, making jest of him for being in that class at his age.

Well, Hayden will always get a thorough beating in return for the jest. This made him hate Oscar a lot.

As the young lad he is, his mind is filled with thoughts of the day he will beat Oscar and here he is, before a creature who was willing to make that thought become a reality.

"I take your silence as a No. I know what is on your mind. I've been following you". He took several steps towards Hayden while Hayden took several steps away from him.

"Not only Oscar Miles, no one else will be able to challenge you. I'll protect you. Allow me in and I'll help you".

As he spoke he kept taking steps towards him, while Hayden kept retreating until his back touched the cold wall.

It will be a good thing if Oscar is taught a lesson by him. And no one can challenge him? This offer is mouth watery. Finally, he summoned courage and spoke.

" do y....ou wa.....nt me to do". Out of fear, his words broke into stutters.

" Just let me in". Marculus was just few inches away from him.

"H...ow?". He can feel the coldness emitting from the demon's body. The entire atmosphere around him became chilly. The hot summer night turned cold around him.

"Just close your eyes. Now!!!". The last word came out as a command and very deep.

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