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Hayden immediately shut his eyes and in the twinkle of an eye, he felt a force of wave rush into his body, making him fall to the ground.

After what wasn't up to two minutes, he opened his eyes, stood up and dusted his body.

He glanced around and a sinister smile appeared on his face. Quietly, he crept into the house and then his room.

The next day in school, Oscar got a treat from Hayden. From that day onwards, he became the school bully, causing trouble everytime and everywhere.

Because of the second presence in him, he could control his parents and even teachers. Not one dared to challenge him, until today!!!

"Why didn't we beat up that boy?". Hayden was obviously dissatisfied. Since the demon took his body as his home, no child in school dared him.

"That's not a boy Hayden!!!! He's the first General of the realm!!. We are fortunate he didn't react". From his shaky voice, Hayden can tell how scared he is.


"The same way I'm in you is the same way he is in the boy. We should stay away from that boy!!".

Hayden wasn't willing to speak to him any further, so he kept mute, staring blankly at the distance.

The remaining day went smoothly. No one was bullied in school again that day.

That same night while the Smiths were dining, Jack recalled the incident in school.

"Dad. Mom. Guess what?. Lucia scared off the school bully today!!!". His voice was filled with so much excitement.

He watched the interaction between his younger brother and Hayden. He saw how scared Hayden was when Lucia appeared. He was really happy that his brother could challenge Hayden who no one could.

"When?". One thing he doesn't want is his parents discovering the second being living in him. He was gradually blending into his existence in his body.

"I saw it. You glared at him". Jack was smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"I only looked at him not glare, moreover I didn't talk to him". He refuted his brother's claim immediately.

"Yes!! Yes!! Tell me, do you know any of his secret?".

Maybe Lucia knew one his secrets that will make him scared the moment he appeared.

"It's alright boys. It's a good thing the bully was scared. It means he will stay away from you and your brother". It was Mateo Smith who spoke.

He has heard of the so called bully from his sons. He has also heard from other parents how the bully was causing nuisance in school and how the school authority couldn't do anything about it.

He had warned his sons to stay far away from him, so if truly he was scared off by Lucia, then it's a good thing.

"Of course!!!". Jack was the happiest. On several occasions, Hayden forcefully took his lunch making him stay hungry throughout those days. At least, he will not bother him again.

The dinner ended happily and everyone retired to their rooms.

Two weeks later.

"My Lord Majesty. It's been so hard on you. Don't worry, I'll definitely find a way to save you". Atemetis spoke in a very low voice afraid that the guarding demons will hear.

She is the demon of love and friendship, with the ability to take the smallest form. She is indeed beautiful and always smiling. Her outer appearance is quite deceitful because she looks so calm on the surface.

Her ability to take smaller forms made her a weapon used by the Lord Majesty during war. She can pass through the tiniest hole, into the enemy's camp and execute her job perfectly.

No one in the realm knew of this ability except the Lord Majesty.

Earlier, she changed her form, then passed through a crack in the cell to see the Lord Majesty who was chained by Babylian after he betrayed him and took the key of authority from him.

"If only you can my Atemetis. There is nothing you can do my child".

Atemetis hurt to see him in so much pain. The chains drain him of his powers everyday. If it were to be a lowly demon, the chains should have drained his entire power by now, but because he is the being with the highest rank in the realm, it will take a very long time for his powers to be completely drained.

"I can sneak into his chamber and retrieve the key". She was very confident. She can't lose hope. No matter how difficult it is, she will try to save him.

He was her saviour, her benefactor and her master.

So many decades ago, war broke out in the Western realm. The General who oversaw the Western realm made a decree to stop the existence of demons whose characters differed from what he believed in.

The General then believed in war and violence. He wanted the world to be in chaos, a place where different kinds of evil will prevail, but his right hand demon objected.

This led to the splitting of the realm into three factions. One supported the General, the other supported the Right hand demon while the third supported no one.

Soon, war broke out between the factions, each fighting for superiority.

The Lord Majesty, heard of the war and stepped in. He successfully restored peace in the Western realm, then vanished the General of the Western realm.

Once a demon is vanished, it stops existing. Only the Lord Majesty has such ability because he alone possesses the key of authority and the mantle. The two used together can make a demon to stop existing.

After peace was restored in the Western realm, the right hand demon was made the new General.

It was during this period that Atemetis was found by the Lord Majesty. He found her hiding in a hole, that was after her parents lost their existence in the war.

He took her home and groomed her. Under his care, she grew up to display her abilities which he hid from the entire realm.

She is the only one of her kind existing in the entire realm, but who knows, there might be another probably hiding like her.

So the Majesty was her saviour and she can't sit idle in the realm and watch him suffer because of his belief in peaceful existence of all realms and the human world.

"The key of authority is now embedded in his forehead, you can't get it out".

He was sad and depressed. He trusted Babylian but he turned around and betrayed him.

"Isn't there something else we can do?". She was worried. Does it mean his Majesty will remain chained forever? There should be another way.

He looked up, his eyes which are gradually losing its golden colour dimmed.

"There is another way". He locked his weak eyes on her.

"Only the master key can neutralize the power of the Key of authority".

"How?, my Lord"

"First, you will leave the realm to the world in search of Incus. The mantle should be kept safe and away from any demon. Without the mantle, the function of the key of authority is limited".

He flipped his wings weakly.

"As long as that mantle remains with Incus, I'll will keep existing" The only reason his existence will be threatened is if the mantle leaves the hands of Incus to any evil hands.

"Once you find Incus, tell him of the master key, search for it and think of a way to retrieve it because it was thrown to a place where no demon dared to go in".

"Any human that sets his or her eyes on the key will have a silver crown hovering over her head. Only demons can see the crown"

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