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Atemetis listened keenly as the details flowed out of his mouth.

"Tell Incus to meet Incubus of the Western realm, he will help the both of you. Know also that the Eastern realm has been colonized by Babylian"

"My Majesty, let me hurry. In this situation, delay is very dangerous". She squatted on the ground about to change her form.

"One more thing Atemetis!! Once you leave the realm, your absence will be felt. I still have my ability to hide absence of a demon in the realm and presence of a demon in the world. Come closer".

The thought didn't cross her mind. Once she leaves, all the demons will know.

She stood up and went closer to him.

"Put your hand in the pocket of my right wing".

She did as instructed. The moment her hand touched the inner part of the pocket, felt a kind of air circulating around her.

Then the voice of the betrayer came.

"Guard!!! Open the door, let's see the amount of life left in your weak Lord Majesty". It was the voice of Babylian. His voice was filled with scorn and ridicule.

"Yes General". The guard fearfully responded

"How dare you!!!!! Who did you call General? I Babylian, demon of the waters and wind is the Lord Majesty of the realms!!!".

He flapped his spiked tail aggressively, sending numerous spikes into the body of the guarding demon who shrunk in fear and whimpered in pain as the spikes hurled on him.

"I'm sorry....Lord Majesty". The demon knelt and bowed before Babylian.

He is just a lowly demon without no special ability other than his guarding ability. To continue existing in the realm, he conceded to Babylian even when he hated the course he was fighting for.

The eyes of both Atemetis and the Lord Majesty blazed at the roar of Babylian.

"Your absence from the realm can't be noticed and your presence in the world of human cannot be noticed too. Now leave!! Babylian is here". His voice was very hushed and filled with fear. Not fear for himself, but fear that Atemetis might be discovered.

The moment Atemetis heard his words, she pulled her hand out of the pocket of his wing, lowered her body, change into a tiny form and left the cell through the crack she came in from.

"Stupid you!!! Open the door!!!". Babylian bellowed arrogantly at the guarding demon, flapping his wings violently as a symbol of his authority over other demons.

The guarding demon hurriedly opened the huge metal door, then gave way for his new forced majesty to go in. To avoid his fierce anger, obedience is the key.

Slowly, but arrogantly he approached his master who he betrayed because of his insatiable and evil reasons.

Almost close to him, he suddenly stopped in his track, his flame eyes dimmed as he sniffed the air.

He turned around briskly and flapped his wings. Raising his face upward, he sniffed the air again, then bobbed his horned head to his Prisoner.

"I can smell another presence!!! Who was here?". His flame eyes burned as he they stared at his master whose appearance was calm and fearless.


Panicked, the guarding demon rushed in, then knelt before him with his head lowered. A sign of respect and reverence.

"Who came in?". His voice was condescending. His aura which was already dangerous became more dangerous.

"No one Ge... Your Majesty". What!! To make the same mistake again?. To call him General again?

"No one came in except you my Majesty".

Babylian narrowed his eyes at the shuddering demon. Is his instinct wrong? He obviously smelt another presence.

"Seem like Babylian can't discern truth from lie. Ha.....ha.....ha.....ha". The Lord Majesty laughed hysterically.

Any Lord Majesty of the realm always have the ability to discern truth from falsehood. This is because of the mantle and the key of authority in their possession.

Aside from those two items of royalty, they always have a wave of power passed through them from the previous Majesty.

The wave of power indicates that the old Lord Majesty has given the new one full authority to rule. This is usually done when the existence of the sitting Majesty is about to end due to some rare circumstances.

This is one secret no demon knew aside the Lords Majesty. If only Babylian knew of such reality, he wouldn't have acted rashly.

"Shut up!!!!!". Babylian growled angrily. He knows the demon before him was mocking him.

"You portray yourself as the Majesty of the realms but can't solve such trival matter. Babylian!!!you're a failure!!".

"I command you to bow!!!!!". As the highest ranked officer of the realms which was made possible by the key in his possession, he can command demons.

"Such a fool you are Babylian!!!. Fortunately I hid the truth from you!!!!. You have no such ability to command me!! Until you are fully qualified to do so!!!".

"I Pruceluse, the demon of all demons including you Babylian, remain the Lord Majesty!!!!!!". Another thunderous hysterical laughter left his lips.

"This chains can only stop me from using my powers but cannot make you condescend over me!!! You are the most foolish demon I have ever known".

The mockery in his words were too intense for Babylian to swallow. In rage, he roared. River of water gushed out of his mouth, filling the entire cell, but no drop got close to Pruceluse.

His entire body darkened and became molten, as his roar intensified. He hit his tail aggressively, releasing spikes but no one came close to the Lord Majesty.

The entire demons in the realms felt his anger.

Lucia looked up to the sky and saw it darkened. There will be a terrible storm. Even on earth, he could feel his anger. "Babylian!!!".

Who knows how the Majesty is faring in his hands.

Lucia stood in the middle of the school field gazing solemnly at the darkened sky. His human eyes turned green. He isn't Lucia Smith at this time but Incus.

Babylian must be raged at this moment. If only he has a quick solution to end his mischief.

He needs to stop Babylian, but how?

Children in school were taken to the basements for safety. Those in the offices and homes took cover were their safety was guaranteed.

The radio and television stations broadcast the undetected fierce storm coming through. People were running helter skelter.

Cities were in chaos

Only Lucia stood outside. No one knew he was there.

"Those humans you are protecting will pay for your mockery!!!!". Babylian who was still full of rage spat out.

Pruceluse sneered. What was the need talking with a stupid demon as Babylian? He is just power drunk. He can as well do whatever pleases him, but he, Pruceluse will never concede to him.

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