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Giving out a dangerous hysterical laughter, Babylian flapped his wings heavily and whirled them round violently, sending destructive hurricanes and tornadoes to different parts of the earth.

Branches of trees cut off, poles fell, the weather darkened like it was already night fall. Screams shrilled through the air. Cries were heard.

Parents whose children were still in school were in panic. The radio, television and other media transmission lines were cut off. The broadcast stopped.

Dusts were raised violently in the air by the fierce wind. Alarm systems were heard beeping loudly in different places.

Lucia stood still in the darkness. The wind whirled around him, but he wasn't moved. How can he stop Babylian? The only demon with such ability is the Lord Majesty, but has become a prisoner of Babylian.

If he isn't stopped, the world might be destroyed today.

He focused his gaze to the sky, trying to commune with his powers. He placed his hand on his chest, where he hid the mantle.

The mantle used with the key of authority can stop Babylian, the demon of wind of water, but he is only in the possession of the mantle.

Suddenly!! A thought flashed in his head. His eyes widened as a shallow, short smile surfaced on his face. The shape of his eyes rounder and the green colour deeper.

He raised his left hand to the sky and his right hand remained on his chest, not paying attention to the hurricane whirling violently around him.

He looked steadily at the darkened sky, ignoring all distraction, then in less than a minute, his eyes beheld Babylian, flapping his wings violently, river of water flowing rapidly out of his mouth.

"Pruceluse!!! This is what I'll call you!!! I'll send a heavy storm to the world you want to protect!!! They will die!! They will suffer!! I Babylian will not stop!!".

He stomped his feet heavily on the ground causing an intense vibration round the realms which was felt as earthquake on earth.

Demons in the realms shuddered in fear. The General of the Eastern realm, sat on his throne and smiled. The deed is done!! If Babylian can't be stopped, then it means one thing. The Lord Majesty has been over throned. Finally!!!

The quake came and shook the surrounding where Lucia was standing.

"I, Incus, demon of peace and co-existence of the realms, and the first General of the realms command you Babylian, second General of the realm and my subordinate,with the mantle in my hands to stop!!! Stop!! Babylian!!". Incus commanded. His voice deep like thunder, but couldn't be heard by an ordinary human.

Instantly, Babylian's wings which were flapping aggressively stopped moving. The river flowing out of his mouth vanished. He was stupefied!!

"What's happening?". Babylian was shocked. How is it possible? He has the key of authority, thus no one can stop him!!

The darkness dispelled on earth, the quake stopped, the hurricane ceased, the tornado retreated. The weather suddenly became bright.

The only evidence that such chaotic incident happened was the tree branches, fallen poles and overturned vehicles seen in different places, in the different cities of the world.

"It worked!! It worked!!". Incus was astonished. He only wanted to give the method a try. He didn't expect it to work.

As the first General of the realm, whose powers are still intact, he has the ability to command Babylian, the second General, who is also his subordinate. But without the key in his hands, him, Incus didn't know it will work.

That means the mantle in his hands had granted him authority over Babylian, even with the key of authority in Babylian's possession!!!

Gradually, his deep green eyes became lighter and lighter and finally, took it's human colour. Lucia glanced around, turned and left the school field, victorious smile obvious on his face.

Pruceluse smiled heartily. That's his loyal servant, Incus!! He knew Incus stopped Babylian. He was very happy to know Incus was safe!!

He stared at the confused Babylian. He wasn't wrong when he called this betrayer a fool. He is indeed a foolish demon.

Well, since he portrays himself as the highest ranked demon in the realms, he can as well solve the puzzle that has bewildered him.

He should find out who stopped his action and how it was successfully done. As for him Pruceluse, it will never slip from his mouth.

"Who stopped me?". His eyes gleamed as he looked fiercely at Pruceluse. He knows that the demon in chains , who was once his master and Lord Majesty of the realms has such ability, but without the key and with the chains around him, he's powerless.

Then who did it?

Or, did the Wizard of terror lie to him? He shouldn't try to trick him, if not , he will end his existence in the realms.

Giving Pruceluse one more glare, he stormed out of the cell. This mystery must be unravelled!!.

"Hope Atemetis reaches Incus soon". Pruceluse muttered to himself. By now, Atemetis should have left the realm in search of Incus.

"You will pay for your actions Babylian!!'. This was the truth. He believes he will regain his throne and make Babylian with all the demons that collaborated with him, pay dearly for their actions.

The moment Lucia got to the veranda of the classroom, he mixed with other children who were just released from the basement after it was confirmed the weather was calm.

No one noticed his absence and no one saw him coming from the field.

With today's incident, the news of Pruceluse dethronement will be known by all demons in the world. He can sense an impending danger.

Babylian might let all horrible demons loose just for his pleasure. This is why he needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

First, he needs to gather as many followers as possible for the future battle against Babylian.

First , he will absorb Maculus.

Because of the earlier incident, schools were closed immediately and parent trooped in to pick up their children. The terrific storm sent chills down their spines.

Lucia, traced Hayden through his sub conscious mind and found him in front of the school library.

He hurried to the library and saw Hayden standing alone, gazing at the sky. This should be what all humans possessed by the demons should be doing now. Gazing at the sky.

He jogged to him, then tapped him on the shoulder, to pull him out of his subconscious mind.

Hayden jerked, once touched, then bobbed his head briskly to see the intruder, only to see the one demon he dreaded

Fear gripped him. Is Incus here to teach him a lesson? Already, he was afraid of the happenings in the realm.

Before he ran out of the realm, aside disobeying the Lord Majesty, he had a long term brawl with Babylian and today, from the storm, he has deduced that Babylian was in control, more reason he thinks Incus left the realm.

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