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If Babylian is in control now, then his existence is threatened. He knows that demon, he will definitely get his revenge.

"I'm not here to hurt you, if I wanted to, I'll would have done it two weeks ago". Lucia connected the mind link demon communication.

"By now, you should be aware of the changes in the realm. Every demon should". Taking out a book from his school bag, he placed it on the pavement and sat down.

"Sit". He placed another book on the pavement, just a bit close to him, then gestured on Hayden.

Slowly and vigilantly, he sat beside the First General of the realms. If he isn't there to hurt him, then why did the General come to him?

"I know of the grudge between you and Babylian. Though he's in control of the realms for now, but I Incus still have authority over him". He paused, then drew carelessly on the ground.

"Form a loyal army for me to give back the throne to the Lord Majesty and in turn, I'll protect you against Babylian".

The image of his parents driving into the school flashed into his head. They are here to pick him up. He stood up, returned his book to his school bag.

"Marculus!! I mean loyal demons. Think about it and give me your reply soon".

He gestured on him to stand, them took his book, returned it also to his bag and jogged away, leaving the confused Hayden.

Once at the parking lot, he saw his mother walking hastily towards his classroom, her eyes darting around in fear. She must be very panicked.


She turned to see her son. Grinning from ear to ear, she hurried to him and carried him up, making him rest his head on her shoulder.

"Thank God you're safe". That's mother's love! She held him tightly, not letting him down. Only herself knew how scared she was when they drove into the school but couldn't find her second son.

She thought he might have been lost or injured.

"Mom. Put me down, I'm fine". How can she carry him up like this in the school premises? He isn't a baby. What if his classmates see him or even his juniors.

He forced his body off her grip, then quickly slid down her body and ran towards the car where his father and elder brother were waiting.

He opened the passenger's door and got in shutting the door heavily. Soon, Veronica Smith joined them in the car and their father drove away.

"Where did you go to?". Mateo Smith asked as he drove. His gaze on the road ahead.

Unlike other kids, Lucia wasn't waiting at the school entrance. His action caused their hearts to almost leave their chests, especially when Jack couldn't tell where he was.

"I went to pick my book that fell when we were running into the basement earlier today".

Should he tell them the truth? That his young body has been occupied by a demon. A demon who stopped the storm. Of course not!! He wouldn't tell. It's his secret and will remain a secret.

"Okay. I see. Thank God you both are safe".

No one spoke again. The car was tranquil. Everyone was engrossed in their own thoughts.

After Babylian left the cell, he summoned some guarding demons. These demons were always around the Lord Majesty, but since he took the key of authority from him, they were forced to obey his command.

"Gather here all guarding demons of the highest realm!!!". He domineering voice thundered, and in a jiffy, clapping of wings filled the air as the demons summoned flew to answer the call of their new leader.

Once they have gathered, they all knelt with their heads lowered, in respect to the once second General before them.

Babylian glanced around arrogantly, condescending on them all.

"Henceforth, the security of the highest realm must be intensified!!!!".

Will he ever speak calmly to them? He was the opposite of Pruceluse the Lord Majesty who was kind, peaceful and will never be harsh on them unless an offence to justify such.

"Every guarding demon must ensure that!!!!". His eyes darted to a particular demon.

"Nerlis!!!! Rise and come forward".

The demon rose, and walked steadily and valiantly to him.

"Henceforth, Nerlis is my right hand demon. Every guarding demon, in my absence, must take orders from him!!".

Nerlis is the demon who was always beside the Lord Majesty. He is the chief guarding demon and oversees the security of the Lord Majesty and also the entire highest realm.

But, he is also the demon who Babylian bought over to betray and overthrow the Lord Majesty.

"My order stands!! You may all disperse!!".

Once the order was given, they all rose, and flew away to different directions, except Nerlis who stayed behind.

"I need to see Melicarus, the Wizard of terror immediately".

And just as his words came out, they flew away to the Eastern realm, where Melicarus abodes.

When they arrived the gate of the Eastern realm, it opened on its own. This was because he has the key of authority. He can enter any realm without being stopped or questioned.

They went into the realm and straight to Melicarus's chamber. As he walked pass, every demon bowed in reverence to him.

This had been what he wanted. A position where all demons of the realms with fear, respect and bow to him. He must actualize it and no one can stop him.

This is why he is here, to reveal the demon or being who dared to stop him earlier that day. He doesn't believe in any peaceful co-existence.

Humans should be made to suffer!!

When they reached the chamber of the Wizard, Babylian got in while Nerlis waited outside. The moment the wizard saw him come in, he rose immediately to welcome him.

"My Majesty, welcome"

"Am I really the Majesty? Do I have all I need to become that?". He didn't respond to his greeting but showed his dissatisfaction immediately.

His tone was full of disrespect and arrogance.

How can he be called the Majesty when he was stopped while on the verge of sending his fury to the humans?

How can he be called the Majesty when he doesn't even have dominance over Pruceluse?

Though the once Lord Majesty is in chains and the key not with him, he can't still control him. This was too annoying.

Melicarus who is a very sharp witted wizard understood instantly that the demon before him was obviously not happy.

"Why not sit my Majesty, and tell me what the problem is". His voice was low and calm.

He wouldn't dare raise his voice, even when his attitude was disrespectful for an old demon like him.

"Did you say I should sit? Melicarus!! Did you just ask me to sit?".

The wizard frowned. Babylian hasn't taken over the entire realm and his attitude is so overbearing. What then will happen when he gains full control?

Did he take the right decision to help him achieve his desperate goal? Is he sure he won't regret it?

Well, if not for the grudge he has against Pruceluse, why will he help an arrogant and disrespectful demon like Babylian.

It's better to endure Babylian's attitude than watch that Pruceluse sit as the Lord Majesty of the entire realm!!

"I'm so sorry my Majesty, but how can I give a solution when you haven't told me the reason for your anger?"

Babylian was quiet. He glanced around the chamber and scoffed, then sat down on one of the chairs in the chamber.

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