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"You must have noticed what happened earlier today. I was about unleashing my terror on those forbidden humans when I was stopped by an unknown force".

He paused, his face ugly and his eyes were beginning to burn. That means danger!!!

"Calm down your majesty. Who dared to stop you? I'll find out immediately".

If he doesn't pacify the demon sitting in his chamber whose eyes were beginning to burn, then him, the wizard of terror will definitely be devoured.

Earlier when he saw the darkened realm, just like every other demon, he knew it was Babylian, then not quite long, the sky cleared and he thought Babylian stopped. Little did he know, another force stopped him!!!

The wizard pulled off the black shawl on his head and placed it on the ground. He gazed intently at it, his whole mind engrossed in it.

His eyes dimmed, his body became unmoving and his hands spread slightly above the shawl on the ground.

Seeing he was absorbed in his divination, Babylian remained quiet. Interruption of any kind wasn't needed at this point.

After a while the black color of the shawl changed to snow white, then back to black. The Wizard widened his eyes in shock and he immediately looked up and Babylian in horror.

How is it possible? This is bad!!!

When Babylian saw the shock on his face, he immediately knew the result isn't favourable.

"I command you to speak!!!". Whatever the result is, he still needed to know.

Melicarus's mouth trembled as he opened his mouth to speak. This wasn't the result he was expecting.

"My Majesty, you were stopped by.... by.......

The name was too heavy for him to call.

"Don't waste my time Wizard!!!!!! Who stopped me?"

His eyes were beginning to burn again and his horn shaking slightly.

"Incus!!! Incus stopped you my Majesty".

The moment the name was mentioned, his burning eyes quenched, his horns stopped shaking, his entire body stiffened. Incus? Incus stopped him? How?

"How?". His voice was barely heard.

"Is it because of the mantle in his possession?"

"My Majesty, from my own view, he was able to stop you because he ranks above you in the realm and also has the mantle. As your superior, he can command you as long as the mantle remains with him".

Babylian suddenly felt cold. He thought he has achieved his goal. He thought no one else could stop him in the realm. He thought the key of authority in his possession was his pass. He was wrong!!!! There is Incus!!! The first General of the realm!!

"What can be done?". The urgency in his voice couldn't be hidden.

There is no problem without a solution. If he can overthrow Pruceluse, he can as well solve this little problem.

"There is!!!". Melicarus replied immediately.

There is a solution, but.........

" My Majesty, the solution is if Incus is relieved of his rank and that can be done in two ways". He paused, and stared upward.

"First way is doing it yourself, but only if you have the key together with the mantle. Second way is Pruceluse."

"Pruceluse?". Smile which was always evil appeared on Babylian's face. The first way might take time, but the second way might be easier.

"Tell me more the great Wizard!!". His eyes were filled with great anticipation.

"Pruceluse can strip him of his rank with only the key of authority, but must be unchained"

Unchained? Babylian's once smily face turned ugly again. Unchain Pruceluse and give him the key of authority?

That will be the end of his existence. Any demon chained will lose his powers in three days but for the highest ranked demon, it will take decades before their powers are lost if chained.

Pruceluse is the highest ranked demon, so it means his powers are still intact. The chains are only obstructing the use of his powers.

If he unchains him and gives him the key to strip Incus, Pruceluse will make sure no demon named Babylian existed again in the realm.

Can he risk it? Impossible!!!!!

"Great Wizard, the second way is far impossible. You know what will happen".

"I do. I know, so the second way isn't an option". Pruceluse will definitely make him suffer.

He was banished from the highest realm by Pruceluse because he schemed against him. What will happen if the key gets into his hands again?

With Pruceluse's ability, he must have known of his involvement in Babylian's actions against him.

"So how far do you think Incus can go in stopping me?".

"Only when you use your powers. Remember, all demons aboding with humans on earth will always feel your actions, likewise Incus. You shouldn't act for now, else he will stop you again. Find Incus and take back the mantle!!!"

"With the mantle, he can return to the realms and we wouldn't want that to happen. Find Incus!!! Or you will never become the Lord Majesty!!!!".

His words were weighty and blunt, capable of enraging Babylian, but the truth must be told. As long as the mantle remains with Incus, as long as he still ranks above him, he is far from becoming the Lord Majesty.

"Thank you great Wizard of terror". Babylian rose swiftly and left the chamber.

He didn't spare a glance at Nerlis who has been standing outside waiting for him.

He strode furiously forward, not looking back. His body was spraying out water as he walked, a sign of his suppressed anger.

Demons avoided him as he walked. Nerlis stood a little farther from him. What happened in the chamber that made Babylian try so much to suppress his fury? This isn't the Babylian he knows.

The Babylian he knows does not suppress his anger rather he unleashes it.

Back to the highest realm and in his chamber, he summoned Nerlis.

The moment Nerlis came in he spoke without looking at him. "We need to find Incus as soon as possible".

"What order do you have Majesty?". Nerlis stood with his head bowed.

Babylian sat, deep in thought.

The day Incus left the realm, he sent many demons after him, but till now, no news have been heard.

They haven't been able to find him. How can it be difficult for so many demons to find Incus? Or does he have another hidden ability he isn't aware of?

At this moment, he was clueless on what to do. One thing is to find Incus, another is to retrieve the mantle.

He shut his eyes tightly in thought, while Nerlis waited patiently for him to give his orders. After a brief moment of silence, he took a deep breath and flapped his wings.

"Send Apocapolos, the demon of pleasure and hurt, who is in your army to the world. His sole duty is to lure Incus out from wherever he's hiding!!!".

"Your Majesty, I humbly suggest you return all the demons you earlier sent in search of him, lest he gets them and uses them against you". Nerlis advised.

If those weak, lowly demons are captured by Incus, they will definitely be used against the new Majesty, so the earlier they return, the better.

Babylian narrowed his eyes in careful thought, then bobbed his head in agreement.

"I can only return those sent out by me for now!!". His mood was bleak. If not for the intervention of Incus, he should have the ability to return all demons aboding with humans back to the realm.

But Incus wouldn't let him. He left with the mantle and still ranks above him in authority!!!. The thought of this alone makes him furious, but he can't react!!!

Incus!!! Just because of Incus!!!The Wizard of terror said he shouldn't react in anger for now until the mantle is in his hands.

Staring blankly, the memories of that day returned to his head.

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