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That day, he has successfully bought the guards around the Lord Majesty and was ready to execute his plan.

With the help of Melicarus, the great Wizard of terror, he got a very potent portion which could make the Lord Majesty fall into a deep slumber.

For a high ranked demon, portions don't work for him, so it took them years to be able to prepare a portion as potent as the one administered to Pruceluse.

On that fateful day, Babylian met Nerlis who was the Chief guard of the royal chamber.

"We will strike today. Take this, sprinkle it on his throne, once he sits on it, he will fall into a deep sleep, then I can go in and take what I want".

His voice was very low. He was cautious that someone might hear their discussion.

"Okay Second General". Nerlis took the bottle from him and hid it in the pocket of his left wing.

"Go in now, tell him the guarding demons are in a serious fight, then leave the rest for me".

It has all been perfectly planned. All they needed to do was make Pruceluse leave the royal chamber.

Just as instructed, Nerlis went into the chamber and informed Pruceluse of the fight.

"Guarding demons fighting? Where is Babylian?". Pruceluse doesn't attend to such trivial matters.

It was the duty of his Generals to maintain order among the lowly demons. Incus was sent on Ann official assignment and Babylian should be in the realm.

As the Lord Majesty, he could sense his presence in the realm, so while should Nerlis come to him?

"Lord Majesty, General Babylian is settling dispute among some lowly demons and General Incus isn't around". His words were too convincing to be false, so he didn't bother to scrutinize his words.

Since that was the case, Pruceluse rose from his throne and left the royal chamber.

Just as he left, Damian, the demon of fire, sneaked into the royal chamber and took away the mantle which was hung on the arm of the throne while Nerlis sprinkled the portion on the throne just as instructed.

Holding the mantle in his hand, he sneaked out of the room only to meet Incus at the door.

Out of panic of being caught, the mantle fell of his hand to the ground. Before he recovered from his shock, Incus had grabbed the mantle swiftly with his wings.

"What are you doing with this?". How can the mantle be in the possession of Damian? What was he doing in the royal chamber?

Suddenly, his green eyes deepened as realization hit him.

Lord Majesty!!!!! Is he okay? His eyes flickered, alternating colours as he rushed into the royal chamber but Damian wouldn't let that happen.

The demon of fire rushed at him and gave him an unexpected hard push which sent Incus flying to a distance.

In a jiffy, they were engaged in a fierce combat as Damian tried to take the mantle back.

Not aware of what was going on, Pruceluse after settling the brawl, returned to the his chamber and graciously sat on the throne.

Instantly, his eyes dimmed, then became very heavy and suddenly fell into a deep sleep!!

Once asleep, Babylian who had been notified by Nerlis rushed in, took the power absorbing chains which he had already prepared and chained Pruceluse.

He rubbed the second portion given to him by Melicarus, recited an incantation as instructed and successfully pulled out the key of authority from Pruceluse's forehead.

Having achieved his goal, he left the chamber happily, instructed some of the guarding demons he had already bought to send the sleeping Pruceluse to the cell, ensuring the chains were intact.

Once done, Babylian went out to meet Damian who he had already instructed to steal the mantle only to see him in a heated argument with Incus.

Not just that, he discovered the mantle was in the hands of Incus rather than Damian.

At the end, Incus departed from the realms with the mantle and out of anger, he sent Damian into the pit of of anguish to be punished.

His action against Damian who was loyal to him made other demons tremble in fear.

If Damian who showed his support from the time the plan was hatched to when it was executed could receive such ill treatment, what them will happen to them If they offend him?

Thus, every demon treaded cautiously around Babylian.

Disconnecting from the memories, he raised his eyes to stare at Nerlis, who was patiently standing and waiting for his response.

"You're right Nerlis!!!". He stood up abruptly and faced the East.

He spread his hands high in the air, his wings widely opened and his eyes gleaming fire.

"I Babylian, the demon of water and wind, the second General of the realm, with the key of authority in my hands command o ye demons aboding in the forbidden land of the humans to return thereof!!!! Return!!!! Return!!!"

"Report reaching us says there are several cases of convulsion in different hospitals of the world today. No one knows the cause".

The voice of several reporters from different media houses in various cities of the world were heard as they broadcast the sudden situation.

Hospitals were filled up with people suffering from medium to severe attack of convulsion.

Doctors were in confusion, scientist got a new research to carry out.

It was just like a rapid outbreak of epidemic.

But something happened!!! Not up to an hour, the patients recovered on their own without any medical assistance!!!

This marveled doctors of the world. It was also noticed that they all recovered at the same time interval just as they were attacked at the same time interval.

It became a mystery in the medical world. A mystery they must unravel!!!

Lucia sat in his bedroom staring at the television screen. The news of the sudden outbreak of convulsion was broadcast.

He smile mischievously. Seems Like Babylian has another trick up his sleeve!!!

On his own will, he sent those demons after him, then called them back to the realm. What is he planning?

Lucia turned off the television and laid on the bed deep in thought. Is the Lord Majesty okay? How can he help him?

In the realm, the demons summoned back returned. Some weren't happy to return. They hate Babylian and knew life in the realm would be very unbearable for them as long as he remained in charge.

But there is nothing they can do? They are lowly demons!!! Created to be in that form.

"Now Nerlis!! Send Apocapolos immediately!!!! Remember!!!! I need positive result soon!!!".

With that, he entered the royal chamber which was now occupied by him.

Once he left, Nerlis went to Apocapolos and delivered the message he was sent.

Without wasting time, Apocapolos departed the highest realm to the world.

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