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C5 Surprise

Esosa's POV

"Can someone please tell me what is going on here?" I asked calmly before I'll loose it.

My brother stepped closer beside me and placed hisarm on my shoulder rubbing it soothingly to ease my nerves.

"You’re about to hear something good" He whispers beside me.

My mind ran wild on the possibilities of a secret marriage proposal, "Please tell me it’s not a secretmarriage proposal because I can’t handle it" I beggedin a whisper gazing up at him.

Instead of answering my question he grins widelyat me and shook his head in amusement. He obviously finds it funny.

"Esosa, I know you are surprise to see me, not just mebut also few of your colleagues because your countenance says it all" I wanted to exclaim and 'obviously yes' to myGM Mr. Richard but I just nodded and he smiled at me.

Okay, everything seems funny to them here, not a bad sign.

"Well, I’m here for a purpose" he stated seriously andI myself was staring at him with all seriousness.

"Two years ago, when they made you the assistantsupervisor of all the cabin crews in Fly Emirate I personally was against it, I wondered how a young lady like you would handle such a position but now I do realize why they chose you, Esosa. Working with you has brought more growth tothe Fly Emirate Airlines, you’re doing a great job morethan the supervisor himself, you’re so dedicated, hard-working, intelligent, smart, a lady of ambition, self-discipline,in fact you possess the quality of a leader and with that on behalf of my representative we say a big thank you, Esosa" I heard some clapping around me immediately after the short speech of Mr. Richard. My colleagues were applauding and so also was my brother.

I forced out a smile and said, "Thank you sir".

Still, my mind wasn't satisfied since I haven't gotten an answer to my question. What exactly was Mr. Richard doing here? Was it really necessary for him to come in person to thank me for my hardwork? Many questionswas running through my mind and it was getting me uncomfortable.

"Is such a shame that we couldn’t get most of yourcolleagues to come over here to celebrate with us and you know is because of their busy schedules, but I’mglad we still have those close ones that matters to you here" he continued.

Celebrate with me? What are they really celebrating?

"Well, like I said earlier, there’s a purpose of me cominghere tonight, my superiors have sent me here to showan appreciation for all you’ve done" he brought out an envelope from his briefcase after saying that and handed it to me.

I collected it with shaky hands wondering what was inside.

"With you are documents that contains an agreementfrom Fly Emirates to make you their Special advisor round the globe, you’ll be traveling the world meetingall fly emirate business partners and you’ll be attending their meetings when needed so as to take note of whatever matters that arises that concerns the airline. It is your very own responsibility to advice the CEO and other executives’ members of the airline to take actions that seems fit to the growth of the Organization" he explained and I stared at him awestruck.

With my shaky hands, I brought out the documents fromthe envelope and read word for word all that Mr. Richardhas said. Oh my God, I wasn't expecting this. A jobpromotion for me? I nervously flipped to the next page and my eyes landed on the bonus that has been given tome. I almost lost my breathe for a moment.

"Yeah, lastly, the 2019 Audi car is a gift to you for yourhard work from Fly Emirate" he spoke up like he wasreading the documents along with me.

"Sorry, I almost forgot to mention that a duplex has been bought under your name in Paris to live in at anytime of your choice" he said and my gaze fell on that part of the document he just made mention of.

I was overwhelmed, I never expected this at all, I never knew my hard-work will pay off amazingly great. Tearswere piling up in my eyes and I was trying all my best tohold it. I gazed up at him to ask a question.

"Does that mean I won’t be working as an airhostessanymore?" I asked in a croaked voice.

"Yes my dear, you’ve been promoted, so, sadly youhave no business with your crews from henceforth"he stated clearly with a broad smile.

I was lost for words, I was shaking where I stood. Those tears I've been holding came streaming down my cheek non-stop. How did I come this far? My brother gave me a warm squeeze on my shoulders and pecks my head.

"What do you have to say Miss Anderson?" Mr. Richard asked but I couldn't speak at this moment, I've lost myvoice. The surprise was too much for me to handle.

"I can imagine how overwhelmed you are at the moment" he said in understanding.

"I….yes I am, Mr. Richard. I really…don’t know what to say" I stuttered wiping out the tears from my eyes and Mr. Richard chuckled.

"You don’t know what to say? Of course you should say yes! Say yes and sign the documents you’re holdingthat you’ve agreed to their partnership. You’re a CEO and Director of a Traveling Agency, Esosa, it gives you an edge to meet more people in your line of business" he exclaimed with open arms.

He was saying the truth, I could have just said yes right at this moment and sign this documents but I was skeptical. It's too good to be true. I stared at Mr. Richard and then to six of my colleagues who were anticipating for me to say yes. Remi gave me that knowing look which requires me giving a ‘positive answer’.

My gaze diverted to Davidson my closest male friend in the crew and he gave a ‘go ahead and say yes’ nod. Then Sandra my close female friend gave me a thumbs up as an approval and then to the three others, Jeff, Karen and Josh, they were not exceptional to hear me say yesto my promotion.

I glance beside me and I fixed my gaze on my brother whosmiled down at me. Instead of returning his smile, I frowned at him for bringing me here to witness sucha big surprise. I turned my gaze to Mr. Richard.

"Please can you give us a minute?" I requested.

"Sure, go ahead" he accepted.

"Thank you" I took my brother's hand and drag hima few feet away from the others and came to a stop close to a coconut tree at the beach.

"What is it?" he whisper-yelled.

"You knew about this before bringing me here, isn’t it?" I asked feeling a bit upset.

"It’s not what you think" he replies feeling guilty.

"It’s not what I think? Okay then, what do you think?" I asked with my folded arms placed on my chest waiting for his explanation.

"I didn’t really know what the surprise was all about untilnow. I was only asked to convince you to come with me to this place".

"If you didn't really know, how come you're here at the exact place without calling to ask for directions?" I asked and he avoided gaze with me. "You said something about convincing me, Who asked you to do that?" I added since he didn't give me response on the first question.

"It doesn’t really matters, what matters……"

"Just answer me" I cut in with a frown.

"Fine. You’re just so stubborn. It’s Davidson".

"Davidson? Why will Davidson…."

"I don’t know, Esosa!" He grumbled cutting me off midsentence, "You don’t need to get all worked up with the fact Davidson called me up to persuade youinto coming. This is for your own interest and deve-lopment. They could have just stay put and congratulateyou when you’re back to work but they chose to do thisfor you. C'mon, everyone is out there waiting for you to say yes to this amazing proposal, and you’re here gettingall worked up over nothing" he said touching my arm.

He was right, I was getting all worked up over nothing. Maybe because I'm nervous.

"I…. you’re right. I shouldn’t be getting worked up over nothing. Oh my God! I’m so overwhelmed with excitement.It’s a dream come true for me, brother!" I squeal with excitement and gave a wide smile staring at the documentson my hands again."What are you waiting for then? Go and tell your manageryour answer.

I bow my head, "I’m scared" I said in almost a whisper. My brother tilted my chin up and I gazed up at him."This is too good to be true, brother"."Don’t be scared, it is real, you deserve such promotions and even better ones are yet to come, so please don’ttry to shy away from it, okay?" he encouraged and smoothen my hair with his hand and gave me an assuring smile.

Should I really go back and say yes to this wonderful opportunity? That was the question that was ringing through my mind as I stood there staring at my brother without saying anything.

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