Infatuated Desire/C10 Subjugating
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Infatuated Desire/C10 Subjugating
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C10 Subjugating

"You are sitting here and I am searching for you in the whole house. Come let's eat lunch. Food is getting cold."

Mrs. Rukhsar called Mr. Ibrahim who was sitting silently in the chair in the corner of the lawn.

For a long time, she was searching him in the whole house. Mrs. Rukhsar was relieved after spotting him there.

She knew that her husband neither loved her nor has any reverence for her. But for her Ibrahim Khan is everything.

"Your daughter ran away destroying my peace and here you are concerned about taking lunch."

With fury eyes, he glared at her and stood up with a jolt.

On his intense reaction, Mrs. Rukhsar trembled and took two steps back. Despite living with him all these years, she still wasn't used to this reaction.

"It's been ten days and we don't know the whereabouts of your daughter. It's the second time she disgraces me in front of society."

In wrath, he tightly clenched his fists. On his accusation, Mrs. Rukhsar squirmed looking at him.

"Don't say like that about your daughter, Ibrahim. If she went with her willingness then it doesn't mean that Sanam is liable for whatever happened earlier."

She wanted to defend her daughter's clean character as Sanam was already disgraced in the eyes of the people.

"Nothing is going to change with your saying, Rukhsar. Like before this time your daughter is responsible for wrongdoings."

In his poisonous-filled tone, Mrs. Rukhsar's tears were flowing more profoundly. How can a father talk like this about his daughter?

She knew this very well he isn't as much tensed for Sanam as he is for the breakup of the partnership that was made with Aazal.

"She must be grateful that despite knowing everything Aazal was still agreeing to marry her. Otherwise not any respectable family will like to tie a relationship with us after what she did. But look at this selfish girl who ran away. She didn't even care about the respect of her father."

His words were hitting like a knife pricking her heart and bruising it.

"Don't say like that about your daughter Ibrahim, our Sanam isn't like that. Being her father, how you can say something like that about her?"

She knew her husband's heart is made of stone. He doesn't have an ounce of feeling for his daughter.

"I'm her father that's why despite killing her I let her stay in the home after what she did with us. I was thinking of marrying her but no she ran away from her marriage."

If he himself wasn't a selfish father then most probably he would understand the pain of his daughter.

"It's better from standing here you go and pray for her that we find her. Maybe I will forgive her but Aazal will not let her go that easily."

After done with his saying, he didn't stop there. Taking long strides he went inside. While Mrs. Rukhsar sat on the floor there and kept crying.


"Why are you standing, sit. Because what I am going to say after that most probably you wouldn't be able to stand anymore."

Saying in his strange voice, he picked up the pen from the table and started rolling it between his fingers.

She, who was already standing in a state of shock in front of him, his demeanor and his talk made her further surprised.

It's been more than a week since Sanam was staying in his house.

And it was the first time, he himself addressed her. In fact, he called her to come to his study room to talk about this important matter. And now she was standing in astonishment in front of him looking at the pen rolling in his finger.

"You know that my father let you stay in our house that you are a good girl and you helped my son."

He stopped for a moment while saying further and Sanam got confused that what he is going to say to her.

"Think about it if he finds out that your father's men are searching for you in the whole city then after knowing that perhaps he wouldn't let you live in this house for a second."

He bitterly smiled at her while Sanam was looking at him with wide-opening eyes. She didn't tell all this to Mr. Hayat and she was aware of the fact that her father isn't going to sit silently after she ran from her house.

And how she forgets nothing is difficult for Asfand to become aware of all this.

"My one call and they all will be here in front of you."

On his threatening her, Sanam took the support of the nearby table.

Asfand was surprised after knowing that she escaped right from her marriage. He still didn't know whom she was going to marry.

"You want to take revenge for what I did with you."

She sat on the chair behind her like falling. She doesn't want to go back there at any cost. Her eyes started welling just thinking of going back there. And Asfand becomes restless seeing her in this state.

"Instead of crying you just think about how you can stop me from calling them here."

Completely ignoring what she said, he stood up from his chair, and taking heavy footsteps he halted right in front of her chair.

"How I can stop? And either you are going to stop if I stop you."

With a hope and questioning look, Sanam stared into his deep blue eyes. And locking her eyes with her Asfand felt if he kept staring into her eyes his heart will come out of his chest.

"Marry with me and I will not tell to anyone about anything."

Putting his hands on either side of her chair he encircled her and leaned on her. With an expressionless face, he was staring into her eyes.

And after listening to his words, Sanam felt that earth from her feet slipped away and if she was standing then for sure she would have fallen.

"We marry with those whom we love or love to develop after marriage. And I am sure in your heart there is not even L word of love for me."

She said looking straight into his eyes. He was so closer to her hovering over her that Sanam can felt the warmth of his breathing on her face.

Sanam felt her throat becoming dry on feeling his intimacy and closeness.

"You are exactly right Sanam Ibrahim but I really love my son and in his love, I am ready to marry to the person who I hate most."

With his grim face, he made himself clear. His eyes were still fixed on Sanam's face.

"If I deny you."

She pressed her lower lip between her teeth and Asfand was quick to notice her this act.

"You are not left with any other option than marrying me. Still, I am giving you five minutes to give it a thought. Think of it properly and then answer me."

He straightened himself and glanced at his wristwatch as if telling her that her time starts now.

He played this game very cleverly with her as he doesn't want to subjugate himself in front of Sanam. But, in fact, he put Sanam in such trouble that she was forced to subjugate herself in front of him.

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