Infatuated Desire/C11 Scary Aura
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Infatuated Desire/C11 Scary Aura
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C11 Scary Aura

"To where are you taking me?"

Wadan happens to hear her crying voice. But he ignored her questioning, taking long strides, holding her by her wrist, and climbing downstairs.

While it was hard for Hadia to meet his long strides.

"I'm asking you something, where are you taking me?"

She was staring at his broad back. But he despite answering her question further tightened his hold on her wrist.

Because of his harsh hold, a squeaking sound came out of her mouth in pain but she squeezed it immediately.

For the last one week, both were not on talking terms with each other. Hadia told to Dawood even that if he tried to do her nikkah (marriage agreement) then she will attempt suicide.

Upon listening to this, Wadan just clinched his lips tightly.

This girl's stubbornness was getting more and more day by day. Today he thought that he will end up breaking her stubbornness.

So today he was taking her to the place where he doesn't permit Hadia to come there.

"If you are taking me to do my nikkah (marriage agreement) forcefully then I am telling you now its consequence will not be good. You will regret..."

Her sentence was left midway when he stopped in front of the basement located behind his villa.

This was the place where Wadan never allowed her coming there. And today he was standing here taking her there with himself. She was eyeing him unknowingly.

"Whatever you see happening inside will make you regret that you did a mistake in loving a man like me. And you will not spare a moment in changing your decision."

He glanced at her for once and pulled her with himself and went inside.

But as Hadia entered inside her breathing stopped on looking at the scene in front of herself. Her new bodyguard and another man of Wadan were beating badly his old bodyguard right in front of her.

While that man was sitting on the chair screaming in pain. Hadia was awed by these people.

"Please don't kill him. For God's sake leave him. Stop these people."

With horrified eyes, she was staring at the scene in front of her. She turned towards Wadan and shouted from her heart out.

His eyes were also on the scene. His one hand was in his pant pocket and standing comfortably as if enjoying all this.

"He betrayed me. And now he is taking its punishment."

Ignoring her fear and her shouting, he came near her. While his eyes were still on the scene where his two men were beating that man very badly.

His voice was cold like ice. And his eyes were dropping wrath.

And she knows very well his demeanor, his accent.

Right now she felt awe from the man standing behind her.

"Don't punish him because of me, please. He will die."

Now she turned towards him in crying. To Hadia it felt that because of the incident at university he was punishing her old bodyguard.

"I'm not punishing him because of you. I am punishing him because of his wrongdoing."

Saying sternly he moved forward.

His one guard was also partnered with his enemies on keeping a watch on Hadia. If he wants he can finish him this way but he wants to tell Hadia what actually he is.

"He will die. Leave him. You don't have any right to give punishment to anyone."

Now her voice was filled with pain. She can't see someone getting injured in front of her eyes.

While Wadan neglecting her pleading, he moved forward. Siding his man, he blew the strongest punch on the face of his guard.

On that, that man fell from the chair. Blood started flowing from his nose and mouth.

Wadan picked up the iron chair near himself and gazed at Hadia who was sticking to the wall with horrified eyes.

Wadan this demeanor was quite new for her.

And Wadan also doesn't want to hide his true identity from her. He was deliberately showing all this what actually he is.

He wants to tell her with which person she wants to spend her life so that she can change her decision.

Using his full force he hit that chair on the leg of that man. That man screamed in pain. And along with that Hadia's screaming also resonated in the room.

With the support of the wall, she was trying to suppress her sobbing. Seeing her crying, Wadan came near to her.

"After seeing all this, will you still be able to love me? You surely are not. That's why I was telling you to change your decision otherwise you won't have to see all this."

With his one finger, he wiped her tears. His eyes were fixed on her horrified turn yellow pale face.

"My love which has been in my heart for years can't be ended in a moment on seeing all this. And my decision will not change till my last breath."

In weeping, she went on sitting on the floor. She was on the trajectory of that love where there was no going back.

"If this is your final decision then fine. After that nikkah (marriage agreement) don't keep any kind of expectation from me."

On her stubbornness, he controlled his rage and said in defeated voice.

"If you get tired from fulfilling this one-sided relationship then remember I'm always willing to let you go back. You can free yourself from this relationship."

After done with his saying, he turned back abruptly. While Hadia hide her face in her hands and started crying profoundly at what he said to her.


For the last half hour, she was roaming in her room and twisting her fingers. Her every gesture speaks volumes of her nervousness and restlessness.

And why she shouldn't be nervous after all a while earlier she has become Hadia Wadan from simply Hadia.

Her nikkah (marriage agreement) happened quite simply in the presence of Dawood, Asfand, and housemaids.

Wadan forbade Dawood from doing any kind of arrangement. As for him, this nikkah (marriage agreement) was just a responsibility and he was fulfilling it for the sake of Hadia's happiness.

And now she was in her room waiting desperately for his coming. She has a belief that he will surely come here for her.

Only thinking of his coming here has made her heart start thumping wildly. Her glowing face clearly reveals happiness in gaining her love.

She knew Wadan isn't happy with this nikkah (marriage agreement) but she has a complete belief that she surely will melt this stone man with the intensity of her love.

Only she has to wait for some time.

"Finally you fulfilled your wish. Now you will be at peace."

She was strolling in restlessness when on this voice her fast-moving feet stopped moving. She turned back to look and find Laraib standing in the doorway instead of Wadan.

"What are you talking about aapi (sister)? I didn't get you."

She looked at her unknowingly and came forward to stand right in front of her. While on her answering, Laraib smiled sarcastically and coming out of her side she entered the room.

"Now you are not that child Hadia that you can't get what I am saying."

Laraib turned towards her and glanced at her who was still gazing at her unknowingly.

"From the very first day my brother can't see anyone else other than you and now you completely name him to yourself after this nikkah (marriage agreement)."

Without any expressions, she said mocking her. As always it hurt Hadia's, innocent heart.

Since childhood, her behavior towards her is this way. Hadia always considers her as her elder sister but she never looked at her or treats her as her younger sister.

"You are in misunderstanding aapi (sister), I am completely his but Wadan isn't completely mine."

Her voice rasped because of teary eyes. She blinked her eyelashes to let her tears not fall.

"Despite being his sister he doesn't know anything about me. But what is the favorite dish of Hadia he knows this.

What is the favorite color of Hadia?

What annoys Hadia?

Hadia is allergic to which thing? When Hadia had her first fever in her childhood."

In her blabbering, she stopped for a moment. As her tone was speaking venom now.

"Despite all this, you are saying that he isn't completely yours."

Because of all these, she doesn't like Hadia. And it's the first time she let it reveal openly in words.

"It's not like that. He really loves you aapi (sister)."

She never wanted to come between both brother and sister. But she came non deliberately.

Laraib bitterly smiled at her saying this.

"If he loves anyone then it's you. It's because of you he is neglecting his sister till now. Her happiness, her sorrow doesn't mean to him anything."

She was standing silently letting her tears fall. Hadia wasn't aware that Laraib is keeping that much hatred for her in her heart.

"You distanced me from my brother. Why don't you go away from here for good?"

"Laraib, enough. Just silent. It does not happen whether I make true your words."

She was mid in her saying when the dominating voice of Wadan stopped her from uttering a word.

Hadia looked up in nervousness. With stern expressions, he was stepping towards them.

"See, he can't listen to a word against you. That girl is dearer to you than your blood one."

In anger, she looked at him. On her saying that Wadan glared at her as if to eat her alive.

"You are my sister that's why I am enduring to listen to your this nonsense. If there was someone else in your place then her neck will be in my grasp now."

He raised his finger and said to her in a warning tone. Along with that, he grabbed Hadia, who was standing beside him, by her wrist and pulled her with himself, and went out of the room.

While Laraib standing there just vented out in anger.

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