Infatuated Desire/C3 Her Fuming Father
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Infatuated Desire/C3 Her Fuming Father
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C3 Her Fuming Father

"Do you know what nonsense you are uttering?." With a jerk, Asfand turned towards his lawyer on what he just told him. He was glaring at him with fury eyes while asking him. Because of his rage, his nerves were also constricting.

"It's clearly written in the notice that she wants her right." Saaem, his lawyer, wiped drops of sweat forming on his forehead. No doubt, he is a well-known and reputable lawyer in this city. In a short span of time, he made himself a recognizable man. He always succeeds in every lawsuit.

But the man standing in front of him isn't some ordinary person.

He is Asfand Yaar Khan, who is the owner of Khan Industries. Considering his power and influence, he can destroy anyone's carrier with his one signal. That's why an intelligent and brilliant man like Saaem was also getting scared in front of him.

"Can you say it clearly what kind of right she is demanding? As far as I know, she doesn't have any right neither in me nor on anything related to me." He was running his hand on his face to try to subside his anger. Till now, he didn't forget about his past, and once again his past came in front of him.

"She filed a lawsuit for the custody, and she....." He was left in the mid in his saying when, like a lion, he grasp his collar in his fist.

"What nonsense is this, which custody, which right, who is she to claim her right after so many years?" He roared like a wounded lion. Right now if she was in front of him, then most probably, she would be taking her last breaths.

"She is the mother and the court fully allows her to claim her right." An intelligent and sober lawyer like Saaem wasn't able to make him understand his point.

"Five years before, where does her motherhood lost? And now, after five years, suddenly how she remembered to claim her right?" Leaving his collar with a jerk, he came and stood near the glass wall of his room from where he can see the beautiful scenery of the entire city.

"You can't do anything in this matter. And neither do you stop her from going to the court." In a tense voice, Saaem was stroking his temple. He himself was quite surprised after seeing the notice. He is the personal lawyer of Asfand and he himself wasn't able to find a way out.

"Then for what purpose I have kept you? This is your work to think about how to finish this lawsuit." His eyes were fixed on the scene in front of him when he said in his strict voice.

"You don't worry sir, somehow I will find out any solution. You just give me some time." He was well aware of Asfand's rage. And now he has to think of something to win this lawsuit. As after all, his job is also very dear to him.

"Do anything, just find out the solution to this problem, and don't forget the decision should be in my favor." Now he turned towards him raising his finger at him, while saying in a warning tone.

"Don't worry sir, the same will happen." Picking up the file from the table, the lawyer turned back going out of his office.

"And yes one last thing, till now Asfand didn't learn how to lose, I am giving you just two days. If in these two days, you didn't announce to me any good news then remember there are many other competent lawyers in this country to do my work." He signaled him to go out and then again turned towards the glass wall.

Today in the morning when he came to the office, he was fuming in rage after seeing the notice on his table. Asfand was ready to give her anything, but he wasn't accepting to give what she was demanding from him at any cost

So he was ready to do anything to win this lawsuit.....and he can do anything for this.


"I assigned you a single work and you weren't able to do it. You people can't even find a girl." Ibrahim Khan's loud voice burst into the whole vila. He can't control himself from killing the man standing in front of him.

"Khan we searched her everywhere but we can't find out about her whereabouts. Still, my other men are searching for her." This man was his right-hand man that's why he has the courage to speak in front of him. Otherwise, the rest were standing silently. No one can dare to speak in front of their master.

"Do whatever Rahim, but find her. I want Sanam present here at any cost. Get her back in front of my eyes otherwise, you are gone." In a rage, Ibrahim Khan clenched his fists tightly. He wasn't in peace since last night and how he could be as his daughter took away his peace with herself.

"Whether you are going to punish them or not Ibrahim, but if they can't find Sanam then no one can save them from me. So it's in their betterment that they do their work properly." For a long time, Aazal who was controlling his outrage stood up roaring at his men.

It was the second time Sanam rejected him. She insulted him in front of many people. For years, he was desirous of her. And to fulfill his desire, he did his best to give his full support in the establishment of her father's company, so that later on they do not refuse his proposal.

As he was already well aware of the fact that for her father the greed of wealth carries much more importance than the happiness of their children. He was impatiently waiting for that moment when he will ruin the pride of that girl. Because it was just her that self-pride that she rejected Aazal for the first time.

And now again, she insulted him and slipped out of his hand.

"Aazal you don't worry. I will locate her and will bring her right in front of you. Just give me some time." Seeing him in anger, Haris, brother of Sanam, consoled him saying in a relaxing tone.

He was already much angrier than his father after knowing Sanam ran away from her marriage.

"It's you who should worry not me Haris Ibrahim Khan, you will have to bear the loss of your sister running away, not me." With his arrogant face, he was telling them in a sarcastic tone.

While Ibrahim Khan after listening to him, stood up from his place rubbing his temple in tension. For the last few years, his company was running in a loss. He has to accept Aazal's proposal for Sanam, despite knowing the fact that he is a notorious man and he is well-known for his indecent character.

But for Ibrahim Khan, if something matters then it's his company and its reputation. And for that, he wasn't thinking about the life of his daughter.

"By the way, you don't fear I am not going to leave my soon-to-be wife that easily. After that much insult, I can't think of it. If Sanam Ibrahim Khan is going to marry then it will be only with Aazal." Stressing on his every single word, he said looking at the faces of everyone present there. His gesture and his tone both were brewing fire.

While after listening to him, Mrs. Rukhsar who was standing in the corner of the room, glanced at her husband and son with a sad look.

To them, Sanam's happiness and her tears don't matter much more than the benefit they are getting from this marriage. Now she wasn't regretting helping Sanam in running away. For her, it is satisfactory that Ibrahim Khan wasn't getting suspicious of her. That's why she was completely satisfied.

They were saying something else but for Mrs. Rukhsar it was hard to stay here anymore. Suppressing her sobbing, she moved out.

It was just enough for her that her daughter was away from these people.

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