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C4 Wrong Place

"What happened Aashir? Why are you so silent? Don't you feel good by coming here?" Mr. Hayat glanced at his dear grandchild, who was sitting silently since the time they came to the park. Today he seemed quite sad and silent.

"It's not that grandfather. I feel good by coming here." On his innocent answer, Mr. Hayat chuckled.

Right now they were present in the park, which is located quite near their house. Mr. Hayat often came here for a walk in the evening along with his grandson.

"If everything is alright then instead of playing with your friends, why are you sitting with me today?" Taking his face in his hands, he asked him adoringly.

Today his blue eyes seemed sad and it was also not hidden from his grandfather.

"I play with my friends every day. But today I want to sit with my lovely grandfather." On his answer, Mr. Hayat laughed. Listening to his talks no one can decipher that he is a five-year-old child. He wasn't only intelligent in his studies, but he is also an understanding boy. He was a complete copy of his father, Asfand Yaar Khan. Mr. Hayat really adored his grandson.

"If you are sitting with your grandfather then you must tell him the reason for your sadness. My dear, your grandfather is not feeling good by looking at your sad face." Very lovingly, he straightened the scattered hair on his forehead.

"Grandfather, I am angry with Dad. He promised me that this time, he will take me to the central park. But he forgets his promise. He isn't a good dad. He broke his promise." Saying sadly, he stood up from his place. His gesture was as if he was showing his anger to his dad.

"Ohh so this is the matter. Let your dad come home, then you will see how I am going to pull his ear. He will take the punishment of breaking the promise with my grandson." He got up standing near him.

Mr. Hayat was well aware of his son's busy schedule and because of it, he was getting away from his son. But he knew this as well that his son was yearning for the attention of his father. His son was also very dear to his father, but it was because of the work that wasn't letting him spend some time with his son.

"But grandfather, whenever dad is angry with me then I feel sad. If you get angry with him, then dad will be sad. So, grandfather, you don't scold him." Sensing his understanding level, Mr. Hayat finds him very adorable. He knew very well that Aashir is very sensitive to his dad.

He can't see his father sad or angry. That's why he started talking in favor of his dad.

"Fine, if you say so, then I will not pull the ear of your dad. Now are you happy?" Very affectionately, he took his tiny hands in his hands pressing them.

"Ok, now tell me what I have to do to turn your this sad face into a smiling one?" Holding his grandson's hand, they both went towards the gate of the park, leading outside.

"You don't have to do anything. I want ice cream. And dad shouldn't know about this otherwise, you know him." He said looking at the ice cream shop on the other side of the road. In all this time, it was the first time a smile came on his face.

And Mr. Hayat doesn't want to still steal the smile from his face. So he smiled back, glancing at him. After seeking permission from his grandfather, he let go of his hand and ran towards that shop.

"Aashir son, don't run you will hurt yourself." He got concerned as Ashir ran. It was evening time, cars were running speedily to right and left and Mr. Hayat had to quickly run to him. It was the moment when his eyes spotted a car speedily moving towards Aashir.

"Aashir son, look at your front." At that moment, Mr. Hayat felt his heart is about to stop beating. He took brisk steps to quickly reach to him. But that car was speedier than his footsteps.

It was a game of moments.

"Aashir....." Screaming of Mr. Hayat echoed throughout the place.


Sanam's eyelashes slightly fluttered upon feeling the warm and soft touch on her face. She tried to open her eyes. But feeling the throbbing pain in her head forced her to again shut her eyes.

For some moments, she kept lying with closed eyes. But suddenly she felt that someone is calling her. This time summoning a lot of courage, she hardly opened her eyes.

At first, everything seemed blur to her. It's perhaps because of the pain in her head that she finds it hard to open her eyes. When everything seemed clear and her vision got even, she kept on staring at the roof for some moments. She wasn't getting that where she was present now.

"See grandfather, angel woke up. Come here quickly." Don't know how long she has been lying on the bed asking questions of herself when a gleeful and beautiful voice catches her attention.

Sanam turned her neck to the side and saw a small beautiful toddler standing near her. He took Sanam's hand in his tiny hands.

"Thank God, you regain conscious daughter. I and my grandchild were really scared." After listening to Aashir, Mr. Hayat got up from the sofa and came to her bed. A sign of relief was evident on his face after seeing her in consciousness.

"Forgive me but I didn't recognize you. And where am I?" Sanam asked getting up, sitting on the bed while holding her dizzy head in her hands. She glanced at her surroundings. The room was magnificent, but it doesn't look like the room of the hospital.

"Daughter, I am the grandfather of that child whom you just saved a life. You lost consciousness so I took you to my house. How much I am indebted to you, daughter I can't express these in words." He sat on the stool near the bed pulling Aashir, who was standing near him, closer to himself. With his innocent eyes, Aashir was staring at his angel.

After listening to his grandfather, Sanam looked at that child, who was still innocently staring at her. And instantly she felt like remembering everything. For the last two days, she was staying with her university friend in her hostel. But because of the strict warden there, her friend couldn't let her stay there for a long time.

So she came out of there. She was in search of finding a place for her living when the child running on the road caught her attention. And she without thinking anything ran to him to save his life. Sanam saved his life though but she was hit on her head that's why she lost consciousness.

"I didn't do any favor uncle if there was someone else in my place then she would have done the same because your grandson is such a handsome boy." She forwarded her hand caressing Aashir's soft cheeks. She was keenly looking at the child and when her eyes stared into his blue eyes, that was when someone's face flashed in her mind.

"You were unconscious for the past five hours. And my grandson didn't leave you for a moment and neither did he eat anything. He was waiting for the waking up of his angel." On Mr. Hayat's voice, Sanam was pulled out of her thoughts. Ignoring the pain in her head, she forwarded her hand pulling Aashir to herself.

"So I am your angel. Are you not going to tell your name to your angel?" Very lovingly, she ran her hand through his hair. Don't know why but this child was reminding her about someone.

"My name is Aashir Asfand Yaar Khan. I am almost five years old." Aashir enthusiastically answered her on her asking. While after listening to his name, Sanam moving hand in the hair of Aashir stopped for a moment.

'It's merely a coincidence. Yes, it's just that.' It seems as if she was making her heart understand.

"Daughter, it's quite late now. Your parents would be worrying about you. You give me their number so I inform them that today you are staying here with us." Mr. Hayat addresses her again after seeing her lost in some thought. Listening about her parents, Sanam's tears again started flowing. While seeing her crying like that Mr. Hayat and Aashir got concerned as they both looked at her.

"What happened daughter? Why are you crying like that? If there is any issue you can tell me." Mr. Hayat consoled her softly. While she, controlling herself hardly, started telling him everything.

After done with her saying, Mr. Hayat silently gazed at her for a long moment of time.

"Daughter, you did a great favor on us. I don't think so, I can ever pay back it. You can stay at my house till whenever you want, I can do this for you. You can trust me I will not say anything to anyone." Saying in a concerned-filled voice, he put his hand on her head. Sanam felt a great relief. She needs support and finally, she found it.

"Wow grandfather, how good it happens. Now my angel will stay with me." Aashir, who was standing silently for a long time, giggled in happiness. On his gesture, Mr. Hayat and Sanam both smiled.

The three were sitting and talking till late at night. Mr. Hayat was telling her about his family while Aashir ate his dinner with her in her room.

It was late at night when he suggested she should sleep now, so they both went out of her room.

For a few moments, she was tossing to right and left on the bed when finally sleep engulfed her. But after a few moments, she again opened her eyes as she was feeling thirsty. There was no water in the jug, which was placed on her side table of the bed. Getting up from the bed, she came out of the room to find the kitchen.

And fortunately, she found it. After drinking the water she was feeling sleepy. She came back to her room and lay there on the bed.

She was unaware of the fact that beside her there was someone else present in the room. In one room, two people were unaware of the presence of each other.

While Sanam was there at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

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