Infatuated Desire/C7 Doesn't Want Freedom
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Infatuated Desire/C7 Doesn't Want Freedom
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C7 Doesn't Want Freedom

"I told you I don't want to eat, why are you not getting it? Go out and don't disturb me again." She said in annoyance after looking at her new bodyguard, who had brought her lunch.

Wadan rusticated her last bodyguard because of his negligence. He can't endure a single mistake when it comes to the matter of Hadia. She does like her this new bodyguard because he doesn't look horrible by face, but because of the punishment, which Wadan imposed on her by keeping her locked in the room for the last two days, was enough to spoil her mood. So she vents out all her anger on her this new bodyguard.

"Ma'am it's sir's order to make you eat your food. Please, I'm requesting you to eat it." He came forward with the tray of food.

"I told you to go away from here. Don't disturb me otherwise, I will make noise." Wadan's guard was also stubborn like him. But still, she has that much courage to open her tongue only in front of his guards.

"Ok ma'am, I will come later when you cool down a little." Looking at Hadia's stern expression, he took back the tray and walked out of her room, locking her door.

As he went out, Hadia sat on the bed, and in anger, she threw her dupatta (shawl) hanging around her neck, to the side. It's been a while since she sat when the door of her room opened again. In a jerk, she gets up from the bed.

"How many times I forbade you that I......" Before she could utter another word, her tongue left her words in the mid after looking at the man standing in front of herself. His eyes were fixed on her when he entered her room.

Wadan put the tray of food holding in his hand on the side table and sat on the side chair. It seems as if Hadia lost her voice. He was sitting with crossed feet staring at her, who was wetting her lips. Getting nervous of his deep gaze Hadia was constantly fidgeting her fingers restlessly. Wadan doesn't like her that habit a bit. Neither he was saying to her anything, nor did she try to open her mouth. He was just sitting making her scared of his gaze.

"Why you didn't eat?" His voice echoed in the silence of the room. On that, Hadia raised her eyes and looked up at him. His muscular chest was quite visible in his white shirt. His hair was scattered on his wide and beautiful forehead. The top two buttons of his shirt were open that's why the tattoo crafted on his neck can be seen. Same as before Hadia's heart really urged for a strange wish i.e. to closely look at that tattoo and trace her fingers on it. But she immediately jerked back her that thought.

"I'm not hungry." She dried her throat which was drying again and again because of noticing the seriousness on his face. Wadan's penetrating eyes can easily catch if someone lies to him. He was staring at her with a very interesting look on his face as she was lying to him. She was angry with him. He knows it was the reason for her not eating food.

"But still, you have to eat whether you are hungry or not?" He got up from his place taking steps towards her. Wadan eyes were misleading him looking at her captivating body without her dupatta (shawl). Her long black hair was open. The mole shining under her beautifully shaped lips always attracts his attention.

His eyes were rooted on her when he came closer to her. While Hadia was trying a failed attempt to control her uneven breathing. After taking another step, he stood closer right in front of her. Instantly, he leaned over her when Hadia, in fear, shut her eyes. He picked up her dupatta (shawl) from the bed and wore it to her.

Hadia came back to her senses after feeling his strong and heavy hands touching her shoulder. In her nervousness and fearful state, she didn't realize that she was standing in front of him and that too without wearing her dupatta (shawl). Instantly, her face turned red in shyness.

"But I am not feeling hungry. If I feel like eating, then I will eat." Collecting herself, she turned to the other side. Now she doesn't have the courage to face him anymore.

"I'm telling you in very love Hadia, don't force me to become strict with you." Taking her arm in his grasp, he moved forward. While Hadia was thinking that he was also harsh in his love with her, she rightly named him a stone man.

He took her near to the chair and made her sit there, and he also sat beside her on the chair.

"Finish it. You have only ten minutes. You have already wasted a lot of time because of your useless stubbornness." He said, bringing the table to her front. Hadia just kept on gazing at the food. She glanced at the time and started finishing the food in a hurry.

She has to finish all this in ten minutes. Because of eating hurriedly, some food got stuck in her throat. Her badly coughing is what caught the attention of Wadan.

"Did you come from the forest that you are eating like that or is it the first time you are calmly." He said in his dominating while rubbing back. Feeling his strong hand on her back Hadia's heart felt like coming out of her throat.

She quickly took a glass of water near her lips. After drinking it, she comfortably finished her remaining food. She finds it very hard to chew her food when Wadan penetrating gaze was fixed on her. But the eyes of Wadan were fixed on one place of her face.

"Hadia don't get scare of me that much. I'm not that much horrible the way you imagine me." He said in his sober voice while wiping the piece of rice with his finger below her lips. Still, his gaze was fixed there.

Hadia was staring at him with her eyes popping out. After showing his horrible side to her, now he was telling her that he isn't horrible. She wasn't getting what should she respond to him so she finds it better to stay silent. On her silence, he gets up from his place. As she had finished eating her food so his work was done here

"How long will I have to stay imprisoned in this house and in this room? Even I promised you that I will never do such a mistake again." His forwarding steps towards the door halted after listening to Hadia's voice.

For a while, he kept standing there silently. "Very soon you will be set free not only from this room and house but also from me." He said without turning to her. Without stopping there anymore, he quickly went out of her room.

After listening to his answer, Hadia's heart missed a beat. She wants freedom from this room, but she doesn't want freedom from him.

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