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Bluestone Village was situated on a cliff.

At the entrance of the village, there was a huge rock that was nine Zhang tall and three Zhang wide. It was a cliff with three steep slopes.

There was a little girl with her hair tied in a ponytail, holding a jar in her arms. She held a piece of meat in both hands and was happily eating it.


Suddenly, the little girl opened her mouth wide and stared blankly at herself. The jar in her arms fell to the ground, and the meat in her hands also fell to the ground, with a piece of meat that she had just bit down on hanging in her mouth.

One second! Two seconds!

Three seconds!

The little girl abruptly stood up, but her legs went soft. With a "peng" sound, she kneeled on the ground.

There was a bloody figure lying on the ground. It was only a meter long, with short blood-red hair. Its entire body was dyed red with blood, and the ground was also covered with it's own blood.

Like a dead person, she suddenly fell from the sky and crashed in front of the little girl.

"Sh, Sh!"

The little girl stammered while hiding far away. Her hands slowly approached the bloody figure's face. Her delicate hands touched the face of the bloody figure that had suddenly appeared.

"Face, face, heat, alive!"

The little girl stood up and quickly ran down the rock, not caring about the man made of blood that fell from the sky.

"Meat, meat, meat!"

The little girl immediately turned around and looked at the meat jar beside the bloody figure. She pouted her lips and ran back in a hurry. She picked up the meat jar and threw it at the cliff.

… …. "Big brother, big brother!"

A petite little girl was running on the limestone road in a fluster. Her two braids swayed and her hands were covered in blood. Her young and tender face was pale from fright. A bloody handprint was imprinted on her cheek as she kept calling out for her big brother.

Qin Si En had long black hair and dark skin. He stood beside a locust tree and held a brand-new longbow in his hand. From time to time, he would pull the bowstring.


Sounds of hissing could be heard. At this moment, he saw a bloody handprint being rubbed all over his little sister's face.

Suddenly standing up, he held the longbow in one hand and walked beside Qin Sifang with a few strides. He looked around nervously and asked

"Siyuan, what happened? Where did your blood come from!"

"Village entrance, village entrance!"

Due to his excessive nervousness, Qin Shiya stuttered as he spoke. When he saw Qin Sian, he threw himself into the latter's embrace and began to cry loudly, talking nonstop …

"Blood, village entrance, blood!"

"No, it's fine. Big brother will protect you." Qin Sin frowned but did not act rashly. He caressed Qin Si Fang's head and asked.

"Siqi, tell your big brother, what happened?"

Although there was a smile on Qin Si En's face, his eyes were filled with coldness. Who would dare to touch his little sister? They were courting death.

However, as someone who was well aware of Qin Shiya, he did not think that his sister was a timid person. Otherwise, she would not have skipped class to steal food.

"Blood, a blood man, suddenly fell from the sky and crashed into the stone mountain at the entrance of the village, scaring me to death!"

Qin Shiya had a small figure. His pink and tender face was braided. He felt warm in his brother's embrace and also calmed down as he said this.

"Stupid fool, come down in front of me. Lie on the floor like a dead man and don't move at all!"

"Is there such a thing?" Qin Sin was curious. The bloody figure that descended from the sky was filled with questions.

Soon after, they began to hesitate. During the day, all the villages had settled down. Many adults were either out hunting or farming, and very few people were in the village.

"Thinking of fate, be good. Go home and wait for your big brother to come back!"

Qin Sin no longer hesitated. As the son of the village's leader, he had to make a decision at this moment with all his power.

"No, I want to go too!"

Qin Shiya pouted. He was no longer flustered. He was also very curious and wanted to see who it was that had appeared out of nowhere.

"A blood man, and not a tall one at that. What is it?"

"Go back!"

Qin Si En's face turned cold. With an unquestionable tone, he said, "There is no point in discussing this matter."

"Humph, I was the one who found him first!"

Qin Siyuan was dissatisfied. He curled his lips and stroked his jade-like hands twice on his face. Then, he walked gloomily towards the wall where the giant rocks were piled up beside the locust tree.

"Yes, brother will be back soon!"

Qin Sin smiled with relief. Now, she could relax. If something happened, it wouldn't affect her immediately.

… ….

Green Stone Village. It was a remote village in the southeast of Green Stone Town. The village located on Broken Cliff was extremely ordinary. There were over a thousand families.

On the cliff at the village entrance, the three words "Green Stone Village" were carved.

The other three sides were filled up with human soil, forming a very steep slope.

On this huge rock, about ten meters away, lay a bloodied corpse.

On closer look, this one was only one meter long and was still bleeding. Not just from a single spot, but from all over its body.

The ground was stained red with blood. The blood continued to gather and slowly formed a small stream of blood.

The person lying on the bed had short, red hair, but no facial features could be seen. His face was dyed red by blood, and there was a small bloody handprint on his eyes.

Gradually, the remaining part was covered by blood once more.

"Hurry, hurry, hurry! It's right at the entrance of the village. I don't know what's going on, it's all due to fate!"

"Blood, how can there be anyone here? It can't be that they want to play hide-and-seek with us, right?"

"That's right. It's not that I don't know that girl, but she has too many devious ideas!"

"It can't be a lie, let's see first!"

Qin Sin was completely dressed in hunter equipment. She wore a leather belt, had a bow on her back, and was holding a large saber in her hand. She quickly climbed up the short hill.

"So disgusting. What's going on? Why is there so much blood?"

When a youth saw the scene on the hilltop, he covered his eyes and didn't dare to look at such a miserable sight.

"What kind of person is this? Why would he appear at the entrance of our village?"

The Village Head's grandson happened to be at home today, so upon hearing the news, he rushed over.

"Sien, what's going on?"

A middle-aged man, his limp legs covered with gauze, was being supported by a child as he walked up the hill.

Qin Si En stared at the scene before him, not knowing what to do.

A bloody figure that was only shoulder high, not even a meter tall. It was completely covered in blood, and there was blood all over its clothes, pants, shoes, face and hair.

One of his hands was tightly pressed against the ground, as if he was enduring immense pain. He tightly held onto the rock, the bloody handprint deeply covering it.

"I don't know either. Just what is going on here? With his mind set on the stone platform, this person suddenly fell from the sky!"

Qin Sin didn't dare to step forward and carefully stared at the bloody figure.

"This person can't be moved. I'll have the commander brought back!" The middle-aged man who was limping suddenly stood in front of everyone, leaning on his walking stick and preventing the children from getting close.


The child was dissatisfied. He did not know if he was dead or alive. If he was still alive, how could he just watch as he died?

"Why is that?"

Qin Sin could not bear to continue watching. This scene was too tragic. Even in the wild, he had never seen such a tragic scene.

Now, they didn't even know if the other party was still alive.

"It's moving, this person's hand is moving!"

A child screamed. He had always been paying attention to the hand that was tightly embedded in the stone. He only saw the hand suddenly move as he cried out in alarm.

… …. "He's still alive!"

"I'm still alive?"

Sunlight recalled with great difficulty and tried his best to move his hands. However, the pain coming from his body made him unable to endure it.

He struggled to open his eyes and endure the pain that came from every inch of his body. He could vaguely see a world of blood.

"He hasn't come out! He hasn't come out yet!"

A person's mutter didn't notice that right now in front of him, there was a group of people staring at him.

"Is that … human?"

He could vaguely see the shadows of people. A very tall person wearing strange clothing, carrying not only something on his body, but also something that was bent and had a string.

A man's leg, wrapped in a white cloth, one foot hanging in the air.

"Is that also a leg?"

The difficult thoughts of the new year's sun were truly strange. Where was this? How could such a scene have appeared? Did he just come out of that place?

Can I finally see him?

Don't you have to go through those boring days and nights again?

Gulp! Puff puff!

"It hurts, it hurts! I'm going to die like this, but I don't want to die!"

The Sunlight curled up his body and spat out blood.

He couldn't stop it at all. At this moment, he didn't have the slightest bit of strength, and his blood continued to gush out.

His entire body was in pain. It was like a needle, two needles, many of which were inserted bit by bit and then gently pulled out, repeating the same thing over and over again.

"Save me, save me!"

His will became fuzzy once again, he was tormented by this pain. It was too painful, he couldn't hold on any longer, and died just like this.

"Why are these people so indifferent?"

"Don't they see me?"

"Or is this just an illusion? I really want to take one last look at this world, even if it's a blood-colored world!"

This sort of heart-wrenching pain was truly unbearable. It was something that he had never experienced before.

His entire body felt like it was being torn into pieces. He wanted to scream, but he couldn't even make a sound from his throat. He was in so much pain that he couldn't make a sound.

In this blurry state, the Sunlight could clearly hear the roars.

As for the crippled middle-aged man, he was the clearest. Don't save him, you can't, it will bring disaster to the village.

"Regardless of whether you are an adult or a child, the Ma Family Village is destroyed right in front of your eyes. The day before, you were laughing and playing, and the next day, there is only a skeleton left.

"Save me!"

The Old Sun didn't want to die. The desire to live, the only desire, the only hope remained in his mind. He wanted to live.

He wanted to live, so he raised his right hand and made a grabbing motion. He felt something hard, and the tearing pain in his palm made him feel much more awake. With that strength, he turned his body over and crawled on the ground while shouting weakly.

"Save me!"

As if grabbing onto fated straw, the Old Sun forcibly dragged the hard stone in his hand, enduring the pain. He did not know where he got the strength from as he drew a meter long bloody scar across the ground. He could vaguely hear a cold and pitying voice …

"It's more important to save him. Give him a hand. Even if something happens, it's my fault first. Carry him back to my house and let the Village Head and Father deal with him!"

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