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After an unknown period of time, Xi Yang's consciousness recovered. His entire body was tightly wrapped in white gauze.

Inside the white gauze, there were also wooden shelves supporting his body, preventing him from being paralyzed.

It was painful, extremely painful. One nerve after another was transmitted into his mind and stabbed into his heart.

"Hehe, I'm still alive!"

His eyes hadn't opened yet. He could only feel that he was still alive. He kept comforting himself in his heart, glad that he was still alive.

It was fortunate that they were able to survive the chaotic battle between those powerful experts. It was a miracle.

"It's like a dream, between dream and reality. Is that true?"

Everything in the world is a Dao. The evolution of the Dao is limitless!

He mysteriously appeared in a place called the Forest of Life and Death. There was no sunlight, but there was daylight, and no moon. There was also darkness.

The day was long, and he could only see the sky full of withered trees. He did not know how thick the dead leaves were, but he had been digging for an entire day, yet he still could not dig up the ground.

The night was much longer and suddenly changed. The ancient trees grew dense leaves and many bitter fruits. He ate an unknown amount of them and his eyes filled with darkness.

It was as if it had been born into him, and when it woke up, there were two things that rushed into his mind.

« Passage », a Daoist scripture that talks about time. I can't understand it, and I don't know what it talks about. Even if I try, I won't be able to cultivate it.

And along with the book appeared a huge amount of information.

"To evolve into a Dao, is also a Dao, and is not a Dao."

The Dao begins with the Heavens and Earth, and the Heaven and Earth begin with the Mark. The Mark becomes the Mark, and comprehends the Dao. It returns to the Dao, and is then reincarnated!

"The 'Traces of Time', the 'Traces of Time', to cut through time and space!"

He didn't know how long he had stayed in the Forest of Life and Death. During the day, he practiced the first volume of "Traces of Time" with his withered leaves. He hid in the hollow tree at night, exploring the dark night and watching the magical night.

Until that day when the sea of knowledge emerged from the ground. He hid within the three ears, nine feet, and his body rose along with the sea of blood.


He still remembered the last cauldron, which was blocking all the violent energies and was about to take him away.

Unexpectedly, a man walked out from the endless thunder. He held a spear of thunder in his hand, and his body was covered with purple thunder. His eyes were as deep as the world of thunder.

With a wave of his hand, boundless lightning engulfed the cauldron. The booming sound caused blood to ooze out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Holding his head with all his might, the cauldron suddenly opened up a world and threw him into it. At the same time, he was continuously moved deeper into the ground.

He didn't know what was happening outside, but by the time he could react, a deep purple thunder had already rushed into the world opened up by the cauldron.

In the most terrifying scene, the deep purple colored lightning destroyed the entire world, and he was also struck by a deep purple colored lightning.

After he fainted, he did not know what happened. When he woke up, he was already surrounded by a group of people. He desperately begged for help.

Although his entire body was wrapped in white gauze, the blood continued to seep out and he couldn't control it at all.

He could not draw out any strength, and his fingers did not even have the strength to move.

However, even though this was the case, he still opened his eyes with great difficulty and wanted to take a look.

"Where is this? Is this the Azure Stone Village?"

When he was unconscious, he heard those people argue about whether or not they wanted to save him, but whether or not they wanted to save him.

A dark gray top with white spots on the dark blue curtain.

He could only see so much. His head was pinned to the ground and he was unable to move it. More importantly, without the strength to move it, it was as though strength wasn't able to affect his neck and head at all.

The important thing was that he was still alive.

"It's good that you're alive!"

Sunlight thought miserably that he was still alive. Suddenly, there was a drastic change in his body.

Starting from his heart, a warm current flowed out.

It gushed into every part of his body. His internal organs, his meridians, his bone marrow, flesh, blood, bones, and even his skin felt a warm current flowing through it.

It was very warm and comfortable, just like a soft and tender hand caressing every inch of flesh and blood.

It could soothe the pain, repair the body, and warm the whole body.

The sun was shining warmly, and his body was slowly recovering.

He could move his hand. Although it was extremely painful to move his hand, there was still a tiny bit of strength that he could use to move.

The white gauze was once again stained with blood; it was blood-red and not a single part of it was white.

His entire body was bleeding, and blood was gushing out from his mouth even though he had closed his mouth.

He was lying on a very hard bed. At this moment, around his body, there was a pool of blood, and it was eerily scarlet.

Slowly, the perception of the arms came, the perception of the hands, the legs, the head.

He could clearly sense that his body had become normal.

Although he still couldn't move, this was a good omen. It meant that his body could still be healed.

However, it should be fortunate that there was no one around him right now, and that no expert was capable of detecting his body.

Otherwise, it would be a miraculous discovery.

The broken bones slowly joined together, joined together, and connected together in the warm current that gushed out from his heart. Even though there were still gaps, there were still some.

However, this was an inconceivable matter in itself. How could broken bones be repaired like this?

The Yang family immediately understood. The reason why he was alive was because blood kept flowing out of his heart.

At this moment, sounds of arguing came from outside.

"Have you all forgotten the tragic events of recent years?"

An angry voice kept roaring, stabbing into his heart time and time again. He could hear the people outside getting more and more agitated.

"Have you all forgotten the tragedy that occurred in the Village of Sophora, Ass and Ma Family not long ago?"

"Think carefully, this is not your family's Green Stone Village. It is our common Green Stone Village. For such an unknown person, you want to gamble the life of our entire village?"

"There are more than two thousand households in this village. It should be bigger than the Cyan Stone Village. It should be more powerful. Wasn't it said that the entire village disappeared without a trace in just one night?"

It was an anger that came from the bottom of his heart. He did not want to anger himself. What he said was the truth.

"Alright, you say that this doesn't count, but as for Ass, have you ever been there? That's a village of five thousand households. There are not many people like you in their village, but what about it?"

"The result is that a mysterious bloodstained child was saved. Not a single person in the village escaped, and they all disappeared, vanished, and went somewhere else. Do you know if they're dead or not?"

The tragedy at Ma Village was just ten miles away. Three thousand seven hundred and thirty-five skeletons. That was the truth.

"No, we can't let this person live. Kill him right now. You are going to destroy the entire Qing Shi Village."

"You can't leave Yao Xie in the village. Do you want all of the close to one thousand two hundred families in Green Stone Town to die with you?"

"Even if you're a commander, you can't do this. Look how many people agree to it!"

"Just kill him! It doesn't matter if he's an evil demon or something. For the peace of the village, kill him!"

"Village head, say something!"

Every word of his was filled with a piercing pain, and the arguments never stopped. It only got worse as time went on.

"How can such a monster stay behind and harm the village? If you want me to say it, you should report it to the town and let the Chu family handle it!"

There was a very angry voice, and it sounded very dignified. The moment the words left his mouth, the disorderly sounds of people quarreling with each other disappeared completely.

"Lord Chu, did you not see that he is still a child? He is only so tall, and has a young face and pitch-black hair. How could he possibly be an evil demon?!"

A woman was quarrelling, trying to cover the scene with her voice.

"That's right, how can this be? It's fine if others are cruel, but how can this be happening in our village!"

"No, I don't agree. We can't kill this child. He is still unconscious. Such a pitiful child, could it be that you have the heart to do so?"

"What do you know about the path of women? It's an evil demon! Evil demon! Do you understand? The evil demon that makes people's hearts panic can destroy the entire village! How can you protect him?!"

"Put him in jail right now and wait for the people from the town to come and extract him."

"We must not let Yao Xie awaken, or else our Green Stone Village will be finished!"

Today, the village stopped all hunting and farming. Almost everyone in the village had arrived.

The surrounding layer of old people and children were looking forward, listening to the angry voices coming from the courtyard.

There were also many people in the courtyard who were arguing with each other.

There was a group of people who wanted to kill this blood man that they had found. As it was an evil demon, they couldn't leave any traces of disaster behind.

There were a portion of people who wanted to temporarily hold them in custody, waiting for the people from the town to arrive and bring them away.

The village chief silently stood at the side with his long beard fluttering in the wind. He did not express any opinions.

As the commander of the Azure Stone Village, Qin Huaitian also kept silent and did not express any opinions.

There were many women who did not want this child, suddenly covered in blood, to be so cruelly killed.

It was very chaotic, very noisy. The New Year's sun was listening to the noise outside the room, listening to the grief and indignation.

"We can't stay! Kill!"

"We can't kill him. Leave him be!"

"We can't kill him! We can't keep him alive! Send him out of the village now! Let him fend for himself!"

"This won't do. Such a heavy wound with a body covered in blood. Can you guys survive after being sent out? In less than a minute, they will be devoured by wild beasts. Your hearts are eaten by dogs?"

"Then tell me, what do we do?"

The Sunlight heard the angry roar of the crowd and didn't know what to do. He didn't even have the strength to turn his body around. All he could do was to lie there and let himself be slaughtered.

After a long discussion, the blood on the Sunlight Sect's body was still solidifying. The white gauze had turned blood-red, and after it had dried up, its body was left hanging. Waves of pain continuously assaulted the body.

He struggled with all his might, not wanting to lose consciousness, but the feeling of loss forced him to lose consciousness once more.

The Sunlight listened, wanting to know the result. He held on, he held on. When he knew he could not hold on any longer, he heard a solemn voice. No one could resist it.

"From today onwards, Green Stone Village will bring back all the teams hunting outside. The sentry will extend out ten miles, with the Eastroad Anhuai village in the west and the cliff in the west. It will take turns to guard every day and every night."

"At the same time, from today onwards, no one is allowed to approach this courtyard. My family will personally take care of it!"

"Five days. After five days, no matter what the result is, send the child out!"

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