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The black clothed man would never have thought that his attack would be blocked by a little kid. The young palm was instantly devoured by the green, this poison was a high-grade poisonous substance made from the Nether Fruit from the Pond of Viper, even if it was as strong as the Frost Wolf's body, it would still kill him.

After all, the black clothed man was a professional killer, he still had a strong professionalism, so he immediately came back to his senses. Since the dagger was already caught in Mo Bai's hand and couldn't be pulled out, he decisively took out a second one from his pocket, pushing away the immobile Mo Bai and tried to stab the huge wolf again.

"Stop!" At this critical moment, the elders arrived. The Great Elder wielded a snake sword in his hand, and a faint yellow ring was surrounding his sword as it emitted a golden light.

"Ringworld, open!" The Great Elder roared. The battle ring that was originally wrapped around the snake sword instantly revolved around the entire Awakening Platform. Light shot in all directions, and the black clothed man's body was wrapped by a huge python.

"Ring Technique – Phosphorous Snake Binding!" Suddenly, the huge snake that was coiled around the man in black shook its body. The scales on its body suddenly turned into countless spikes, and the huge snake was also spinning. The man in black didn't even have time to scream before he was covered in a pool of blood.

"Ringworld, open!" The other three Elders also followed suit. The three black clothed Elders were not on the same level at all. If they didn't have to worry about assassinating the wolf again, the Elders wouldn't have needed to activate the domain.

The battle had ended in an instant, and the entire battlefield had become deathly silent. No one dared to make a sound, fearing that they would be implicated.

"Guards!" Guard the surroundings! The elders are watching from the surroundings, we must not let them destroy the awakening! " At this moment, the Patriarch had also appeared beside the crystal. He looked around warily, "Mo Family Army, move out and clean up all the unfamiliar faces around the training field!"

"Patriarch!" What about him? " One of the guards pointed at Mo Bai's body, which was already covered by the green poison, and asked.

"He saved the giant wolf and destroyed the enemy's plan. He has done a great deed! Someone come, hurry, take him to the Holy Courtyard and have the Great Doctor Fermilot treat him. Only he might have a way to cure him of this level of poison. "

"Yes sir!" The two guards carried Mo Bai onto a stretcher and rushed out.

The moment Mo Bai left, Mo Rou's body trembled inside the crystal. She, who was originally calm, seemed to have had a nightmare as her body twisted unnaturally. The corner of her mouth would occasionally open and close, as if she was going through a very painful experience.

"Grand Elder, how long do you think Rou Er will be able to last until?" The clan leader asked in anticipation.

"Right now, we haven't even started injecting the ring into them. An hour has already passed, and at least two of the illusions should have been retrieved." The Head Elder stroked his white beard, his eyes beaming with joy, "In addition to the effects of the Rings of the Rings, it might be able to reclaim the five phantoms. At that time, even if you successfully awaken their abilities, it would be enough for Rou Er to dominate those of the same level."

As soon as she finished speaking, Mo Rou's body trembled even more violently. It seemed like she wouldn't be able to hold on any longer.

"Open the ring!" With the Grand Elder's command, the pentagram immediately transformed into countless light blue butterflies, coiling around the giant wolf in the cage. With the Grand Elder's command, the pentagram immediately turned into countless light blue butterflies, coiling around the giant wolf in the cage.

"Move!" The butterflies followed the path that led directly to the crystal and arrived on top of it. They used their small crystal-like tentacles to touch the crystal and the golden energy was transported to Mo Rou who was at the center of the crystal. After receiving the energy, she seemed to be instantly cured and stopped trembling.

After about six hours, even the Great Elder could no longer sit still.

"Three hours! Oh my god, maybe Rou Er can take back the eight illusions this time! " The chief was grinning from ear to ear from excitement.

"Maybe more!" The Great Elder's gaze towards Mo Rou turned somewhat jealous. Even when he was sixteen years old, he only managed to reclaim back six bodies.

After another hour, Mo Rou finally broke away from the crystal core. At this moment, the battle ring behind her was already extremely solid, like a nimble snow white fairy. It surrounded her master's blood-red long hair, as if it was a noble crown.

The moment Mo Rou landed on the ground, countless small ice pillars appeared around her. The entire ground was covered in frost and was emitting dense cold air. The snow-white ring spread out, forming a unique ice-cold domain.

"Hah!" With a shout, Mo Rou opened her eyes, filled with boundless joy.


"Rou Er!" How many phantoms did you take back? " the Patriarch asked impatiently.

"Nine!" With a wave of her arm, nine exquisite little snow wolves appeared around her body. They were about one meter tall, and their teeth and claws had yet to fully develop, making them look very cute. But if she really let her guard down because of this, it would be a mistake.

"Do you have the ability to awaken?" The Great Elder asked.

"En!" In less than half a minute, her body was covered by a layer of ice that formed a battle armor. Other than her face, the battle armor covered her entire body, and at the same time, the nine snow wolves also formed a battle armor, giving the few cute little fellows a chilling aura. This is my ability, the Chilling Qi Armor. In my area, all non-fire allies can be equipped with Ice Armor, up to 40 of them. Warriors below third rank cannot penetrate it, and it is not easy for third rank fighters to destroy them. "Also, an external armor can last for an hour."

The Grand Elder and the Patriarch were both stunned.

What did this mean? Being immune to Level 3 and below attacks, a Level 2 Warrior who is armored can be almost invincible among Level 2 fighters. After being equipped with Level 3 armour, the strength of a Level 3 fighter will undoubtedly increase by leaps and bounds. Using surprise attacks could change the situation! One had to know that the three strongest teams in the city were only made up of Level 3 Warriors!

"Good!" Good! Good! Good! "Hahahaha." "The Patriarch's rough laughter, which he could not control, echoed in the training field." Today is a joyous day. Tonight, a grand feast is being held, and all the Patriarchs of the Seven Martial City are being invited here. I want to celebrate my daughter's birthday! "

"Yes sir!"

Just as the elders and the patriarch were busy with their various matters, Mo Rou quietly sat at the side. The corner of her mouth raised and her eyes unconsciously curved into a crescent moon, "Hmph, smelly little white, you're not going to participate in my awakening ceremony? Watch how I'll take care of you later at the banquet!"

After changing out of her armor, Mo Rou, who wore a red silk suit, appeared a little more playful. She clenched her fist and waved it at the crescent moon in the sky, as if it was Mo Bai's face. She couldn't wait to see Mo Bai jump up excitedly.

"Hehe, I'm not going to tell those old men that I've reclaimed twelve phantoms. When Little White arrives, I want to give Little White a surprise!"

He waited in the bedroom for a long time, but Mo Bai still didn't come to find her.

"That's not right. It's about time. Lil 'White should be back. Why didn't he come and find me?" Mo Rou puffed up her cheeks and angrily punched the pillow a few times.

"Forget it, I'll just go look for you once."

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