Infinity And Beyond/C3 I Love Him
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Infinity And Beyond/C3 I Love Him
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C3 I Love Him

I only saw my mom in pictures.

Her almond eyes were puffy.

She has a soft aura. Dad's too. Where did I inherit my face? I don't know.

I tried. I was looking at what my mom and I looked like but nothing.

"Here," Papa pointed to his seat next to him. There I sat. On my right is Papa, and on the left is Sav.

My heart thumb so fast.

The food and wine were served to us.

I immediately ate the food on my plate.

"So Rox, how old are you?" One of them asked.

"Sixteen," I answered politely.

She gasped.

"Really? Sixteen?" She laughed. "You're studying at St. Dominic, right?"

I nodded.

"Uh, yes."

"I knew it! Did you know my son, Caleb?"

My lips parted.

Caleb is one of my suitors! Like Simon, He's a playboy too!

"Yes! That's why they're so familiar. We're friends!" I chirped.

She turned to Dad.

"God, Henry, I really like your daughter. We could do something about it.

Papa chuckled.

The other woman gasped.

"Martha! Don't be like that! I still want to introduce her to my young man!"

They all laughed.

My face heated. What the hell!

"I think Roxette is too young to commit herself. She should study first..." I am shocked as Sav butts in coldly.

He is shameless!

Daddy chuckled.

"Yeah. She's young." Then their topic went about the company and business.

Dad and Sav were busy talking. As I secretly peered to my side. I saw his girlfriend massage his legs down there. But then he remained serious, talking with the man in his front.

My blood boiled for some reason.

My eyes narrowed as I looked back there.

I saw Sav holding the hand of his girlfriend. I don't know her name. But she's also an architect like Sav and Papa.

She chuckled as she whispered something to Sav, and Sav smirked.

Hell. I lost my appetite.

I sighed, and I cleared my throat.

"Uh, Dad, I'm not feeling well. I'm going upstairs."

His forehead creased.

"What?" His hand landed on my neck and forehead.

" now."

"Okay." I kissed his cheeks.

Going up the stairs makes my heart ache. I know it's weird.

And I'm not ignorant. I know what it was.

This is what I am afraid of.

I'm afraid of my own feelings towards Sav. So while it was still early, I tried to stop it. I try to comfort myself with something else. I called it before a simple crush. But it went deeper.

I am damn attracted to my uncle.

Every time I see him, I can hardly breathe. Every time he was with a woman, my heart ached. It's okay.

I'm the only one who knows. It will fade.

I wish.

I went straight to the end of the bedroom, where the comfort room was down the hallway to the bedroom. There is a small hallway leading to the wide veranda.

I went into the comfort room and washed there. My eyeliner was messed up.

I took a tissue and wiped it. I untied the ponytail with my long hair and let it fall out.

This way, I looked twenty years old. My brows were looking good. I am slender, my skin is white, and my lips are thin and red. I inspected my reflection.

I sighed.

I had a bad attitude. I'm a brat. I don't care if I get someone hurt by being straightforward. Everything about me was perfect. Our family is powerful. I have only one weakness—my Uncle Sav.

I was not aware of the tears that flowed from my eyes.

It hurts so much. My heart is so unfair.

I sobbed silently. I came out in front of the sink for a few minutes. When I got out, I went straight to the veranda. In my horror, Sav is there. He seems to be thinking deeply, and he's smoking. He sat on the couch, staring at the glowing stars. He shifted his gaze when he felt my presence. I am stunned. I cannot take another step.

The light here was dimmed.

"Uh... Wrong timing..." I said.

I would have turned my back when he spoke.

"Always avoiding me, huh?" He said and immediately threw the cigarette inside the bin.

I closed my eyes and looked at him.

"Avoiding who?" I mocked. I crossed my arms on my chest.

That's it, Rox. Face your feelings!"

He smirked. He stood up and stepped closer to me.

My heart pounded.

My knees were shaking, and I couldn't speak.

He no longer has a coat. His polo was folded to his elbow, and the first three buttons were open. His presence was screaming power. He's handsome. Match with his Adonis body—one hell of an eligible bachelor.

My type of man. My uncle.

My heart pounded without realizing he was close to me. I backed away until I felt the cold railing behind me. His body corners me.

"Who do you think?" He crouched a bit to reach my ear. I shivered.

"I-I don't know what a-are you talking about. Sav!" I hissed. I pushed him, but he didn't budge.

He licked his lips. I immediately looked there—damn lips.

"Sav?" He mocked cockily, "What about Uncle Sav?" He grinned.

"Fuck off!" I tried to push him again.

Hell. I'm so nervous. What if Daddy sees us in this position?

He chuckled and cursed. "Damn... I think I can sin now." He whispered huskily.

The closeness of his face made me nervous.


"Fuck it," He cursed, and I almost died when his face came over and kissed the side of my lip. His lips slightly touch mine.

My eyes widened. Because of that, I pushed Savier hard and slapped him.

He didn't react. His jaw just tightened his face turned red.

"Why -Why did you do that?!" I hissed. Tears rolled down.

His eyes narrowed as he looked at my tears.

"What do you think?"

I was shocked by what he said.

I pushed him again.

"I hate you!"

I left immediately. I turned to him once and saw that he was frustrated.

I ran to my bedroom and cursed at my bed. There, I cried.

I am not crying because I hated what he did. I am crying because I just proved to myself that I love him!

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