Infinity And Beyond/C4 I'm Afraid
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Infinity And Beyond/C4 I'm Afraid
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C4 I'm Afraid

"Your skirt uniform is shorter than usual, Rox," Jezel told me.

We boarded our SUV at MOA, a mall. Today we will buy a t-shirt for our upcoming Booth Festival at school. It's my last year in HS, so my gown should also be beautiful. I'm also excited because it's our Prom night after that.

I looked down at my skirt and smiled. "It's okay. I can manage."

Jezel and I became even closer. I like her. She's straightforward. That's what I want. Besides, she's not plastic. I mean, she is a genuine person. Unlike our classmates, others pay attention to me to find out what brand of bag and contact lenses I have. Like duh?

"Are you wearing a cycling?" she asked.

"Of course!" I put concealer on my face as the car parked outside the mall.

"We're here at last. I'm starving." Jezel said and adjusted her big eyeglasses.

"So, where do you want to go first? Tees or teas?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Cakes and teas, of course." We were about to enter the food court we had chosen.

We sat there and ordered.

"Two rocky road cakes and two teas. Please." I said and picked up my cell phone. Sav's face immediately appeared there. Damn. I just remembered that I need to change this. I don't know why when I painted him while he was at the poolside and drinking alcohol with his friend.

His brown eyes, his pointed nose, his lips. Oh gosh! He's my uncle and my dirtiest secret ever. I am fantasizing about my uncle!

"Wet daydream again, Rox? Seriously?" there was no emotion that Jez told me. So I took a deep breath and looked around. Good thing no one heard!

"Damn your mouth, Jez! Someone might hear you." 'I scolded. She knows everything about what I feel towards Savier. I know I can trust her.

She chuckled. "You're screwed, Rox! I don't know about you."

"You can't blame me, Jez. Just blame my heart."

"Oh, the drama. Eat that!" she said as the waiter gave us our food. We ate and then bought a small size gray T-shirt.

"What do you think, Rox? S Or M?" Jez asked while holding the t-shirt.

"Jez, I prefer Small. To see the curve!" She shrugged and chose small.

We were leaving the mall when my cell phone rang—Dad's calling.

"Yes, Dad?" I answered. The driver immediately took our luggage as close as possible to the car.

"Hija. I'll be gone in a few months. You take care of the house. Just text me when you need something." I was surprised. Why suddenly?

"Right away, Dad? We were already in the car. Where are you now?"

"At the airport. I'm sorry, it's too sudden."

"It's okay, Dad."

"Please be good, huh? No parties. Savier will watch over you there."

My heart hammered hearing his name.

"O-Okay, Dad. Take care."

"You too, princess; take care." Dad ended the call.

I kept myself busy at school. Because I didn't want to meet Savier at home, I became diligent in my studies. I was sporty and always worked out at night because of group work.

Caleb grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. It's already dark, and groups of students are on their way home because maybe they just finished their group work.

I chuckled and clanged my hands on his nap. "You're being clingy. I don't like it." He grinned.

"You're such a playgirl. You know that?"

I laughed and nodded. "You're rude!"

He pulled me more. Damn, it! I was already leaning against the car, and he put more pressure on me.

"Woah! You're turned on?" and I smirk.

"Damn, girl! You're such a tease!" He would have kissed me, but I avoided it. It was dark here in the parking area. So I didn't bother. I like it because I need to. I need to divert my feelings! I like playing with boys who like to play with me.

His lip sucked on my neck. "Shit, Caleb! Let me go now!"

"Just one kiss! Damn, it! When will I be your boyfriend?" he whispered on my neck and sucked there.

"Caleb! Don't!" I rebuked him when he caressed my chest, so I pushed him.

"I'm sorry." he apologized as his mouth tightened.

I mocked. "Just take me home, please!"

He nodded. There's a pain in his eyes. "Okay, I'm sorry."

The next day, I picked up my books and brought them to the library here at home to read. I saw him in the living room looking at me earlier but ignored him. It's Saturday so there is no school. I will also go to the mall later to buy my gown for the prom.

I was about to read the books when I heard waves of laughter. The door opened, and Sav and his girl entered. The last time I checked, it wasn't the one with him at the party when.

Oh well. He's a man-whore. He has needs! Damn shit.

"Babe. Please! Just come with me, and I think we need a vacation." Sweet said of the woman, so I almost rolled my eyes.

Duh! Here they will do their work. They have two laptops with them. And Sav is wearing just a simple shirt, while the girl is wearing a white dress.

"I'm sorry, Rose, but I need to be here. No one will take care of Roxette." My lips almost bled when I heard what she said. It seems strange to me.

Will care for? Really? "Oh! Roxette is here. I didn't see her."

I tried to smile when they both turned to me, and I quickly reread the book.

Shit! I can't focus! So she's Rose? Maybe she's essential. Her name is the one I saw on Sav's laptop when. Perhaps she's the original?

"You're really nice, Rox !" She even came up to me and looked at me carefully." What are you putting on your face? BB cream? Nyx cream? Foundation? "

"Nothing," I answered. I'm irritated that she's feeling close to me.

Gosh! So I want to be away from home!

"Oh! Okay! You're beautiful because you don't have pores. And you know you don't look like your dad. "

Before I could say a word, Sav interrupted.

"Rose," Sav called her immediately. "Can we start now?" Sav asked her.

The woman turned around as Sav became severe in front of the laptop. They're on my right side.

"Of course, babe!"

Bitch! I wish! I Maybe not look like my father, but I know I got my mother's features!

I was serious about reading for a few minutes, and I googled what I read when Rose's cell phone rang.

"Oh! It's Dad! I'll answer." she said goodbye and left the library. I could hardly breathe when I heard Sav sigh, and I heard him approach me.

I froze. He put his hand on my backrest and the other on the table. So I could almost feel his body behind me. God! His perfume! Smells good!

"Research?" he asked, and I felt his breathing in my right ear. I cleared my throat and remained severe. But my insides are trembling!


He nodded. "May I see?"

I sighed and handed him my book.

He read it thoughtfully and nodded. He returned to the seat behind me and placed the book before me.

Damn, Sav! Why you're so near? "What do you want for Lunch? I can cook for you." He whispered in my ear. His lips slightly touch my skin.

I close my eyes with the emphasis, "Uhmm.Hmm."

What is the dish I want? Gosh! Why is he so close?

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