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C1 One

Nyla's POV

Winter Break rolled around quicker than I expected it to, so I decided to spend it with my grandmother. Since I don't have school for four weeks I decided to start working full time for the time being

I was on the bus on my way uptown to work. I work at the biggest beauty shop in Atlanta doing hair. I've always had a passion for hair, and living in Atlanta has its advantages for someone like me.

I walked into the shop and instantly began to greet everyone

"Hey Rochelle."

"Hey Ny girl, you been?"

"Good." I said making my way over to my station to start preparing for my first client .You see me and Rochelle go to school together, her mother owns the shop but since we're onbreak she decided to let Rochelle take over for the time being to get some experience in since she'll be taking over after college.

While I was prepping my first client at the sinks to begin washing their hair, THE most handsome man that I've ever seen before in my life walked into the shop like he owned the place.

Well, handsome doesn't really describe him, he was fucking gorgeous. Shawty was a caramel complexion that would make any girl in Georgia melt, he carried himself like a real man but still had enough hood in him to make any girl quiver. He had on the newest Jays, olive green cargo pants and Polo shirt. His waves were so deep that I was surprised he wasn't drowning and he had three lines cut in his hair right above his left ear. Both of his ears were pierced and had big but classy diamonds in them.

He walked up to the counter and began to talk to Rochelle.

"What's good Ro?" He said in the most sexy voice that I've ever heard before.

"Nothing, what can I help you with today King?" King? I wonder if that's his real name.

"I just came by to take care of some business with moms, is she here?"

"Yea, she's in her office in the back."

"Aight thanks baby girl." he said smiling a polite smile at Ro and then started making his way to the back of the shop, which meant that he had to walk by my station to get there.

When he walked by me he gave me a mouth watering, weak kneed, fullblown pearly white dimpled smile. He was probably expecting me to be thirsty, but I just continued to work on my client. I admit that the boy is sexy as I don't know what, but I knew better.

KING Winters POV

That just shocked the fuck out of me. I smiled at shawty and everything and she just rolled her eyes at a nigga, like damn, what the fuck did I do? I bet you that I'll be talking to her ass before I leave out of this bitch though. I had just walked into Mini's office.

"Hey mama Mini." I said while hugging her and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey boy, I swear you get more and more handsome every time I see you, now what made you come visit mama today?"

"Other than to see your beautiful face, business."

"Always the charmer Carter, the ladies must be falling all over you." I swear that she was one of the very few people that I allowed to call me by my real name, and that's only because she helped my moms raise me.

"Yes ma'am." she smiled revealing some of the small wrinkles that have began to develop over the years.

"Good, now let's get down to business, everything's been going really well, so it's been a lot of income this month." She said as she got up and walked over to a wall with a medium sized picture of an African queen on it.

"That's what I like to hear." I said while she took the picture down and revealed a safe, I looked away when she put her code in out of common sense and respect.

After she opened the case, took something out, and then closed it again she walked over and handed me a envelope. I looked into the envelope and it contained twenty thousand dollars, looking at the money brought a smirk to my face.

"Always a pleasure doing business with you Mama Mini." I said looking back up at her.

"Same here son, is there anything else that I can do for you today?"

"As a matter a fact, it is." she looked kind of shocked, I usually just get the money and go.

"And what would that be?"

"Would you mind telling me the name of the beautiful young woman you just hired?" She looked at me skeptically.

"The dark skinned one with the pretty hair."I smiled at the description that she gave of her, she was a beauty.

"Yes ma'am."

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