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However, when Du Zhixun looked at the window, the sight was even more unbelievable than what Guo Rongrong had said.

Not just one person, but …

A group of people were eating.

There was a large round table in the living room, with six people sitting around it. There were also bottles and plates on the table. These people seemed to be gathering together.

"Chief, what's going on?" Guo Rongrong asked anxiously, "Could there be a problem with Ding Qian's hypnosis? That woman's memory is muddled, and she is spouting nonsense. This isn't a crime scene at all …"

Du Zhixun turned around and glanced at Ding Qian. He only saw a pair of eyes that were like a pool of deep water, calm to the point that it made people feel strange.

Du Zhixun did not say anything. Since Ding Qian was so confident, he did not say anything.

He pulled the pistol from his belt and said to Guo Rongrong, "Let's go inside and take a look."


Du Zhixun tried to pull the door open with his hand.

In order not to alarm the party inside, he tried to pull the door open as quietly as possible.

He hadn't expected so many suspicious people to suddenly appear at the scene of the crime, more people than he had brought along. In order to avoid a fight, he had to catch them off guard.

Du Zhixun was the first to step into the room. Guo Rongrong followed to cover for him.

Du Zhixun was extraordinary.

He pulled open the door to the living room. Almost at the same time, he raised his gun and rushed into the room, not giving the group time to react at all.

Don't move, raise your hand... He was going to shout that.

However, as soon as he rushed into the room, he felt something was wrong.

The large living room was quiet, as if a huge whirlpool had sucked in all the sounds.

Those six people were still sitting properly around the round table, but …

No one moved.

No one said anything.

It was as if they had stopped moving with time.

After a short period of shock, Du Zhixun's other senses also returned to sensitivity.

He suddenly realized that he was in a stinking room. The room was closed, and the stench of rotting fermentation was sealed in this limited space.

He was too familiar with the smell.

This was the smell of a corpse.

Astonishingly, the six people sitting around the round table were six corpses.

Six large pools of blood had congealed under their chairs.

Du Zhixun walked closer to them. The scene in front of his eyes shocked him, a detective who had been through a lot and was able to keep calm even in times of chaos.

He had never seen such a bizarre and terrifying scene …

The hands and feet of these six dead people were tied to the chairs with strings, and each of them had a plate placed in front of them, along with knives, forks, and chopsticks. The faces of these people were all completely cut off, and they looked two times bigger than their normal faces.

Everyone's plate was filled with a piece of internal organs, such as the heart, the liver, the spleen, the lungs, and the kidneys. These entrails were cooked and covered with pepper seeds, chopped scallions, sliced garlic, and soaked in sesame oil.

But every plate was missing some of the internal organs, and the missing parts were stuffed into the mouths of those who had peeled off their faces.

As for where these ingredients came from, if one looked carefully, they would see that the clothes of every dead person had a large amount of blood oozing out. However, they were all dried up now. Other than the medical examiner, no one else was interested in what was inside.

The aroma of seasonings mixed with the odour of decay gave one the urge to vomit clean out everything in the stomach.

Guo Rongrong only stayed in the room for five seconds, which was just enough for her to see the disgusting scene clearly. She smelled an unpleasant odor, so she ran into the yard to vomit.

Du Zhixun was able to endure it because he was the team leader. He must set an example and definitely not make a mistake at a time like this.

"Such a disgusting thing. You can even look at it for so long with relish. Your taste is rather heavy." A voice came from behind him.

Du Zhixun turned around and saw that Ding Qian had also entered the room. He stretched out his neck and looked at the dead people around the table.

"What are you doing in here? This isn't a place you should be." Du Zhixun said snappily.

"I was just taking a casual look around... "Ugh …" This place stinks. " Ding Qian took out a handkerchief and covered his nose. He carefully moved closer to the table and tilted his head to look at the corpses.

"Hey, what are you doing? Don't destroy my crime scene!"

Just as Ding Qian was looking at the cutlery on the table, he was slightly lost in thought. Suddenly, a woman's scolding came from behind him, giving him a fright. Then, he quickly retracted his body.

When he turned around to look, he didn't know when, but a tall woman wearing a white coat and a big mouth mask was standing at the door, holding a heavy aluminum box and glaring at him like a tiger.

Her mask covered most of her face, barely allowing her eyes to be visible. The look in her eyes was ice-cold and numb, without the slightest hint of emotion.

Ding Qian analyzed her based on the psychologically ill female patients he had met, who were typically older women with endocrine disorders.

An old woman who was filled with loathing and longing for all the men in the world.

Du Zhixun said to her, "Liu Fei, you came just in time. We're waiting for your autopsy. This case is a bit tricky."

Ding Qian thought: An autopsy? So this old lady was a forensic doctor. No wonder she had an endocrine disorder and couldn't find her target. Who would dare to take her? In addition, with such a despicable face that seemed to owe her money, it was truly unfortunate that she wouldn't be able to get married for the rest of her life.

"I know, I can see that." Liu Fei didn't try to curry favor with Du Zhixun, as she treated everyone with the same treatment.

Liu Fei placed the box on the ground and opened it. There were many layers in it, and on each layer were different tools, scalpels, bone saws, tweezers, etc.

Liu Fei first took out her camera and took pictures of the six corpses sitting around the strange scene from different angles. After taking pictures one by one, she began to collect blood samples …

Then he told Du Zhixun that the time of death was different, the longest was nearly two weeks, the shortest was one week.

"So they weren't killed at the same time. It seems that the murderer first controlled them and imprisoned them." Du Zhixun said as he glanced at Ding Qian. This was similar to what the survivor Yan Guo recalled after her hypnosis.

Liu Fei undid one of the clothes that looked like the clothes of a fat man. His blood-stained chest revealed a scar sewn with thick stitches, like a giant centipede crawling on his body.

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