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Without fear, she examined the wound. "Judging from the stitching, the killer seems to have some medical skills."

"Was the killer a doctor?" Du Zhixun asked.

"It's just that it's possible, but the stitching technique is rather rough, not like a professional surgeon."

She took a pair of scissors from the investigation case, cut off the seams, opened the wound's skin and looked inside. She told Du Zhixun in a cold voice, "This victim's body is missing a heart."

Du Zhixunqiang endured his disgust. He walked to the table and looked. He pointed to a dead woman in a purple dress, "Only her plate has a heart."

Liu Fei walked up to the dead woman. Her ugly face was no longer visible to anyone who saw her. It was no longer clear whether she was a handsome person or not. All that was left were red muscles, two protruding eyeballs and ghastly white gums; it was enough to make anyone who saw this face have nightmares. But Liu Fei was indifferent, and with a gloved hand she pried open her stuffed gums and pulled out a piece of meat.

She studied the heart on the plate and stuck the piece of meat into one of the holes. It fit perfectly.

In the same way, inspired, she examined each of the five other dead men's disemboweled entrails, then found his own, took pieces of meat from the corpse's mouth, and stuck them on the edges of the plate.

More than an hour later, she stopped and said to Du Zhixun, "They are sitting together to eat each other." She tried to keep her voice calm and objective, but there was still a hint of tension in her voice.

"What did you say?" Although Du Zhixun was mentally prepared for such a scene, he was still surprised when he heard Liu Fei's conclusion.

"They are eating each other. Each of these dead people had their own internal organs, all different. After being cooked, they would place them on the plate of the person opposite us, and then give them to the other person to eat. "

"How is that possible? It's probably the murderer who cut off a piece of their internal organs and put it in the mouths of others after killing these people. "

"Not after they died, but while they were alive, I found chewing marks on the chunks of meat in their mouths."

"Why are they doing this? Someone must have forced them to do this, right?"

"They are sharing each other. This is an elegant cannibal dinner. " Ding Qian, who had been silent on the side, spoke up.

There was even an evil smile on his face.

Du Zhixun and Lilly were both shocked by Ding Qian's strange behavior.

"What do you mean?" Du Zhixun asked harshly.

"I've made it quite clear that they're sharing each other... Sharing is a human virtue, and sharing food is the most fundamental way for primitive people to maintain their friendship, including eating humans. "

Liu Fei understood what Ding Qian meant, "Are you saying that the culprits are sharing food with them?"

"Yes." He did it to legalize cannibalism. "

"This kind of perverted thing like eating people can even be legal?" At some point, Guo Rongrong had come back with her nose pinched between her fingers. But this time, she didn't dare to get close to those dead people at the "dinner". Instead, she stood far away and pricked up her ears to listen to what Ding Qian and the others were saying.

"It's a moral code that conforms to the murderer's knowledge." Ding Qian said, "Man-eating phenomena are not rare throughout the history of mankind. In ancient times, when the army was short of food, they would capture local people to serve as food and call them 'two-legged sheep'. There were also ancient books that categorized the quality of human flesh into several grades, with the young as the top. Children were the best meat, followed by young people, and the elderly were the worst. The meat of a woman was better than that of a man. It was said that the meat of a man was coarse, while the meat of a woman was tender and superior to that of a lamb … "There are many ways to cook food, such as salting adults to keep them and extending their shelf life..."

"That's enough. You don't have to explain it in such detail." Guo Rongrong covered her mouth and felt like vomiting again.

"When history was in chaos, General Zhang was stationed in Ju Yang City and was surrounded by the rebel army for many days. He ate all the food in the city and led the soldiers to kill his wife and feed all the women in the city to the soldiers. In the history books, he was praised as a loyal righteous man. Similar stories have occurred in the history of other countries. Even now in the jungles of Oceania and South America, cannibals still exist. In their eyes, cannibalism was not a perverted behavior. At the end of the day, it was a vile habit that existed in the history of mankind. Even in the Qing Dynasty, there were cases of people being sold for meat. Only in the modern society was it completely forbidden by law and morality. In this context, the murderer felt that he deserved to be forgiven for eating people... "

Du Zhixun interrupted, "Are you saying that they are defending the murderer?"

"No, I'm telling you, this' zombie 'that we met is not like the crazy, irrational person in the American Face-gnawing case, or the zombie in the movie. He was a sensible fellow, and he knew what he was doing. Moreover, he had a certain level of education. He is a thinking, cultured 'zombie'. "

"Hey, don't think that we are so ignorant. How can a rational zombie be called a zombie?" Guo Rongrong couldn't help but ask.

"Didn't you all always think that the killer was a zombie? I will just follow your instructions and add on. What's more, have you seen what zombie look like before? "

"Who could have seen it?"

"Isn't that obvious? Since we have never seen zombie before, who can say that zombie must be a simple-minded zombie?"

Guo Rongrong rolled her eyes at Ding Qian.

Du Zhixun didn't have time to listen to their nonsense and asked Ding Qian: "Do you have a basis for saying this or are you relying solely on your own imagination?"

"This is not imagination, this is empathy."

"What?" Du Zhixun didn't understand and asked.

Ding Qian didn't explain anything. He looked at the table of death and said, "If you really want the evidence, then the evidence is right here."

He went to Liu Fei's investigation kit and found a pair of tweezers.

"Hey, why are you casually moving other people's things!" Liu Fei was a unique person who especially hated others touching her things.

"Let me borrow it."

Ding Qian came to the table and fiddled with the cutlery with his tweezers, "Did you notice that there are six people sitting at this table, but there are actually eight plates, eight sets of knives, forks and chopsticks …"

These extra cutlery were mixed into other cutlery. Some had two forks, some had two knives, and some even had two plates stacked together. Even Liu Fei didn't notice this detail.

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