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Ding Qian had already counted them clearly. He picked out the extra tableware in front of each corpse and placed it on the table. It just so happened that there were two extra tableware sets.

"This is not a coincidence. One of the two sets of cutlery must have belonged to the murderer. He was hinting that he was sharing food with the dead. " Ding Qian said.

Guo Rongrong interrupted, "Don't tell me he also cut off a piece of meat from his own body for others to eat."

"Sharing is just a psychological hint. Not necessarily. But it is undeniable that he enjoys sharing other people's food. "

"This killer is really strange, is he a 'zombie' or a psychopath? He can even curse, 'You should go and die, why don't you go and die!'" Guo Rongrong suddenly remembered what Yan Guo had said repeatedly in a strange male voice when she was being hypnotized to the end.

Ding Qian's explanation at that time was that this man who cursed at her had brought a lot of pressure to Yan Guo's consciousness, so she didn't rule out the possibility of him being the culprit.

Guo Rongrong casually said as if she had tapped Ding Qian on the head. Something seemed to flash through her mind, but he couldn't grasp it immediately.

"Click …"

Just as the four of them were concentrating, the sound of someone pushing open the door came from outside, but they did not enter the house.

"Is that Kaixin, Xiaoguang?" Du Zhixun asked when he saw no activity.

"…" No one answered.

The four people in the room looked at each other with strange expressions on their faces.

In such a gruesome murder scene, accompanied by six corpses, even a joke would make people feel weird. No matter how much Zhong Kaixin, Nian Xiaoguang, and the others messed around, they would not make such a silly joke.

Could it be that it wasn't them?

Then who came in?

There was complete silence inside and outside the house. Everyone's breathing had almost stopped. They all listened attentively to what was happening outside.

Du Zhixun slowly pulled out his gun and moved towards the door.


It sounded as if someone accidentally kicked over the pots and pans outside. It wasn't loud, and in this extremely quiet environment, it sounded like a thunderclap, startling everyone.

The kitchen!

Du Zhixun instantly determined that the person who snuck in was hiding in the kitchen. He quickly jumped out of the room, rushed into the kitchen and raised his gun with both hands, "Don't move!"

"Hehehehehehe …"

Instead of being afraid, the man hiding in the kitchen let out a series of laughs.

When Du Zhixun saw this person, he was stunned.

A seven or eight year old boy.

With a very big head, a flat face, and two puffy eyes, Du Zhixun stared at him weirdly as if he was looking at a joke. He laughed endlessly, with the corner of his mouth almost reaching his ears.

"Whose child are you? What are you doing here?" Du Zhixun asked.

Not only was the little boy not afraid, but his smile was even more exaggerated.

"Bang bang …" He took a poker from the stove and pointed it at Du Zhixun while he made a shooting gesture with his voice.

Seeing Du Zhixun holding a gun, he also looked for a "gun" to play a gun game with Du Zhixun.

"Stop messing around. Whose child are you? "

Du Zhixun was annoyed when he saw that this brat not only wasn't afraid of him, but also wanted to grab him. The child nimbly dodged it and started to fight a guerrilla hit with Du Zhixun.

"Hey, stop right there, do you hear me?" Du Zhixun flew into a rage. He was very glad that he didn't get married so early. If he gave birth to such a son, he would be tortured to death.

Ding Qian and the two policewomen also rushed over when they heard what was going on in the kitchen.

Ding Qian looked at the little boy and squatted down, pointing a finger at him.

The little boy suddenly stopped and looked at him blankly.

Ding Qian then gestured a shooting motion, "Peng …" You were killed. "Fall."

An inconceivable thing happened. The little boy obediently laid on the ground, motionless and with his eyes closed, as if he was really 'dead'.

"What the hell are you doing, fooling around!" Du Zhixun vented his anger on Ding Qian.

"Can't you see there's something wrong with his intelligence?"

"Is there a problem with your intelligence?" Du Zhixun thought back to the boy's weird eyes and almost crazy actions when he looked at him. It was kind of abnormal.

"He has symptoms of an excited mental retardation. Such children are prone to excitement and agitation, constant movement, uncontrolled movements, unfocused attention, and a very short time of concentration. In his high spirits, when you talk to him too much, it's hard for him to understand and he can only take short, forceful orders. "

"Is he dead?" Guo Rongrong looked at the motionless boy with her eyes closed.

"No. It was just a hypnosis technique that allowed him to be quiet for a short period of time. "

Ding Qian squatted in front of the little boy and said: "You were beaten to death by me. If I let you live, you will live. Do you know? "

The boy nodded with his eyes closed.

"Alright, open your eyes."

The boy opened his eyes.

"What's your name?"

"An …" Large... "Hehehe." The boy's answer to the name was clear.

"How did you get in?"

"The door." An Dabao pointed to the door and suddenly remembered that he was already dead. He quickly retracted his hand and tightly pressed it against his leg.

Guo Rongrong smiled and said, "This child is really silly. He's really fun to play with."

She teased the boy and asked, "Tell me honestly, what is your purpose in coming here?"

The little boy stared at her with a silly look on his face, as if he was slowly digesting the meaning of her words.

"If you don't tell me the truth, I'm going to arrest you." Guo Rongrong pulled out the handcuffs and shook them in front of his eyes, trying to frighten him.

Unexpectedly, at the sound of the handcuffs, the little boy slipped up from the ground, screaming and crying out in fear.

"You startled him. Hurry up and put it away." Ding Qian stopped Guo Rongrong.

"You can do whatever you want with him, but I can't just say a few words to him?" Guo Rongrong was still a little unconvinced.

No one was prepared. The little boy saw a gap and came out of the kitchen, jumping into the living room like a fly. He saw the dead bodies on the table and stood there in a daze.

The others followed him in, and when they saw the little boy's blank expression, they all thought he was frightened.

"Hurry up and take him out. Don't let him stay here." Du Zhixun ordered Guo Rongrong.

Guo Rongrong was about to go and pull the boy, but the boy did something very strange.

He straightened his upper body and stretched out his arms like a stick, baring his teeth and baring his neck. With a murderous look in his eyes, he began to walk in circles around the corpses while dragging his stiff legs.

This strange scene shocked everyone present.

"What's wrong with him? What's wrong with him?" Guo Rongrong was so frightened that she retreated far away. Then he remembered something and said, "Could it be that this house is not clean and he has been possessed by something dirty?"

"Don't talk nonsense." Du Zhixun didn't believe in ghosts and gods, but he didn't understand why this little boy would have such a weird reaction when he saw those corpses.

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