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At this moment, the taciturn Liu Fei looked at Ding Qian and asked, "Didn't you say he had some kind of emotional retarded mind? Is his current performance also a symptom?"

Ding Qian observed the little boy for a while, then shook his head and said, "No." But it wasn't covered with dirt either. I've seen people who are possessed, but not like this. "

"Then what happened to him?"

"I think, he is imitating …"

"Imitation? "Imitation what?"

"Imitation is something that he has seen before. The more impressive something is, the easier it is for him to imitate."


"The mentally retarded are extremely vulnerable to external influences due to their poor ability to distinguish. The most common type is conditioned reflex, which often imitates people or things that make a deep impression on them. I think the child must have seen someone walk in that weird way, probably around the bodies. This kind of scene caused him to be extremely shocked. Therefore, the moment he arrived here, he could not help but imitate the scene from the start. "

"Doesn't that look like a zombie? Oh my god, don't tell me …" Guo Rongrong blurted out as her small face instantly turned pale.

The other people did not look too good either, quietly watching this little boy called An Dabao imitating the way zombie s walked around the corpse. As he mimicked the moves, he seemed to feel very excited. He was howling in pain as though he was about to bite into something.

The adults watched with trepidation.

Could it be that the little boy was imitating what the ogre had done in this room?

Even Du Zhixun became nervous as he mumbled, "The first face biting case, the surveillance camera showed that the person walked just like that …"


The word flashed in everyone's mind at the same time.

No matter how much they didn't want to believe it, the truth was right in front of them. The criminal they were facing was something they had never seen before … Maybe not even human.

"Hey, Professor Ding, what do you think a thinking zombie looks like?" Guo Rongrong asked.

"I don't know. I've never seen one. " Ding Qian smiled bitterly.

Du Zhixun looked at the silly little boy walking in circles around those corpses, suddenly became furious, grabbed onto him tightly, making him unable to move anymore, and asked loudly: "Tell me, what exactly does that man-eating guy look like, who is he, and does he live in your town? Tell me!"

The little boy cried out in fear and tried to struggle free from Du Zhixun.

"Great treasure... Great Treasure... Are you here? "

A woman called from outside. She heard the child crying and walked into the yard.

This woman was around 35 or 36 years old. She was dressed in a rustic manner. The moment he entered the room, he saw Du Zhixun holding the little boy. The boy was crying loudly, and without saying anything, the woman jumped over and snatched the child from Du Zhixun's hands, then yelled towards Du Zhixun in a shrewd manner, "What are you doing bullying my Bao'er for? You're an adult and you're bullying a little kid. I can't forgive you, I'm not done with you."

As he spoke, he rolled up his sleeves and was about to start scratching Du Zhixun.

Du Zhixun was most annoyed by all the pestering. He reluctantly took out his police ID and said in a serious tone: "We are police, investigating a murder case …" "May I ask who you are?"

"Police? A murder case? " The woman stopped, confused by what she was hearing.

At this moment, she finally noticed the table behind Du Zhixun and the scary "customers".

She fixed her eyes on him for a moment, then suddenly screamed out in fear. She picked up her son and ran away.


Of course, Du Zhixun couldn't just let this unknown woman run away.

Just as the woman ran into the yard with the child in her arms, she was intercepted by Zhong Kaixin and Nian Xiaoguang.

Du Zhixun rushed over after him, "Didn't you hear me when I told you to stop?"

"A dead person? Oh my god, a dead person is too scary." The woman sank to the ground, her legs went limp, and Anda began to cry again in her arms.

Du Zhixun called Guo Rongrong over and pulled the child to the side, then said to the woman, "You saw it too, there was a murder case at Cai Fengqin's house, six people were killed, we are investigating right now, so please cooperate with us and answer my questions honestly. Tell me who you are first. "

"My name is …" Zhang Guilan. My house is in the front yard of Cai Fengqin's house, there are four fish ponds, all of them are mine, after the fish pond is my house. "

The woman pointed outside the wall. Following the direction of her finger, Du Zhixun could see a yard about 100 meters away, where Zhang Guilan's house was.

"What are you doing at Cai Fengqin's house?"

"I asked for the child."

"How did you know the child would come here?"

"Big Treasure often runs around everywhere, and recently he's always been coming this way. I just passed by and heard him crying, so I came over along with it. "

"You said that your son always runs over here, then you must have been to Cai Fengqin's house before. Didn't you notice that something happened to his house?"

"I just passed by her house twice and haven't even been to the yard before. Today is the first time, I didn't even know that her house was dead."

"Even if you passed her house, you would still be able to see the blood in the yard. You can't possibly not see it."

Zhang Guilan was a little flustered by Du Zhixun's questioning and stammered, "I swear, I really didn't see any blood on the ground. "I swear."

"When was the last time you were here?"

"I forgot last week."

Du Zhixun didn't say anything, he already understood.

He had deliberately set a trap for Zhang Guilan to see if she was suspicious at all. Yan Guo had escaped from this place three days ago, and the blood in the yard was also from that time. If Zhang Guilan came last week, there was no blood in the yard either. However, if Zhang Guilan had a guilty conscience, she would try to cover up her questioning, which would arouse Du Zhixun's suspicion.

Zhang Guilan was flustered, but she still answered honestly. This bunch of people were not suspicious at all.

But Du Zhixun still had doubts.

The unusual behavior of Ann Dabao in the house just now was really suspicious. Ding Qian thought he was imitating the murderer. This was a very important clue, Du Zhixun wouldn't let it go so easily.

"You said that your son has been coming here often these past few days. Did he tell you what he saw?"

"No, my son …" He's different from normal kids, "Zhang Guilan pointed at her head in shame." He can only explain some simple things. It's too complicated to explain. "

"Did he do anything unusual?"

"This... I don't know if it's abnormal or not, but he's really been a bit restless and sensitive lately, and I don't know what's wrong with him, so I can't explain it even if I ask him. "

"Did he walk in a very strange way?"

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