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"Yeah, it's like a zombie. It's even biting. His father and I took him to see a doctor in the county. The doctor said he was fine, he was just having fun. "


Zhang Guilan suddenly thought of something and asked nervously, "Comrade Police, are you suspecting that my son is a murderer? He is still so young, it's impossible for him to kill anyone." He's just a little noisy. "

Du Zhixun was not amused at all.

This female village woman really dared to think, if her son was really the zombie killer, then that would be the most shocking truth.

A seven or eight-year-old boy would not be able to kill six adults no matter what. He would first have to imprison them before killing them. Such a big kid can't even cook.

There was no doubt that the murderer was at least a full-grown man with healthy limbs.

Du Zhixun also wanted to find out more about Cai Fengqin, to see if her family had been attacked by chance or had a grudge with someone, so he asked: "How's your relationship with Cai Fengqin? Did you usually walk around?"

Zhang Guilan's expression suddenly changed. "Me and her …" I don't know much about her. "

This woman was obviously not good at lying, Du Zhixun could tell when she panicked. He thought, could it be that this woman was hiding some secret from him?

He looked at Zhang Guilan. Zhang Guilan was getting more and more flustered by his look. She suddenly shouted, "Aiya, my husband is here. Comrade Police Officer, I need to hurry home and cook dinner."

Du Zhixun turned his head to take a look and sure enough, a man in his forties walked past the entrance of the yard.

Du Zhixun was shocked when he saw the man.

This man had a very striking characteristic.

There was a huge scar running from under the left eyebrow to the right corner of the mouth, almost splitting the man's face in half.

It looked extremely ferocious.

A flash of light flashed across Du Zhixun's mind...

The conversation between Yan Guo and Ding Qian echoed clearly in his ears while he was in hypnosis.

"A person came while eating. He looks so scary …"

"Why are you scaring me?"

"His face... "His face …"

"What happened to his face?"

"Very scary …" He quarreled loudly with the teacher... I don't know why they... "


Du Zhixun waved at the man and put on a kind smile. If one was not careful, one would not be able to tell that there was a trace of craftiness hidden in his smile.

The scarred man was standing at the entrance to the courtyard, looking coldly into the courtyard.

He was annoyed to see a good-looking man staring at his wife. People who are handicapped on the outside are especially sensitive. Just as he was hesitating as to whether he should go over, he realized that this person was waving at him with a fawning face, looking rather soft.

The scar-faced man immediately changed his mind. He angrily rushed in front of Du Zhixun and roared: "What are you doing to my wife?"

"I didn't do anything. I think you misunderstood, sir." Du Zhixun explained calmly.

"Bullshit, you have been staring lecherously at my wife for a long time. Don't think that I don't know what you're trying to do and still want to deny it!" The scar-faced man grabbed Du Zhixun's shirt and waved his fist. This weakling definitely wouldn't dare to retaliate.

Zhang Guilan was so frightened that she hastily stopped her husband. "Old An, you can't hit him. He's a police officer."

"I don't care who he is, I'm calling the police …" The scar-faced man's fist suddenly stopped in midair, he didn't dare to fall down, instead he tried to put on a brave front and asked, "What's so great about you police officers, they can tease my wife just like that? You... "Are you really a cop?"

"What's your name?" Du Zhixun asked the scar-faced man.

"Ann Qiang."

"Do you know Cai Fengqin?"

"I …"

Ann Qiang hesitated for a moment. Before he could say anything, his wife, Zhang Guilan, said first, "My husband doesn't know Cai Fengqin. He has never had any contact with her."

"Is that so?" Du Zhixun sized up Ann Qiang. Ann Qiang's domineering face was long gone, with a flattering smile on his face. Such bullies and cowards were disgusting.

"Your two families aren't too far apart from each other. It can't be that you two have never moved, could it be that you won't even talk after meeting?"

"That old woman is too pretentious and pretentious. Who would want to bother with her!?" Ann Qiang snorted in disdain.

"Didn't you say that you don't know her? How do you know that she's being unreasonable?"

Ann Qiang was stuttering, "I... "I'm not too familiar with her, it's more like I don't know her …"

Du Zhixun's sharp gaze made Ann Qiang feel a lot of pressure. A trace of fear flashed across his face, but it didn't escape Du Zhixun's eyes.

"Ann Qiang, since you don't know her, then why did you come to Cai Fengqin's house last week?"

Ann Qiang was caught off guard and was stunned by Du Zhixun's question. Sweat started to appear on his forehead.

Du Zhixun sneered in his heart, as expected. Not only did this brat know Cai Fengqin, he had also come to her house before.

"We already know about you, Ann Qiang. Tell me, what did you do at Cai Fengqin's house last week?"

"I …"

Ann Qiang rolled his eyes and suddenly ran.

However, Du Zhixun wasn't someone easy to deal with. Ye Zichen could tell that he was trying to trick him just by looking at his expression. Ann Qiang had just run to the entrance of the courtyard when he was chased by Ann Qiang.

Du Zhixun grabbed his vest. Ann Qiang turned around and gave Du Zhixun a punch on the strength of his physique. The punch was fast and fierce. It was obvious that they were going to fight. Against this kind of old rogue, ordinary police officers might not be able to deal with him.

Du Zhixun was in no hurry. He raised his hand and clenched his fist. His other hand was full of strength. He swung his fist on Ann Qiang's chin and threw his 150-60 jin body down onto the ground.

Ann Qiang, a hooligan who is not to be trifled with, met a tough opponent today. Du Zhixun was an expert at fighting freely. After all, he had fought in a professional level competition, so dealing with this kind of hooligan was not a problem.



An hour after Special Cases Group arrived at the scene, Pingjiang s rushed to the scene as they received the news. Under the command of Liu Fei, the evidence personnel started a thorough search of the scene.



Pingjiang City, Criminal Investigation Squadron, Interrogation Room.

"We now suspect that you snuck into Cai Fengqin's house and murdered the six people who were gathered there. Why did you do that?" Du Zhixun asked Ann Qiang with a stern expression.

At this moment, Ann Qiang had already been handcuffed, so he sat on the chair unwillingly.

"I didn't kill anyone. You cops can't accuse people without any evidence!" Ann Qiang struggled against Du Zhixun, trying his best to put up a resistance front.

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